Week 25: Hi again!


I emailed wednesday so i feel like i dont have much to say! also mom im with the broken keyboard so plz fix my typos!!!

So jealous about mexico, it looks so fun!! gosh i can go the whole week not getting sad about you guys but seeing a pic of the whole family together without me is the saddest thing! hahah but im glad you guys had fun! ( this is Jill… this kills me! She asks for pictures then is sad about them:( Missionary mom problems:))

We had interviews with PresBigelow on Thursday! It was great, I love him!! Mom, my date hasn’t changed. On the paper they gave me its July 25th (a year from today!!) but itll be sooner than that from what ive heard, like prob July 12 or sometime around there. I think ill go home the same week as Pres and Sister Bigelow!!! But ill receive my official date inJanuary i think! When i have 6 months left.

So in my whole 6 months in Brasil, no one ever told me you cant flush toilet paper down the toilet!!! No one! So ive been doing that for 6 months and just found out this week you cant because our toilets exploded (there was poop on the ground) and the guy came and was like “are you guys using toilet paper?” and i was the only one who didn’t know hahahah gosh thanks guys for telling me! Innocent american here. So yeah, i think its super unsanitary and disgusting how these people wipe then leave the toilet paper in the trashcan. I don’t approve but i will have to adjust!! You’re welcome for those details!

So weve been teaching Samara and her baptism is marked for this Friday 6 PM! Her mom said she can, but im worried her moms gonna change her mind or something (Samaras only 15 so her mom has to sign the paper) and im nervous, but excited for her!!

Wednesday in the church the youth are putting on a talent show and theyre all singing in only English and im so excited but none of them want me to come bc theyre embarrassed haha. So cute!!!

Carol cant be baptized anymore ūüė¶ Her mom talked with her dad (theyre separated) and he said she has to wait til shes 18. so sad! We went to her house and she was in her room crying and said she doesnt want to go to church anymore or anything because shes super upset. So well keep working with her! Shes so cute!

Were still planning Anas wedding! Shes super cool, i love talking to her! Shes like really normal!

Other than that, i dont have anything super exciting to say! We taught principios do evangelho like always and yesterday it was about service and Marcelo made a comment that he had really wanted a D&C and i promised him id buy him one, and i did at the temple. When we walked into the class on Sunday i gave it to him. He said he was thinkng that morning “Do you think SIster Hoffman remembered about me, that i wanted a D&C? She’s super busy and has lots of things to worry about” but he said he was so happy and felt so special when i gave it to him!! awww he is so cute. He is progressing so much, a totally different person. I saw him filling out a tithing slip yesterday again and it melts my heart every time. This gospel changes people!! It is so amazing to see a transformation in someone who was on such a different path a few months ago. I admire these people so much!

HAPPY 1 year in the mission to Brandon this week!!!! Cant believe it. Slowest year ever ūüėČ ahahah downhill now!

Thanks for your support! I love you guys and love hearing abot how youre all doing. Hope everyones having a good summer!! Ill be home next summer woohoo!!

– xoxox Sherimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage


Week 24: Opa!

I love this word, opa, its like hey! People say it all day in the street ahha.

Hi everyone:) This week was good, however lots of things happened with our marked baptisms. We have a lot of baptisms thatll happen next transfer. Pray I can stay in Goiana one more!!!! #MissionBrasilGoiana

So Carol doesnt want to be baptized without her bff Vitoria (cute 12 yr olds) and Vitoria has to wait 3 months bc she doesnt have any family in the church. So their baptisms will be in September! That was sad, but I understand that its something they wanna do together!

So Ana isnt married!!! We had it all planned to have her wedding and baptism on the last SAturday¬†of the transfer, but her husband wants to do it September 17th because its their 5 yr anniversary of being together. She’s really excited so I’m¬†happy for her!! When I told her that I¬†might not be here anymore she was super sad! But we are going to make the wedding invites for her, because sis moreira and i know how to write all fancy ūüėČ and were helping plan everything!! So her wedding will be at the church then shell be baptized right after. Best day ever!!

