Week 32: Transfers!

Hi guys!

This week was a little crazy. I totally thought Id stay with Sister Saad for at least one more transfer but I was wrong!! Friday night Presidente Bigelow called and said there are 2 new sisters arriving and he called me to be a trainer! Super crazy. I dont feel prepared and I dont know my way around Olinda yet, because I ony had 6 weeks here learning! Me and my new comp are gonna get SO lost this transfer. Poor thing hahaha. Theres a brazilian arriving and hispanic, idk which one ill get. Presidente will assign it tomorrow when we go to Recife. Lots of elders arriving too! Im excited but a little nervous, so Id love the extra prayers haha. Sisteer Saad was super sad to leave! She cried a lot. She doesn’t like change, but she got transfeerred to an area right on the beach so itll be great! It was sad dropping her off this morning at the metro station.

This week we found someone super ELECT! Its a cool story. We walked SOOO far on friday to visit a recent convert that lives really far, and we didnt even take the bus. we walked. and we arrived there and he wasnt home! And we were like WOW i cant believe it. But were like okay, were already here lets knock some doors or something. So we walked just a few steps in front and a man opened his door, so we walked over to him to talk to him. He invited us in, and basically said he had been praying and crying and asking god to show him the right path, and then we arrived! I love when this happens. He loved our lesson, was freaking out about all our beliefs, and we gave him a book of mormon and he was so happy! He was like “Its so incredible that i, holding this book in my hands”. Hes a theologist kinda, like hes studdied a lot of religions so he already knew stuff abot joseph smith, etc. We invited him to be baptized oct. 15th and he said if he receives an answer that its all true, hell be baptized “without a shadow of a doubt”. It was super cool. He couldnt make it to church on sunday but were hoping hell go to conference. His name is V. Super cool experience! Reminded me that we are totally guided by the spirit. Its a super cool feeling.

Its super funny because I told presidente bigelow last week in my weekly letter to him that i wanna develop more christlike attributes, and he called me to train hahah so i think this is gonna be a huge learning experience. Ill learn some patience for sure! Pray for my new comp. The first few weeks/months in the field are so hard 😦 I already just wanna hug her. because i remember feeling so sad and helpless haha.

I love you all a lot. I think about you guys all the time, and cant wait to be back with you! 10 more months 😉 Sorry i cant remember more that happened this week, but ive got some pics to send so ill send those.

Sis Hoffman



Week 31: Eu sou do Sul!

Oi Oi!

So something funny this week, is that i finally gathered up the courage to tell someone im from the south of brasil, and they believed me!!!! WoohoooOOOooo. Because theres lots of blondes there, ya know.
Anyway, that was exciting.

Tuesday we had divisions and i was with Sister Notice, shes african!! from Mozambique (spelling?) and shes super cool. It was good!!

This drugged woman asked me for dollars in the street this week when we were in a favela, honestly thought she was gonna rob me hahah she was like “Give me dollar!!” And i was like “I honestly dont have any!” And she kept asking and i was like “I dont even have reals, let a lone dollars. sorry!” gotta love the favelas.

but this week i was a little sad because when we work in these super poor ares it sometimes leaves me super sad. Seeing 12 yr olds smoking weed and all tattooed and people talking about how their kids died from drugs, its SO SAD!!! Sometiems i just wanna cry. Sometiems I wonder why i didnt get sent to a more fancy mission, but I am really so grateful for everything i have. Especially for this gospel!!! I love this gospel! Its everything to me. Im so grateful for this time in the mission to really better myself and become the woman heavenly father wants me to be. I have so many good examples in my life of amazing women! Thank you!

Today we had pday de exercsisios with pres and sis Bigelow!!! Most stressful thing, bc the bus passed us this morning and we got there a little late which leaves me SO FRUSTRATED but it turned out okay. We learned how to do exercises to lose weight and our body fat % and all that jazz. It was so cool. It was our whole zone

We had lots of people at church on sunday which is always so happy!! lots of our pesqusadores need to get married !!! what else is new. brasil!!!!

S is a little unsure about his baptism for this saturday, still trying to work on chastity! but he cut his man bun and is changing little by little hahah. hes always received answers, now he just needs to follow them!!

Transfers are next monday, i think we will stay here together one more! Well see. Ill let you guys know asap obvi.

Kennedy you are so pretty!!!!!

