Week 69: 2 weeks!!

hello people
okay so Irany didnt get baptized for a super long story that i dont have time to write, ill tell u guys in 2 weeks. but maybe shell be baptized on saturday. but aline WILL be baptized on saturday!! Ahhh i love her. She had been waiting for an answer and we didnt want to pressure her because shes super cool and we knew shed figure it out for herself. Yesterday was her 6th sunday coming to church and after we Always teach her because she lives in a different city thats still in our área. she finally said “i want to mark my baptismal date! I wanna be baptized while youre still here!” awww. so were said, saturday? and shes said okay yeah! hahah shes amazing.

something SUPER cool this week was that our fast produced a miracle! (i think i had told you last week that Anderson said he wanted to give up and didnt want to be baptized anymore or go to church until he finds a new job?) sister marin and I fasted on monday with Anderson and we went to visit him on tuesday and he said “so ive been thinking a lot and… (we thought, oh great he doenst want us to visit him anymore…. silly us!)Im not gonna give up! I want to be baptized and Im not gonna give up just because of my job” ahah we were so happy!! so we taught him and he shared a bunch of sad stuff with us. Like sooooo sad that i dont think i should write in email, but wow he has been through so much. He wasnt able to go to church on sunday because he left work late 😦 but i have Faith that someday hell be baptized! maybe not while im here but thats okay…

We had our last zone conf with pres and sis bigelow! I love them! And I had my last interview with PRes bigelow. It was super good. He basically just let me ask questions about whatever I wanted and he answered them haha. He is very wise!

ive been rereading the general conference talks from April and wow i love them so much. Something in particular that ive been relfecting on this week is from Elder Holland’s talk. “Come as you are”, a loving heavenly father says to each of us, but, he adds, “Dont plan to stay as you are”. We smile and remember that God is determined to make us more than we thought we could be.” It made me think of how I was when I came on the mission. I mean, I dont think i was a horrible person, but I dont think I was where God knew I could be. He took me as I was, and I feel like hes molded me a little bit more into who he aleads wanted me to be. I still have a long way to go, and Im excited to continue progressing once I get back, but Im kinda happy with the new me.

The mission is a once in a liftetime experience. It is soooo not easy, haha, but its worth it. In the beginning, I didnt think id be able to get through it, but here I am, writing my second to last email home! wohooo! I know i couldnt have done it alone, I didnt do it alone. Ive felt the spirit comfort me in the hard times, almost as if the savior was hugging me and telling me that everything would be okay. I’Be drawn closer to my savior in these 18 months than i have in my entire life and im super grateful for that. I love Him and Im getting to know Him better. Hes become a real friend at the times Ive felt super alone in a foreign country, wanting to talk to someone who understands my language and how im feeling. He Always understands how were feeling!

Excited to see you guys!! Love you!

Sister Hoffman


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