Week 67: T minus four weeks!

This week was long but also went by fast, that always happens when we go to Recife. First of all, the elders love to joke with us and its getting old. Sheesh!!!!! We had planned to meet them at the station at 2:30 to leave at the 3 o clock bus for Recife. They called me at 2:30 and we were 10 mins away still and they lied and said that the bus was leaving and i was like no,… youre joking with me, and theyre like “no sister hoffman!! You need to run!!” and so sister blanco and I started running as fast as we could with our bags and all of our stuff. we got there sweating and the elders were all cracking up. hahahah so annoying. this happens almost always. But I guess I got some exercise so win for me!!

REvidence was good! it wasnt too hot, it was rainy. SOmehow, I always have a horrible experience on the metro. this time it was a 15 yr old boy possessed in a suit (like thinks hes a paster) with a bible in his hand literally screaming bloody murder walking up and down the metro saying that we need to repent and screaming the name of john the baptist. I was so scared he was gonna hit me or something, idk why haha. I asked the elders if it was safe for us to stay on and they laughed at me and were like “youve never seen this before?” umm no…these things dont happen where i live.
It was the last mission counsel of ppresident and sis bigelow, and mine too! This transfer is busy because pres and sis bigleow go home on july 1st, the new pres, Presidente Houseman, arrives with his family on June 30th. So we have our last zone conf with the Bigelows on the 22nd, Ill have my last interview, then on the 8th we have a conf with the Houseman family here in Garanhuns for our zone. Im excited to meet them!

I cant believe cec is getting married!!!! ahhh!!!! and i think her bday is on the 17th right?? Happy bday cec!! love you!!! Sorry i cant be there for your wedding!!! would if i could hahah

I gave a talk in church yesterday. Im glad that ive gotten over my fear of giving talks and now i dont just cry the whole time anymore hahaah

So its funny because people who want to be baptized just kinda come out of nowhere. this week we were knocking doors and an older wOman came up to us and asked if we’re the mormons, and we said yes, then she started walking away and we were like “wait! can we share a message with you?” and she said yes and we followed her back to her house, Her name is Irany. Shes so cute!!! And she came to church on sunday and wants to be baptized!! Shes marked for the 24th! On the second visit, she had bought Sevada (this coffee type thing that isnt coffee that the members here drink) and shes said mormons dont drink coffee right? So im gok good to start drinking sevada! We hadnt even taught her the word of wisdom yet, it was so cool!
Aline is doing great, I love her. She just is still deciding what day she feels ready to be baptized. But i know shell be baptized and she knows im leaving july 11th so i told her she needs to be baptized before i leave hahha.
Anderson is doing well, but his baptism has to get moved again because of his work. Sunday was supposed to be his day off but he had to cover for someone 😦 So now its complicated. He was super sad, hes gonna search for a new job this week. Pray for him that he can find a new job!! His family is really needing it.

We have some other people progressing too, some people that dont want anything with their lives, people of every type that we meet everyday.

Wesley has jumangi (that game from that movie with robin williams that always scared me) and he gave it to us to play today haha. Im kinda scared that monkeys will appear in our house

hmmm.. i think thats basically it. Sometimes I wake up and remember that i see you guys in 4 weeks and i kinda freak out. I try not to talk about it bc my poor companion still has like 16 months in front of her, poor thing haha. But really im so excited!!! Sometimes I think about it, and my eyes start to water hahah, im gonna cry a lot i think!!!

Love you guys!! Thanks for the support!



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