And cason, MVP in basketball!!! Congrats!! I love you.

Thanks mom and ken and carson for the cards 🙂 and jessica and brandon!!! I love you all !! got them today and was soooo happy.

Im a little flustereted right now and dont remember what happened this week, but ill try to be more detailed next week. Dont have too much time.

Everyone read the talk “The Character of Christ” by David A Bednar. Oh my gosh its so good!!! Ive been studying it. There wouldve been no atonement if it werent for the character of christ. He is our perfect example in all things and I will be working hard for my entire life to be more like Him. I love my Savior and thank my Heavenly father everyday for this experience to have this life here on the earth! Its really amazing when we think about it, we followed the Saviors plan and we are here on earth with a body, and one day we can be with HF and JC again! Dont waste your lives! Do something productive, be instruments in the Lords hands! He will make good use of you all. I love this work, I love this church, I love this life!

I love the mission. Even on the hard days, I am so thankful for this experience.

Love you all! – Sher

Week 30: It’s raining blessings!

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imageimageimageimageimageimageimageHi peepz. Whats the 411? lol

I love you guys!!!! i get overloaded every week with emails, all my comps have been like what the heck is this! Like i log on and have 70 emails. Its a lil stressful, so if i dont reply a whole lot its because of this. but i love it!! thank you for your support and for remembering lil ole me here in brasil.

So Severina was baptized sat. morning and it was great! so many members came, shes so cute!! the day before her baptism, she was like “I know once im baptized itll start raining blessings”! THen during her baptism when we wedre taking pics, it started raining and she was like “Sister! Its raining my blessings!” So flippin cute.
But more importantly for this week:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY ANGEL MOTHER JILL! I love you mom. You are literally my best friend and Id be dead in the street without you. Thank you for everything you do for me!! I love you endlessly!!! Please fly to Olinda for ur bday ok? hahah but in all seriousness, you are an angel! And so beautiful! If you only realized that people FLIP OUT when i show them a pic of you. Im actually scared to walk around with you here in brasil, bc people already say intersting things to me, with you itll be a whole nother story . but anyway, happy bday!!! I hope you do something fun!!! you only turn 40 once 😉 live it up

We have like a teaching pool of 55 people here (including recent converst and less actives) HOLY COW. thats a lot of ppl. this area is on fire, i feel stressed but its all good. We marked 2 more baptisms this week, for the 17th and 24th. (none this weekend) but they are like legit. One is Sy****, whos best friend is an RM and super cool. He has a man bun hahah butyesteday we taught him the first lesson and he said he feels so good in the church and wants to stay in this church and he accepted to be batpzied!! i just think there will be a lil probleminha with the law of chastity. but its all good. people can change bc the atonement is real!!!

Thsi week i got SO sick, same thing my comp had. im still sick, with a cold. It started with a sore throat and now its just like a stuffy nose. Thusday i woke up with a fever like HOT and so at the district metting the elders gave me a blessing. But it was so cool bc it was almost like i could feel the fever leaving my body, i got super hot, then wihtin an hour the fever was gone!!! I was feeling like a hundred times better. The priesthood is so powerful!! Im grategul for the opportunity i had to be sick, bc its good to remember every now and then how powerful the priesthood really is. Also to remember how great it is to be healthy! Anyway, kinda cool. Feeling lots better! the assistant is calling me like every freaking night asking if im better! we sisters are very taken care of in the mission. dont eveer worry!

but we have the jankiest house of all the sisters haha i found out this week. but its okay. lots of the elders have AC!!! also found that out this week, was super upset, but im accustomed to sweating 24/7 so its cool

we had 7 invest. in church on sunday, it was great! They all have lots of potential. I was sitting there smiling so big looking at them all!! Theyre so cute. I really love the people that we teach.

This thurs we have zone conference and friday there’s a conference just for the sisters. im excited to learn new thigns! Im trying to really take advantage of this time on the mission to better myself. I have so many things i want to work on but slowly and surely ill get there haha

we were without water friday-saturday and i wanted to cry. like nothing. only water that we buy to drink, couldnt shower and had to brush our teeth with the drinking water. i was so stressed!!! bc my hair was dirty and severeinas baptism was sat morning. So i was like sister lets say a prayer right now, or im gonna use all our drinking water to take a shower, im serious and she was like No you wont!! hjahah but we prayed and then within 20 ish minutes the water came back!! so then we prayed again to say thank you to HF for hooking it up, I arrived at the baptism clean as a baby

These weeks are flying by!! Idk why but i feel so busy in this area!! so much to do, so many people to see (literally() and so many miles to walk and hills to climb. crazy that next month ill be halfway done. I know the mission will just fly  by.

