Week 69: 2 weeks!!

hello people
okay so Irany didnt get baptized for a super long story that i dont have time to write, ill tell u guys in 2 weeks. but maybe shell be baptized on saturday. but aline WILL be baptized on saturday!! Ahhh i love her. She had been waiting for an answer and we didnt want to pressure her because shes super cool and we knew shed figure it out for herself. Yesterday was her 6th sunday coming to church and after we Always teach her because she lives in a different city thats still in our área. she finally said “i want to mark my baptismal date! I wanna be baptized while youre still here!” awww. so were said, saturday? and shes said okay yeah! hahah shes amazing.

something SUPER cool this week was that our fast produced a miracle! (i think i had told you last week that Anderson said he wanted to give up and didnt want to be baptized anymore or go to church until he finds a new job?) sister marin and I fasted on monday with Anderson and we went to visit him on tuesday and he said “so ive been thinking a lot and… (we thought, oh great he doenst want us to visit him anymore…. silly us!)Im not gonna give up! I want to be baptized and Im not gonna give up just because of my job” ahah we were so happy!! so we taught him and he shared a bunch of sad stuff with us. Like sooooo sad that i dont think i should write in email, but wow he has been through so much. He wasnt able to go to church on sunday because he left work late 😦 but i have Faith that someday hell be baptized! maybe not while im here but thats okay…

We had our last zone conf with pres and sis bigelow! I love them! And I had my last interview with PRes bigelow. It was super good. He basically just let me ask questions about whatever I wanted and he answered them haha. He is very wise!

ive been rereading the general conference talks from April and wow i love them so much. Something in particular that ive been relfecting on this week is from Elder Holland’s talk. “Come as you are”, a loving heavenly father says to each of us, but, he adds, “Dont plan to stay as you are”. We smile and remember that God is determined to make us more than we thought we could be.” It made me think of how I was when I came on the mission. I mean, I dont think i was a horrible person, but I dont think I was where God knew I could be. He took me as I was, and I feel like hes molded me a little bit more into who he aleads wanted me to be. I still have a long way to go, and Im excited to continue progressing once I get back, but Im kinda happy with the new me.

The mission is a once in a liftetime experience. It is soooo not easy, haha, but its worth it. In the beginning, I didnt think id be able to get through it, but here I am, writing my second to last email home! wohooo! I know i couldnt have done it alone, I didnt do it alone. Ive felt the spirit comfort me in the hard times, almost as if the savior was hugging me and telling me that everything would be okay. I’Be drawn closer to my savior in these 18 months than i have in my entire life and im super grateful for that. I love Him and Im getting to know Him better. Hes become a real friend at the times Ive felt super alone in a foreign country, wanting to talk to someone who understands my language and how im feeling. He Always understands how were feeling!

Excited to see you guys!! Love you!

Sister Hoffman


Week 68: searching!



this week was busy. I had 2 divisions with some sisters here in our área. its funny that i know people from basically every part of brasil now! I was with sister carvalho from rio de janeiro and then sister gomes from santa katarina in the South. Theyre super cool! Its funny hearing how all the accents are different.

I think i forgot to mention that our recent convert Maria is now 1st counsler in the RS. So cute!! She is so awesome, She went to the temple yesterday for the second time. Ill really miss Ana Maria and Thacyla. And adriana!! Ahhhh i love them.

We have our last zone conference this thursday with the bigelows! Its going to be so sad. Ill also have my last interview with presidente bigelow of my mission. Gonna need some waterproof mascara haha. Its a super emotional time!!! I cant believe the Bigelows are almost going home. I love them so much! They are seriously amazing- all of them. They have given so much, they love us so much and have sacrificed 3 years!! im so grateful for everything theyve taught me.

Irany (hopefully) will be baptized this saturday. Thatd be cool if me and brandon had a baptism the same day!! he also has one marked. But gosh this sweet elderly woman is a lil bit difficult. First of all, she doenst have the best memory so everytime we go to her house, we basically reteach everything, poor thing. and on sunday, we arrived and she wasnt there. We waited 30 mins and she still hadnt arrived and i got worried! So i was like, Sister lets go! we left and walked allllll the way to her house, and she wasnt there. Her son said that she had gone to the feira (like an outdoor Market they have every sunday) to buy meat (clearly forgot the part about not buying stuff on sunday haha). So i was like okay sister, were going to the feira!! So we walked to the feira, soooo many people everyone! we walked around everyone searching for her to bring her to church. (bc if she didnt go to church, she wouldnt be able to be baptized on saturday). We walked through the raw meat and i was gagging and sister marin was so tired because i walk really fast (poor thing, her legs are short) and she said “sister! im gonna throw up!” and i said “you can do it! just think of Irany!” and kept walking haha. We didnt find her the in the feira, so we walked all the way back to her house and she had arrived. She was there all innocent and asked what time it was because she doesn’t have a watch and we told her it was already 10!! she showered and then we took her to church. gosh, itll be nice when I get home and sunday can be a more relaxing day because these past 18 months it has been a stressful day haha. you guys should ask the sisters if u can pick up their investigators for church!!

Anderson kinda gave up this week which was super sad. he said he hasnt found a new job and wont be able to go to church. So basically until he finds a new job, he wont be able to be baptized. that was a bummer. we got suuuper sad! But he still wants us to teach him and hes still Reading the BOM. I think in the future hell be baptized.

I cant believe jack is turning 2 this week! that trips me out!! i remember the day he was born and it seems like a few months ago!! Hes soooooo cute!!!

its so weird that the mission is almost ending. I cant believe brandon has 2 more weeks and I have 3. Kinda cool how it all worked out though 😉

I love you all! Im super excited to see you!!!

Love, Sheridan

Week 67: T minus four weeks!

This week was long but also went by fast, that always happens when we go to Recife. First of all, the elders love to joke with us and its getting old. Sheesh!!!!! We had planned to meet them at the station at 2:30 to leave at the 3 o clock bus for Recife. They called me at 2:30 and we were 10 mins away still and they lied and said that the bus was leaving and i was like no,… youre joking with me, and theyre like “no sister hoffman!! You need to run!!” and so sister blanco and I started running as fast as we could with our bags and all of our stuff. we got there sweating and the elders were all cracking up. hahahah so annoying. this happens almost always. But I guess I got some exercise so win for me!!

REvidence was good! it wasnt too hot, it was rainy. SOmehow, I always have a horrible experience on the metro. this time it was a 15 yr old boy possessed in a suit (like thinks hes a paster) with a bible in his hand literally screaming bloody murder walking up and down the metro saying that we need to repent and screaming the name of john the baptist. I was so scared he was gonna hit me or something, idk why haha. I asked the elders if it was safe for us to stay on and they laughed at me and were like “youve never seen this before?” umm no…these things dont happen where i live.
It was the last mission counsel of ppresident and sis bigelow, and mine too! This transfer is busy because pres and sis bigleow go home on july 1st, the new pres, Presidente Houseman, arrives with his family on June 30th. So we have our last zone conf with the Bigelows on the 22nd, Ill have my last interview, then on the 8th we have a conf with the Houseman family here in Garanhuns for our zone. Im excited to meet them!

I cant believe cec is getting married!!!! ahhh!!!! and i think her bday is on the 17th right?? Happy bday cec!! love you!!! Sorry i cant be there for your wedding!!! would if i could hahah

I gave a talk in church yesterday. Im glad that ive gotten over my fear of giving talks and now i dont just cry the whole time anymore hahaah

So its funny because people who want to be baptized just kinda come out of nowhere. this week we were knocking doors and an older wOman came up to us and asked if we’re the mormons, and we said yes, then she started walking away and we were like “wait! can we share a message with you?” and she said yes and we followed her back to her house, Her name is Irany. Shes so cute!!! And she came to church on sunday and wants to be baptized!! Shes marked for the 24th! On the second visit, she had bought Sevada (this coffee type thing that isnt coffee that the members here drink) and shes said mormons dont drink coffee right? So im gok good to start drinking sevada! We hadnt even taught her the word of wisdom yet, it was so cool!
Aline is doing great, I love her. She just is still deciding what day she feels ready to be baptized. But i know shell be baptized and she knows im leaving july 11th so i told her she needs to be baptized before i leave hahha.
Anderson is doing well, but his baptism has to get moved again because of his work. Sunday was supposed to be his day off but he had to cover for someone 😦 So now its complicated. He was super sad, hes gonna search for a new job this week. Pray for him that he can find a new job!! His family is really needing it.

We have some other people progressing too, some people that dont want anything with their lives, people of every type that we meet everyday.

Wesley has jumangi (that game from that movie with robin williams that always scared me) and he gave it to us to play today haha. Im kinda scared that monkeys will appear in our house

hmmm.. i think thats basically it. Sometimes I wake up and remember that i see you guys in 4 weeks and i kinda freak out. I try not to talk about it bc my poor companion still has like 16 months in front of her, poor thing haha. But really im so excited!!! Sometimes I think about it, and my eyes start to water hahah, im gonna cry a lot i think!!!

Love you guys!! Thanks for the support!


Week 66: heloooooo


I forgot to mention last week that i finished reading the BOM in portuguese! That promise of Gordon b hinckley is so real, he said that if you read the BOM in a diff language, youll be ableto learn that language (with study obviously), but i really feel like ever since i started reading the BOM in port, my port got better. maybe it didnt and maybe its just me thinking it did, haha idk

We were teaching a lesson to these 2 sisters this week, and they only had 2 chairs in the house so of course they let us sit, and we were like no!! sit! and they insisted, so we started teaching the lesson, and towards the end when sistedr marin was inviting them to pray about it, one of them fainted!!! she just like fell straight back onto the floor and layed there looking dead, we were like omg!! is this normal?! And the sister ran over to her and started like slapping her face to wake her up, it was so scary! Then she woke up all confused! And the sister said its because she cant stay standing for too long. gosh it was so bizarre! i think i had never seen anyone faint right in front of me before

Chandler and DYlan, happy 2 years on the 6th! woohoo! i didnt forget. yay!

Adrianas wedding was great, i mean, it was in the city hall with lots of other couples, but i just love her so much! She cried SOOOO much at her baptism, like she felt the spirit so strong and after she just stood there bawling crying. She is so cute, I will miss her so much!!! So happy for their family!

Anderson is doing well, his date got moved to the 17th thought because he had to work on sunday 😦 but he already said hes gonna look for a new job so he doesnt have to work on sundays! Hes soooooo great. Realllly elect

It didnt rain AS MUCH this week, but its currently raining. the new LTS in the house with me is Sister Blanco from mexico, shes so cute!!! She arrived with sis mello. So shes like my comp also kinda halfway. Today were leaving to recife for training and mission counsel and well get back on wednesday night, so sister sousa and sister marin will stay together these next 3 days.

mom, i sent one last letter to our hosue, watch out for it!

One thing im suuuper happy Ive learned on the mission is the importance of obedience. Gosh, its sooo important. Selective obedience results in selective blessings. SOmetimes we wonder why HF isnt blessing us wit what we think he should, but we should first ask ourselves, am i being perfectly obedient in ALL the commandments? because lots of times, we arent. But all of our blessing depend on our obedience, like it says in D&C. I know the HF is literally anxious to bless us so much more than we are blessed, but he is just and fair and he can only bless us if we do our part! Obedience really brings miracles and disobedience kills the miracles in our life.

0 There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated—

21 And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated.

I love you all!!! I love Jesus Christ!! Read Luke 5!! Christ invites us to leave everything behind, and follow him. He can make us fishers of men, he can transform us into better people, he can teach us how to be a better woman, mother, man, father, child, teacher, missionary, anything! We just need to follow the perfect example that he left.


Tchau!!!!! sher

Week 65: hhiii!!!

IMG_0113IMG_0110IMG_0112IMG_0104IMG_0065IMG_0057IMG_0051IMG_0050IMG_0044gosh it feels like so long since ive talked to you guys!!
okay so the temple was great, zone conference was good, and the heat has gone away for 2 days so that is something to be super happy about!!

adriana was gonna get married this thursday and baptized on saturday, but antonios sister wont be able to come until the 2nd. So theyre getting married now on the 2nd and shell be baptized on the 3rd! Samara and Bruna are still praying to receive a for sure answer. She just wants more time. I hope they’ll be baptized while im still here! We met a super cool guy named arthur. he was taking english lessons from an investigator of the other sisters, and we taught him and he already came to church  on sunday! it was stake conf. It was super good!@ pres and sis bigelow spoke. I love them!

next week starts my first week of my last transfer!! ahhh! so crazy. I got super sick this week, and had to do divisions, i was  certain i would throw up in the street, but prayed super hard and i ended up feeling better the next day. It must’ve been something i ate. sometimes i feel sooo nauseas i almost wanna make myself throw up, which is saying a lot bc i hate throwing up.

this week, satan really tried to destroy our testimonies of joseph smith,. gosh, literally EVERYONE talking bad about him to us. We taught one family, and they said that people told them that we have to cut our wrists and make a pact with joseph smith and that on the judgement day it’ll be him and not Jesus Christ  judging us. what!! and that hes a liar, that he didn’t really see God or else he would’ve died. a man was literally so rude with us and  yelled at us. it was super hard. and everyone just says “you guys dont even believe in God, you only believe in joseph smith”. this has happened my whole mission,  but this week it was like soooooo much. But its okay because i know that he really was a prophet and the fact that satan doesnt want me to believe, makes me believe more. he knows that if he can destroy our testimony of j.s. or the BOM, we wont believe in anything. nice try satan lol.

anyway, this week ill send my last cards home from the mission! so weird. Were gonna go to the center and find a wedding gift for adriana and antonio.

Thanks for the pics!! kennedy!! you are a model!!!! love you!!! congrats austin on the mission call!!!!

Have a good week!!

Week 64: yo yo yo

OKay!!  so to start off with a funny/nasty story 😐

another horrible incident on the metro…
me and sis bettio were with our LD and LZ going to Rexude  for the mission counsel and we got onto the metro and it had the worst smell of BO ever!!!!  i realized it was comnig from a man and he  came and stood by us.  I put my hand over my nose bc it was literally so bad, and i think he maybe got offended or something and  starting  waving his clothes to make the smell go on us.sister bettio was  gagging  and i was crying from laughing so hard bc i couldnt believe it. THen he did something so outrageous. He wiped his bum with his hand and Blew it on us!!!!!  he held up his hand and blew on it toward us if that makes sense. The elders were like “sisters!! move from there!!” then the guy got off the metro.  the elders told everyone about it in mission counsel and it was embarrassing hha

Mission counsel is good because i love learning more from pres bigelow. this week he said something so sweet. He was talking about how we can make our mission a celestial mission and he said that here on earth, we can feel like were in the celestial kingdom. then he looked at sister bigelow and said “when i’m with sister bigelow or my kids, i feel like im in the celestial kingdom” awww. so cute. But its true! Home can be a heaven on earth! We can make our homes a holy place where the spirit can reside by reading scrips together, praying, not fighting, etc.

Adriana is soooo amazing!!! Shes gonna be baptized ont he 27th, married on the 26th! Were so happy for her. She loves the BOM, everyday asks if we have other church films for her to watch. She is so smart and kind and loving.

my comps dad has a mormon message if you guys wanna watch it. On youtube its called “soy mormon, soy padro adoptivo e chef de pizza” its in spanish. if you guys type that in, i think youll find it. so cute!

The bishop here yesterday shared a scripture that i love a lot in Mark 10:29-30. When we sacrifice something precious to us for the lords sake, we recieve so much more than we give!! I know the blessings of my mission will be countless. they already are. I feel so blessed to have had this experience. And I still have 9 more weeks to see more miracles 🙂

29 And Jesus answered and said, Verily I say unto you, There is no man that hath left house, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my sake, and the gospel’s,

30 But he shall receive an hundredfold now in this time, houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, with persecutions; and in the world to come eternal life.

Cant wait to skype on sunday!!! WIll you all be there? chandler and dylan also?

BDAY SHOUTOUT this week to Chandler!! dont cry okay? 23 isnt that old haha. And happy bday to casey richmond on the 11th too 🙂

Love sher xoxo



Week 63: another week in the hood

Hi guys!!!
So it feels like this week was like 5 weeks because a lot happened. On Sunday, I went to Recife and Monday I was able to spend the day with sister mello!! ❤ We went to a sushi restaurant for lunch then got our hair cut…the lady kinda cut a lot, but she cut off all the dead ends and it looks a lot healthier!

On Tuesday, we got our new comps, unfortunatley the temple was closed for maintenance so we didnt get to go but thats okay! We’ll go together mom and dad 🙂 And, my comp is soooo cute. 4 Brazilians arrived, 1 American, and 1 hispanic. Everyone thought, okay sis Hoffman will for sure get a brasilian and it turned out that I got the one hispanic!! Sister Marín from Costa Rica!! Sooo cool. Her aunt is the kickboxing lady in Meet the Mormons for those of you who have seen it! She is super positive.

Soooo something HORRIBLE happened on Tuesday when we were going back to Garanhuns from Recife. The worst experience of the mission yet. We were in a group of 6 sisters and we had to take the metro to a station to catch the bus. The metro is that train that goes fast and the doors open and shut super fast. We were all there and had all the suitcases of the new sisters and we were going to have to get off at our stop. I had a feeling that it wasnt going to give us enough time for all of us to leave with our suitcases. I asked sister mello how long the doors stay open, but she said itd be fine. Sooooo, our stop came, and we all tried to get off really fast with all the suitcases along with a million other people trying to get off. My new companion never had been on the metro and didn’t know that its super fast, so she was going slow. I got off and all of us got off and i wasl ike “vamos sister!!” lets go lets go!! and as she was almost off, the doors shut in her face and she got separated!!! We all screamed and banged on the doors but the train just left and I was literally so scared and shaking and didnt know what to do. Also discovered later that she was crying a lot and everyone was trying to help her, but she barely speaks Portuguese. Luckily, I had given her President Bigelow’s number, so she used someones phone to call him. He called me, and told me what to do to get her. It was suuuuuch a mess. it was horrible. Some guards escorted her back to the station where we were and I hugged her so tight and she was crying. Poor thing. First day on the mission and this happens!! President was like “Its okay sister, someday you guys will laugh about this, maybe not today, but…” haha but in the end everything was okay. When we arrived at home and we layed down to sleep, I had dozed off and then I heard “sister” in a whisper and i said “yeah?” and she said “eu amo voce! Obrigada por hoje” like i love you , thank you for today. Shes so cute!! It melted my heart. She was thanking me for me losing her and tramatizing her haha.

We had lots of people at church yesterday which was good. Samara and Bruna from a family we’re teaching finally came which was great!! We need to mark their baptism! Adriana is an elect that we’re teaching, she is SO sweet. She’s the fiance of a less active who’s returning to chucrh. they’re going to get married this month so she can be baptized!! Everytime we teach her, she always makes us something to eat. She’s is super cute and generous. Not good for my diet, but she does it with so much love. i love her!!! Her almost husband is super cool too. We also found this lady Michelle this week who lives with her 2 litle kids who are sooo cute and we marked her baptism also. She didnt go to church, idk why yet, but she is suuper interested!! She is really funny and kinda crazy.

Im trying to think of what else happened this week but its kinda a blur. I have to go back to Recife tomorrow with sister bettio for mission counsel so my comp will stay with sister sousa.

everyday, even if the day is hard, my comp says today was awesome!! and every mroning she says “today is going to be awesome!!” oh also, she speaks enligsh!! She has family in the USA and shes been to Utah and Idaho. So that helps when idk what the heck she’s saying in spanish.

Love you guys! Love being a missionary. So excited to squeeze you all!! 2 more months. we got this..
xoxox image.jpeg