Theres a 15 yr old girl, Samara, whos been going to church since last year. Her bff is Daisy, a young woman in the ward. Sis Costa and i had tried to teach Samara but she wasnt too interested. Then this Sunday at church, Daisy and Samara came up to us and were like “Samara wants to get baptized!! When can you guys start teaching her the lessons?!” So that was super exciting. We’re meeting with her tomorrow and will prob mark her baptism for the 30th so if that happens Ill be super happy! Shes a super cute girl.

So something funny…our ward mission leader is 25 and super cool. We have an investigator, M, that didnt know how to get to the church so our WML said hed pick her up and walk with her there. So turns out she has a crush on him , and on the way back from church she told him she wanted to kiss him!!!! Ahahahahah i died. Leandro was scared! She stopped him in the middle of the street and asked for a “memory” of going to church AKA a kiss. I love Brazilians;)!

Its been raining a lot because its “winter” here…still sweating though!! Always sweating:)
When it wasn’t raining, we went running this week and I ate it haha. This is why I¬†cant do physical activity, the sidewalks here are all uneven and I

Brandon’s brownies!
Making brownies
My poor knees after my fall

literally ate it. I landed on my chest and shoulder and knees. My fav leggings ripped in the knees ūüė¶ So sad. I had a headache all day after and thought I had a concussion hahaha false alarm..

Oh!! we made brownies with Brandon’s recipe!!! All the girls say thx Brandon:)

Sister Moreira and I are going to the temple today in Recife. Theres a rule in the mission that every 6 months, missionaries have to go to the temple! Who knew???? Not me. Hahah but im excited. I love the temple. And Im going to go to the temple store and buy Marcelo a D&C because he loves D&C but only has a Book of Mormon!! Hes precious. He always quotes scriptures from D&C that he hears in church, hes really good at memorizing things.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great week!!! Pray for me that I can stay in Goiana one more transfer! Im loving my companion and everythings good!!

Be safe in Mexico– craving las golandrinas more than ever, if somehow you can get it delivered to me here in brasil ūüėČ

Love you guys!!! xoxo
Sister Hoffman

Week 23: MILAGRES!!


I have the best companion ever!!! This¬†week was the best week of my entire mission. She is sooooo nice and smart and such a good missonary. We are working so well together! Im sad bc I¬†think I’ll¬†stay here for only one more transfer, but maybe not!!

First, just want to tell everyone that elephantitis is a real thing, I witnessed it first hand this week and it wasnt pretty. A lady here has it, her feet/ankles/legs were so swollen and leaking this puss stuff, I almost gagged, but it was so sad. We said a prayer with her. yikesss, I had only seen this on google images. Poor poor woman:(

On a happier note, we

Housemates and companion. Love them!!
Making the pizza
Organizing pictures in apartment
Snickerdoodles to welcome new companion
New amazing companion!!

had a bunch of people in church this week, as a close to this week of miracles!!!

So we markd 9 baptisms this week! And at least 7 are like super legit. I dont want to get my hopes up because people have to actually do stuff to be baptized, like go to church and other things haha so who knows. but let me tell you about some cool experiences from the week!!

Ana is an ancient investigator (already was taught by lots of missionaries) and we decided to visit her this week and she had aleady been reading the BOM and loves reading about Lorenzo Snow hahaah. But we invited her to be baptized and she was like “Sim!” and we invited for dia 23/7 and she said ‘SIM!” her eyes were glowing. She’s so excited. She came to church with her little girl (SO CUTE) and I told the other irmas that she has a baptism marked (bc they all know her) and they were like “I cant talk about it or ill cry!! Im so excited!! July 27th right?” And of course I said yes!!! So I’m super excited for her. we just dont know if shes married civially yet, but tudo bem. I will plan a wedding if to have to!

Carol is the little sister of a recent convert who was inactive, but he’s returning to the church. She’s 12 and accepted to be baptized July 23rd also, were teaching her mom too, but she works so we dont teach her as much. Carol came to my English class with friends and shes so cute. She loves One Direction haha.

We taught Marcelo about the priesthood this week and it was such a good lesson. Hes excited to one day have the priesthood and baptize his kids! So cute.

Alessandra is a 15 yr old girl, so precious. We taught the restoration a few weeks ago and invited her to pray to know it was true (like we always do), and sis moreira and I saw her in the street one day and I asked if she’d prayed, and she said yes but hadnt received an answer yet. I told her to keep praying! Then we taught her the other day, and she said she had something to tell us . She said “The night after I saw you sisters in the street, I had a dream. The heavens opened and Jesus Christ descended and there were angels on both sides of him and he came and stood in front of me and said sometng to me, but I cant remember what he said. But I think this wsa my answer!” She explained it exactly like that painting of Jesus Christ, with the angels on both sides with trumpets. I had the chillssssss. It was so cool!! I had been praying so hard that our investigators would receive answers, and theyre receiving them!!

My prayers were answered so many times this week, beginning with my comp who i seriously love so much. She’s so cute. She’s from Minas Gerais. I love her accent. It almost sounds southern. Shes like a cute lil southern belle.

I love my investigators so much, like I would do anything for them hahah. I hope they can all get baptized and receive the blessings that this gospel brings! Baptism is necessary for everyone to live with God again, its so important.

Thank you for your prayers! Im happy! More than happy. I feel JOY, its different. I was thinking last week “Wow im sad im not feeling the joy of being a missionary yet. Will I feel like this my whole mission?” But this week was so different! We left so many lessons so happy! I feel like I’m actually starting to help people, which is the best feeling!

Have a great week! I love you guys MUITO!!! Até próxima semana!!
Beijo, Tchau!!
Sister Sher

Week 22: Sister Moreiiiiuurrraaa!

Hi guys!!!

So today starts the new transfer and….drumrollll….I’m still in Goiana. hahah. but I got a new comp!! Another Brazilian, Sister Moreira. Shes super cute, I dont know much about her but shes from a city close to Sao Paulo, cant remember the name right now haha. All I¬†know about her is that shes engaged, 19, and super super skinny yet somehow has gained 30 lbs on the mission. hahah random facts, i know! But I’m¬†so happy for a change and super excited for a fresh start!

So we had zone conference on Wednesday again and i got so many cards and stuff, thank you all so much!! It seriously gets me so pumped up and much happier knowing I have support from you guys and that you still love and care about me all the way from America haha. Thank you!!!! I feel soooo blessed. always!

We had a ward party (branch, bc were not a ward) and it was great!! We brought 2 invest. C**ol, and T**ia. Theres a guy Alisson, who was less active and we got him reactivated these past 2 weeks and now were teaching his mom, tan**a, and his 12 yr old sis Ca**l. Theyre so cool! They came to the party and loved it, but couldn’t come to church on Sunday ūüė¶ they have lots of potential though so I’m¬†excited!

Marcelo is still hanging in there, he’s been to church 8 Sundays in a row now, just 8 or so more then he can have a special interview with presidente and we’ll see what happens! He’s one of the people I really have love for. His wife came back!!! but he moved out and isn’t¬†living with her bc they’re not married and we taught him chastity and he doesn’t wanna break any commandments of God. He’s so cool!

We’re teaching this other ¬†girl, Taliane, and shes really cool. We taught the restoration and she said¬†she felt that everything we were saying was true, but she cant ever be baptized in the church bc her husband won’t ¬†accept it and all of her family are members of the Assembleia (ugh). So thats rough. She has a super cute baby!!! But well work on her. She’s super sincere!

I hope you all have a happy and safe 4th of July! Send me pics!!

I was thinking this week about a quote I love! Cathy had it written on this little whiteboard in her kitchen when Ali and I¬†were younger and it has stuck with me until today. It says “live your life in such a way that those who know you, but dont know Christ, will want to know Christ because they know you.” I always loved this quote, and have been thinking about it a lot here on the mission, because we missionaries are literally representatives of Jesus Christ. Even if people dont wanna hear the gospel, its still so important we treat them how Christ would and try to always do everything he would do ! I was bad at this before the mission, but Ive been praying and working hard to develop more Christlike attritbutes. Preach My Gospel Ch. 6 talks about attributes of Christ and I love studying them!

Im really excited for this transfer, Idk why, but I have a good feeling! Talk to you guys next week! I love you all so much! Ill be home in a year more or less, wooohoooo!! hahah #not trunky.

xoxo Sister Sher