Week 49: Edson ❤️❤️❤️

imageOkay so the best thing about this week was that we got a referall of an elect, the most precious 63 yr old man ever named Edson. Hes a taxi driver and lives alone in a little room, super humble, called a KitNet. Its like ilterally a room and he doesnt even have a bed. Just a mattress. He showed us his room just to prove that he didnt have chairs for us to sit, because he was feeling bad that we had to teach him outside standing. He opened the door and it smelled bad, was so hot, and dirty and small. Ahhhhh these things kill me. Anyway, we taught him the plan of salvation first, and he cried and said his life has been so hard., hes always been poor, he has 5 kids that dont talk to him, hes divorced, etc. He said that our words made sense to him and that he had never heard this in any other church. We taught him every other day in the week, too, and he accepted to be baptized on Sunday the 22nd after church! Woohhoo. Hes so cute and tender. He really has been prepared by the lord. Doesnt have any problems with the word of wisdom or chastity. So elect!!!!! I love these blessings of finding someone prepared. The Lord really has so many people prepared.

Marcilios baptism will be on Saturday night. Hes also soooo cute! But has so much energy and yesterday in sacrament meeting he was running up and down the aisles hah.

This week I finished the book of Mosiah and I was thinking of how Im like the sons of Mosiah lol. They wanted to go and preach to the Lamanites, but their dad was hesitant because he knew itd be dangerous. But after praying, their father felt that it was best that they went because they could help a lot of people have eternal life. It reminded me of when I got my mission call, and I was pretty excited but there were like 2 weeks when mom and dad still werent sure if they were gonna let me go, wanted to get my mission call changed, etc. hahaha but then you guys let me go, and look at how much good has come of this! I have learned so much. I have met so many wonderful people and helped a lot of people feel Christs love. I just want so much to find 5 million elects every day, teach every second, and baptize every week, but obviously thatd be too easy. Lots of walking in the sun…being rejected…but I really just want to tell everyone about this gospel. I love Mosiah 28:3

3 Now they were desirous that salvation should be declared to every creature, for they could not bear that any human soul should perish; yea, even the very thoughts that any soul should endure endless torment did cause them to quake and tremble.

We should always realize the importance of sharing the gospel and have this vision!!!! Im gonna try hard to not change this part when i get back from my mission.

On monday we went to visit Franci, recent convert, and everyone was freaking out bc her neighbor who lievs above her was possessed with a demon or something. They all asked if we could do a blessing on him or something but we explained that we dont have the priesthood, that we could call some men, But no one answered. So we said we cuold say a prayer with them and thats all we can do. But we were super scared so we called our DL first to see if we could go up there, and he said to do what we feel. So even though we didnt feel very good about it, we went. And his wife was there, and some other people who like are ALWAYS drinking and using drugs when were there (its a sketcy area). and the guy possessed, Moses, was laying on the couch, he had fallen asleep or passed out or something. So we stood in a circle, and sister tuiran said shed pray. and the weirdest thign happened. I felt soooo horrible during the prayer. I felt like somone was pushing down on my chest. It was so heavy that it made my knees bend. I opened my eyes and i looked to sister tuiran and i knew she was feeling something too, bc she looked so stressed then she started to cry, and starting talking a lot about Jesus Christ in the prayer. We finished and left, and she said, “That was so weird. I felt like something was pushing on my chest. My knees were shaking and it made me cry” I was like omg i felt the same thing!!!!! super weird. idk. These things are sketchy and i felt super bad after, sister diaz got scared when we were waling home bc she felt like something was folllowing us, started crying and it was jsut a big disaster. But when we got home we felt better.

We have been studying doctrine more profound and its tripping me the freak out. i need to stop and just stick with the basics hahaha

Pray that everything can work out with Edsons baptism this weekend!

OH, and it looks like the wedding isnt gonan work out for the 28th 😦 so sad. I actually got super bummed about this earlier in the week. they went to the cartorio (dont remember word in english) and the next avaiable wedding would be in march. But maybe a miracle will happen! Elaine is doing so well. Basically a memebr, but not baptized yet. Shes makig us lunch today, so were gonan go to her hosue after this and shes gonna hidrate our hair haha. so cute

Im super curious to know if im gonna leave this area already or stay. Who knows! I dont think pres bigelow usually leaves a trio for more than one transfer.

Im super bummed bc thee were so many baptisms set up in olinda when i left, and i havent seen any of them in the missino journal yet. dont know what the sisters are doing there… the daughters of Uiraja were supposed to be baptized last week. and hiderval?!!?! aye aye aye. frustration.

I love you all! Sorry i wrote a lot and sorry i never have pisc anymore. Boa semana!! xoxo

S/O to brandon. u r soooo cool!!!!!!!


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