I wsa thinking about carson receiving his mission call this week and started crying. Hes so cute!!! Tell him to stop growing up !! and kennedy too. shes so pretty, i cried looking at her senior pic. i know what ur all thinking “wow she cries alot ” but the mission does this to you.

I love you all! Have a great week, please be safe! xoxo

Sister Hoff

Week 29: week 3 in Olinda!

Hi family!

First just wanna say I love you guys So much!!! The family dynamic here is so sad. Its something thats made me super sad on my mission, seeing how broken the families here are. So many people dont have a dad, or have a dad thats using drugs and is never there, and theres 13 yr old girls with babies, gosh its so sad! I think my skin is a lot thicker from the things I see here everyday. I usually try not to mention them in my emails or try to forget them but wow! Its super heartbreaking sometimes!
But it just makes me that much more grateful for the life I have and the family I have! I dont know what I did to deserve everything I have, sometimes I feel bad about it , seeing all the situations here.

But at the same time, Im trying to not feel shameful for being American. The first week my comp told me shes scared to walk with me because Im American and we will get robbed easier bc people think i have money. She told me not to tell people Im American haha im like “Sorry, but i think its a little obvious that Im American”…so sometimes when they ask where were from she says Sao Paulo and I just nod my head as if im from there too haha. Yikes

So there are so many people here with probs with addictions! If anyone has suggestions how to quit smoking or coffee.. let me know haha. I have absotlutely no experience with this and I want to help these people! They have so much potential, but people with these probs cant be baptized.

Also, just like Goiana, no one is married here UGH its so frustrating. Lots of young couples were teaching with potential, but they gotta get hitched.
Theres a subway in my area, and dominos! (Sorry Brandon, but i think were gonna eat pizza from there today) So we ate at subway like 3 times this week when we got money for lunch.

We went to the temple on Wednedsay and it was great! I love the temple. Seriously LOVE! I could just hang out in there all day. We went with our district, a bunch of elders bc we’re the only sisters, and we ate at burger king before haha bc theres one right by the temple. Super funny seeing the elders so excited about nasty burger king!

\We started teaching a man from Italy this week, hes super interesting. He said “Give me 10 days, and Ill read the book of mormon.” Were like umm okay… good luck finishing in 10 days! hahah

Severina is getting baptized this Saturday, 9 am. Shes so cute! She remembered that I love tapioca so we arrived to teach her on tues and she said she bought tapioca for me bc she remembered that i love it. So she made me tapioca. The people in Brasil show their love by giving you food! Its a sweet gesture, but sometimes I just dont ever wanna eat brazilian food ever again hha.

Im liking this area a lot, I am worried if my comp will get transferred in 3 weeks, bc i dont know the area at all. Its GINORMOUS. ALL of Olinda is just us 2 girls. Idk why theres not more missionaries here. My feet are sore and the hills are killing me but its probably good for me haha. But i think well prob have another transfer together.

My comp was super sick this week, we still worked but it was slow. I woke up today sick so I hope I wont have what she has! Well see :((((
I always thought id wanna stay at home sometimes in the missions bc im so tired, but its the worst thing ever! I hate it! I sit there staring at the wall feeling so bad and guilty hahah . We were home only an hour this week for my comp to sleep and it felt like 5 hours.

I wont lie and say that a mission is easy, because this is definitely the hardest thing Ive ever done. Being away from my family and friends has been super sad for me, but I know I will never regret the decision I made to serve a mission. This experience is so unique. I truly LOVE the people here. I want so bad that theyll accept the gospel because I know they can be so much happier. I just want to help them have the same comfort that I have, knowing that whatever happensin this life, my family will be together forever! What comfort thisd gospel brings. I will forever be indebted to my Heavenly Father for the life he gave me and I hope that by faithfully serving a mssion, I can repay at least a tiny bit of what hes given me.

This church is SO true and Im so proud to be a member. I will never take it for granted.

I love you guys so much! I pray for all of you everyday and hope that you are all happy and safe. Dont forget to pray! It does miracles.

Love, Sherimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage