Week 50: going with the flow…

Okay so one thing Ive learned on the mission is to just go with the flow. You guys wont even believe it when I tell you I’m in my THIRD area this transfer, with my FIFTH companion. All in one transfer haha. Presidente called on Wednesday at like 5 PM,and we didnt hear the phone ring. At 7, we saw we had a missed call from president and freaked out!!!! hahah like oh no, why did he call? We started to try to think if we did something wrong, and we called back. he didn’t answer, and the hours passed and we all felt so nervous. I kinda had a feeling I was being transferred again, andt thats why i felt nervous.But Also my mind always starts going and i think, what if someone in my family died or something?! I know,im crazy. And still a worry wart. sorry.
9:30 PM he finally calls!! Sister tuiran answered and he asked to talk to me. I answered and he said “HI Sister Hoffman! How are you? I need your help…” And bascially he said, “Im so sorry, I know you were just emergency transferred a few weeks ago, but im going to need to transfer you to Ouro Preto just for this week”. The sister that was here with sis Vilas Boas was having a super hard time, so he needed to give her a new area and new companion to see if it would get better. So he swtiched me with her. And so I quickly packed my suitcases Wed night and after the district meeting on thursday, pres picked me up by car, took me to our house to grab my suitcases,then drove me to my new area. Also on the phone he told me that Im going to the Interior next transfer, so when i get to ouro preto, dont unpack my bags completely!! haha.so Im going to Garanhuns!! (idk how to spell it yet) which is an interior city that everyone talks about.. The only place in pernambuco that gets cold!!!! Everyone says its super good there,but idk well see. I think itll be like a 6 hr busride.My new comp will be Sister Notice (from Mozambique, Africa) the one who was my sister training leader for awhile. Shes super cool and mellow. Itll be good! Im guessing ill prob finish my mission there in the interior. but who knows! I think my city days are over. Hallelujah

Hiderval got baptized yesterday!!! The nice man i found with sis medeiros and feltran. I got so happy. The sisters found out i was back here right next to Olinda (literally SO CLOSE. I can see my old area and it makes me wanna cry!! I can see the lighthouse of Olinda!!) and they told me to ask president if I could go to hidervals baptism. I called him and he said no bc of Felipe 😦 But theyll send me pics. Marcilio also was baptized on Saturday! That little boy we taught in Setubal. I wanna see pics! I was sad i couldnt be there. Debora from Setubal (that pregnant girl we were teaching) is gonna be baptized on the 28th. Sad i wont be there, but its okay!

I got Alicias package this week!!! Thanks so much Richmonds!!! Also I got cards from Jessica & Chase, Bomma and Poppa, Brandon, mom. Thanks so much! Loved bomma and poppas christmas card of them zip lining hahah i have it taped on my wall!

This area is pretty difficult rn, because when i got here there were 0 investigators, 0 baptisms marked, 0 people progressing, etc. We were able to find some new people this week and marked a baptism for february. This area is kinda sketchy and has lots of assaults so i walk in the street with my Book of Mormon in my hands haha. Something about this area reminds me of Goiana. I think its the fact that there is nothing to do here and its kinda more humble.

Ive been sick with a cold these past 3 days! Like headcold. My nose is all stuffed and my voice sounds so manly. I hope itll clear up before next week when Im transferred again.

So crazy, just remembered right now that this week is my 1 yr mark. AHHHH!!! I remember a year ago, I was getting onto a plane, watching my parents wave bye through their tears haha. And then i sat on the plane and thought “Well, here goes nothing!” And the mission turned out to be the best adventure ever! I will never regret the decision I made to serve a mission. I have learned so many things! I cant even count them all. But one of my favorite things ive learned is that Heavenly Father loves all his children so much, and equally, and he knows them all personally. I see this everyday as I meet new people, and I feel it when we teach the gospel.Its such a special feeling that Ill totally miss after the mission.

Well,thats my week. Mom, Ill probably email later next Monday because Ill be travelling to my new area!
Beijo! Tchau!
Sis Hoffman imageimage


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