Week 65: hhiii!!!

IMG_0113IMG_0110IMG_0112IMG_0104IMG_0065IMG_0057IMG_0051IMG_0050IMG_0044gosh it feels like so long since ive talked to you guys!!
okay so the temple was great, zone conference was good, and the heat has gone away for 2 days so that is something to be super happy about!!

adriana was gonna get married this thursday and baptized on saturday, but antonios sister wont be able to come until the 2nd. So theyre getting married now on the 2nd and shell be baptized on the 3rd! Samara and Bruna are still praying to receive a for sure answer. She just wants more time. I hope they’ll be baptized while im still here! We met a super cool guy named arthur. he was taking english lessons from an investigator of the other sisters, and we taught him and he already came to church  on sunday! it was stake conf. It was super good!@ pres and sis bigelow spoke. I love them!

next week starts my first week of my last transfer!! ahhh! so crazy. I got super sick this week, and had to do divisions, i was  certain i would throw up in the street, but prayed super hard and i ended up feeling better the next day. It must’ve been something i ate. sometimes i feel sooo nauseas i almost wanna make myself throw up, which is saying a lot bc i hate throwing up.

this week, satan really tried to destroy our testimonies of joseph smith,. gosh, literally EVERYONE talking bad about him to us. We taught one family, and they said that people told them that we have to cut our wrists and make a pact with joseph smith and that on the judgement day it’ll be him and not Jesus Christ  judging us. what!! and that hes a liar, that he didn’t really see God or else he would’ve died. a man was literally so rude with us and  yelled at us. it was super hard. and everyone just says “you guys dont even believe in God, you only believe in joseph smith”. this has happened my whole mission,  but this week it was like soooooo much. But its okay because i know that he really was a prophet and the fact that satan doesnt want me to believe, makes me believe more. he knows that if he can destroy our testimony of j.s. or the BOM, we wont believe in anything. nice try satan lol.

anyway, this week ill send my last cards home from the mission! so weird. Were gonna go to the center and find a wedding gift for adriana and antonio.

Thanks for the pics!! kennedy!! you are a model!!!! love you!!! congrats austin on the mission call!!!!

Have a good week!!


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