Week17: Saturday pday!

Oi everyone!

Pday was today so this week is a little different, and I don’t have very much time to write so this will be short. I get 30 minutes!! I’ll type fast:)

The temple today was great! There were so many people, so we missed the first 2 sessions!! We had to wait til 12:30, but it was worth it. The Recife temple is so big and pretty!! This cute elderly lady sat next to me in the session and I had to help her with everythng bc she kept doing everything not quite right lol it was so funny, she was commenting a lot to me. She just kept saying the funnienst things so that was entertaining! The temple is always a good idea, even if you have a chatty grandma next to you!:)
Also, the Bigelows happened to be there, so that was fun to see them! Love them! It was also my
first session in Portuguese and I understood almost everything I think!!

We went running yesterday for exercises Wooooo and I’m sore today!!! I like running a lot more than i used to, idk why!

My official english class starts next Saturday, 7 o clock at night. The ward mission leader made flyers and stuff. I’m little excited and I’m a little scared, but the other American sister is going to teach with me!! I think thatll be much much better! Less scary hahah but ill let you guys know how it goes next Monday.

So our investigator,Marcelo, is marked to be baptized on the 4th, but he wants more time, so we’ll see. He’s going to need to maybe have a special interview with President  because of his past. He’s super cool and nice!! I hope he can get baptized. Hes probably the investigator progressing the most right now. Hes reading the Book of Mormon and comes to church every week without us even reminding him or worrying about him! He just shows up right on time and stays all 3 hours. Whoo hoo!

We marked another baptism for Rosemarie and shes just plain cool, but we’ll see what happens because she needs to come to church! Always the tricky part;)

I was looking out the window on the way back from the temple today just thinking how beautiful Brasil is! I love Brasil. Its so green and the sky is always soooo pretty!

I dont have much else to say, I forgot my list of things that happened this week so I’m trying to remember stuff but nothing’s coming to me. I’m dripping sweat and feeling frustrtared bc this keyboard is broken hahah. A day in the life!

OH i used sunglasses one day this week bc we can now and I felt so ridiculous lol I’ll

New American sister next to me:)


Recife Temple!! Look at that blue sky!

send some pics. Really a weird feeling!!
Still havent tried out the slacks yet 😉

Happy almost summer ken and cars! Woohooo how fun!!! I love you guys!

I hope you all have a good week! Pray & read the scriptures everyday; youll see changes in your life! And pray for my investigators please!!! 🙂
thank you!

Tchau! Sher


Week 16: Hey guys!

Hey guys!!
So first off, I wasnt transferred and neither was my comp! Super weird, we thought for sure one of us would go, but well be together for another transfer! Im the first comp she’s had more than 2 transfers with. It’ll be interesting! Hopefully we can have more success this transfer. Its a hard area, there havent been baptisms in our ward for a while,but the members are starting to help more and give more references so were grateful for that!
Sis Da luz was transferred 😦 Super sad, I love her! But sis Tuiran is staying and her new comp is sister Dunn. Shes super sweet, shes from Colorado Springs! Another American in Goiana, woo!! Im happy about it. Shes really cute, itll be fun!

So I had to give a 20 min lesson in port (obvi) at our district meeting this Thursday. It was about the atonement and repentance, I think it went well! It really wasnt that bad! We got cards, thanks for everyone who sent me cards!! One card I had tried to send Chandler in the CTM got sent back to me! Idk why. Sad. So I’ll resend that next week! But thanks for everyone who is so great and sends me cards 🙂 I love you all!

Divisions ended up being a little different bc sis Da Luz had to go to the Dr so her and Sis Tuuiran didnt do divisions, so it was me with Sis M Lima again and Sis Costa was with sis Rammell (americana), It was good!I like Sis M Lima a lot, shes from Fortaleza, she’s almost done with her mission! I always learn a lot from her, shes super cool.

Something exciting is that I finished a whole journal this week! haha Never in my life have I finished a whole jounral. Started a new one! Im writing everyday like Dad always tells me to do! Its kinda nice reflecting on the day every night and writing stuff down. Lots of funny things happen here and I never wanna forget!!

OK so we might go to the temple this Saturday with the adults in our ward (like switch our Pday) but its not 100 percent for sure, but I think were gonna do it. So write me friday night! Or I’ll have nothing to read on pday. Then Monday will be like a normal day.

Our D.L was emergency transferred the week before transfers bc he had a snake ( like when a woman in the area likes him a lot) dont know exactly what happened!!!! but kinda interesting. So idk who will be our new one!

So funny that sis missionaries now can wear pants and stuff!! I probably wont because its super flipping hot here but its nice to have the option! I might start using my sunglasses though bc the sun here is ridiculous! Kinda cool that we can do that now.

So a funny story, we were in Nova Goiana (this one part of our area, most poor i think) and this drunk guy starts yelling for us to come over, so were like okay, well see what he wants. Then hes like what are you guys doing here? And I explained that we’re missionaries and blah blah blah, then he looked at me and was like “Ive been watching you the past 3 days..” it was creepy. He wanted us to pray with him and his mom so we entered into the house and his poor old mom was so annoyed with him and saying how he’s always drunk and not going to remember any of this ..then he got creepier and said “I do remember Mom. I remember this young lady (me) was wearing a black dress 3 days ago” It was like super creepy. He thought I didnt speak Portuguese  too, so he just kept talking to me in English like the only 3 words he knows. everything I said he replied “Yes baby” it was disturbing. I was like, “can you please speak in Portuguese?”And he asked his mom “Mom do you think shes the one?” Sis Costa was laughing so hard!! Almost crying and I was trying to ignore him and read a scripture. It was so awkward. I was like we have to go bye! And just left because I was so weirded out by him. But it was soo funny.

So also hilarious, turns out Pedro has a woman and a 4 month old baby he didnt tell us about!! Lol, found that out this week. He was like “Can l still be baptized on satuday?” Clearly doesnt quite yet understand the law of chastity even tho weve taught it 4 times now. Yikes. We love him!

I wathced the “On the Lord’s Errand” movie about Pres Monson and its spectacular! I love him! You guys should watch it.

This Sunday was ward conf and there were so many people! it was awesome. We had 4 pesquisadores in church too so that was good! Blessings!

We have an investigator, super elect, Marcelo, but he just got out of jail 2 months ago and he probably cant be baptized:( but he comes to church every Sunday and is reading the Book of Mormon and says he thinks its the true church. Its so frustrating when you find someone so elect, but then there’s always a little problem, in this case hes a convict lol. We’re not exactly sure what he did to end up in jail, its a little sketchy. hes super cool though! Keep you posted on him!!

Also this week we started teaching this 17 yr old boy, Welison. Hes super cool , always has a shirt of either Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, or the Beatles on!!  He’s got good taste;)

Sister selfie!! I know, we are weird;)


I’ll miss Sister De Luz
Love these girls!
Still stretching to do the splits!
Slumber party!


He doesnt believe in God, but has been visiting the church for years bc of friends so he knows a lot! Hes super funny though, has a black curly afro, but he’s whiter than me hah.

Anyway, nothing too insane happened this week! I hope itll be a good transfer! I hope all you guys are good at home! I miss you so much! I’ll hit 4 months on Friday but who’s counting? haha

Love you all!! Carson, congrats on winning the championships!!! You are so cool and still the cutest basketball player ever! I love you and am so proud of you! My siblings are all so sick!!!! (B and P. And Grma and Grpa: that means so cool and awesome!!!;)

Love, Sis Hoffman

Week 15:Oi Oi!!

So it turns out this transfer is only 5 weeks, literally no one knew haha. We had interviews with Pres and Sis Bigelow on Tues and they told us! Interviews were great, I love Pres and Sis Bigelow and they always make me feel better! They talked to me in English which was great, but I sound soo weird when I talk in english now, i think. It sounds super unnatural! Im embarrassed!!haha. So this coming week will be the last week of the transfer and then probably some of us will go and some of us will stay. I doubt the 4 of us will stay all together for a 3rd transfer but who knows! its possible!

We’ll have divisions this week on Thursday, the sister training leaders will come to our house and we’ll be in trios again like last time. The new STL is American from Idoho so thatll be fun to be with her!

So our elect invest. E, literally disappeared! We went to his house Monday night and his mom said he found work and left town and she doesnt know where he is or when hes coming back. So that was sad because he was literaly on board to be baptized and was progressing so much! That was hard for me. But I know seeds were planted, so I feel good about that!

It rained a lot this week, as usual! Nothing new there. Its getting into winter here, the people say its about to get cold, but i really doubt that itll actually be cold cold. I still sweat 24/7 hahah:)

We entered into the cemetery one day this week randomly and it was creepy! I still think its weird that we live right next to a giant cemetery. I dont like thinking of all the hundreds of dead people oustide my window. I sent pictures awhile back. Our view out our window is the cemetery! Not many people can say that!

I started the Kayla Itsines gnarly workouts that I had printed and brought and its great! Ive been so sore every day!! I try to get the other girls to do them with me but they dont like exercising. But its really good! I like feeling sore. I think Ive gotten so accustomed to walking so much that it doenst really do anything for me, so Im gonna start doing more intense workouts. Lets face it, all sister missionaries return fatter. It’s like the sad truth, but im hoping to change that. I dont wanna come back with more fat lol sorry this is so irrelevant and not important;)

ALSO the ppl here are so brutally honest. We were at an Irma’s house and she offered me sweets and I was like No irma! Im trying to lose weight! And she was like ‘Sister! if you lose weight youll be super ugly!!” LOL i was like wow thanks! They think skinny here is ugly. We have one pesq. who’s super skinny and pretty and she’s currently taking injections to gain weight. So different from the american beauty standard yikes!! Again, not important missionary wise, just my observations:)

So a miracle happened, our invest. D, who wanted to be baptized, but his gpa wouldnt let him, his gpa randomly disappeared this week too! Where do these people go?? Its super super sad obviously, they dont know where he is, he just took his stuff and left. 😦 But now D doesn’t have anyone stopping him from being baptized! So we’ll see. Hes currently praying for an answer. Pray for him please:)

I had a cool realization this week, I was talking to Pres about it. When I first arrived here in the mission, my prayers were so selfish, like Heavenly Father, please bless ME with health, help ME learn the language, etc. And the other day I was finishing my prayer and realized that I never ask for anything for myself anymore. It was cool! It just naturally occured, because Im really getting into the work. It was really cool. I am situated here now enough that I dont need anything specific, Heavenly Father knows what I need! I always pray for my family, friends, pesquisadores, etc. and it feels much better not focusing on myself! Im really glad Im changing on the mission; I really needed to make these changes, and I feel like Im learning so much thatll help me in my life! Im so grateful for this experience! Its seriously a privilege to be a missionary, I need to remember that more.

Thats all I have to say! Well find out Fri night who’s getting transferred and stuff! Im pretty sure I’ll still email Monday! Love you guys! Chan & Dyl have fun on your trip and be safe! Send pics!!!


Week 14: Skype and other happy things

Wow yesterday was so great skyping you guys! I love you all so much! Happy Mothers day again Mom! 🙂 You are the best mom in history! I thought I was going to fall into a deep depression after we hung up, but I totally am fine and still happy. Heavenly father really hooks it up when I ask for help.
I hope you guys are still happy!!! hahha

Anyway this week was good! First of all Alma 26: 35-36 is super good, dont remember what it is right now but i wrote it down haha so read it!

Happy birthday to my big sis Chandler tomorrow!!! 22! woohoo dont cry, youre still so young. I hope you have a great day!! And also Happy bday to Casey this week!! Woohoo!! Love you guys!

So we teach this recent convert and shes 21 and super obsessed with everything american! This week she asked me if cats meow in English, I thought that was funny. and she said “the cats are probably so much more beautiful there huh?” And im like nooo..they look the same hah.

So Pedro didnt end up getting baptized:( We tried to hunt him down but we ended up canceling his interview and everytring bc we didnt want the DL to come all the way here for him to not even to show up. So we didnt talk to him at all this week and were so over it, then all of a sudden on Sunday he shows up at church! (wearing white crocs, thought that was funny) and he said “I wasnt gonna come to church then I had a dream of you two girls praying on your knees by your bed that I would come to church, so I got up and had to come!” haha it was funny but good! He wants to get baptized still, so we’ll probably remark a baptism for the 3rd time! aye aye aye.

This week im super thankful to Heavenly Father for giving our pesquisadores answers to their prayers. Or like the dream Pedro had for example that got him to church. We missionaries can only do so much but I know that Heavenly Father does the most in this work. Another investigator, C, also prayed about Joseph Smith and he had a dream and received an answer so that was cool !!

AND we found an ELECT this week! E. He is sooo intelligent an curious about the gospel. He’s 24 I think and super cool! We only taught one lesson then he said he’d like to read the BOM, he’s super curious. So saturday night we brought him a BOM and invited him to church. He lives on our street so we said “We’ll pass by your house and pick you up at 8:30!” Then in the morning he wasnt there and we were so annoyed. Then we show up at church and he was sitting on the sidewalk in front waiting for us! So precious! I was so happy! And he had already read up to 1 nephi ch 10! And circled things and marked up verses! I was like what the heck, this is so cool! And he stayed all 3 hrs at church and I think he liked it. Im excited to teach him more this week but always nervous bc he asks such gnarly questions that I’ve never wondered in my whole life, so i get scared that I wont know how to answer them but I think the Holy Ghost will help me!! I know!!

I dont have much else to say, and my family already heard most of what I just wrote yesterday, but I hope you all have a great week! I love you guys. I’m having a good time being a missionary and my mom informed me I’ve made it more than 100 days hahah who know id make it this far 😉

Tchau!! Eu amo vocês!!
Sister Sher

Severino and Cleonice
New dress!
Our cute little grandparents


Sister Costa
More Goiana!
She gets tired:)
Morher’s Day!!
“Galega” Bar. Means white or blonde .. They call her this all the time
Harry Potter cute ELDER
Another Bday
The seamstress

Week 13: A semana de vergonha!

Hi guys!!
This week was pretty good! Had its ups and downs like usual, but was solid overall! First of all, I got 13 cards at our district meeting and everyone was like “do you like never email these people or something?!” hahah it was funny, I was stoked doe!!! My DL was like “Sister Hoffman vai ficar muito trunky esta semana” meaning ill be trunky, like I’ll be homesick and stuff, but really the letters make me feel better because I realize you guys havent forgotten about me yet hahah I got a bunch from Brandon, 3 from mom, 2 from kenn, and 1 from chan. thanks so much!!! love you all! I got sick this week, because all the babies here are sick right now and they climb all over me and slobber:) I think thats why I got sick. I had a sore throat and a head cold type thing, its not completely gone. I’ve been having a lot of headaches, I’m kinda worried about it, but kinda dont have time to worry about it hahah. idk! Ill see if it improves this week, if not I’ll call sis bigelow!

Dont know if you guys saw anything about the police in all of recife going on strike on Friday, bc dad has that Brazil app thing, but dont worry it was nothing! the DL called us and told us to go home if our area was crazy, but everything was tranquilo.

Also last night I saw a cat get run over by a car and almost cried!!! It was so sad, it was like sleeping under the car I think. It was so sad!!!!! even though I hate cats haha how is gunnar?! love him.

Also last night was INSANE because two soccer teams from Pernambuco played against each other and there were fireworks and everyone was running in the street screaming. Everyone was drinking and it was so funny. There were men kissing the jerseys on the ground… so weird! Women too! They are so into soccer here!!!!

Also forgot to meniton, we went running last week (well, I ran and they all walked hahah) but we just did laps around this park thing and i loved it!! I think I’m better at running now somehow, maybe I have more endurance bc we walk a lot everyday, but it was great. But now the other girls dont want to do it again, so I just do my exercises alone still haha.

One day this week sis costa and I took a little VW bus thing (they have a bunch of white VW buses here that take people to diff cities) to Condado, bc we had references there to teach. There were literally 15 or 16 ppl PILED IN one little van. A lady was practically on my lap and we were all dripping sweat. It was a sweaty adventure of the mission. Then we got there and all of the people weren’t home so that was great hah!! So instead, I drank my first coconut! it was weird, idk if i really liked it. they just drill a hole in it and give you a straw. It’s super cheap. I didn’t have my camera though, so that was sad!!

OH! Monday after pday I went to help out at the English class of a brother in our ward and it was hilarious!! Everyone was taking pictures of me!! I kept seeing flashes of their cellphones go off. Then at the end, they all one by one asked to take pics of me lol it was so funny. I just answered questions they had in English, but most of them were too shy to even ask. It was actually hard to speak English and not Portuguese. So weird! It’ll be weird talking in English on Sunday!! ahh!!

So this week was interesting bc E, an investigator, ran away from home and moved in with her BF. So that was sad and D , who really really wants to be baptized, can’t be bc his Grandpa wont let him. He’s 17 and ELECT! He has such a desire to be baptized. It’s so frustrating that his Grandpa won’t let him, but he turns 18 this month so we will see…. 😉

An Irma in the ward this week made PIZZA for lunch one day!!! it was so good, eu tenho saudade de pizza!!!! fav food.

This week we worked so hard so that we wouldn’t have another Sunday without ppl in church, and then Sunday came and no one showed up and I wanted to cry bc I was so frustrated bc we literally call ppl Sunday morning and they say yeah im coming right now! And flat out lie haha. Then after the first hour, I was standing by the door and heard a motorcyle pull up and I looked and it was Pedro!! I was so happy! So he has a baptism marked for this Saturday again! But idk, i dont want to get my hopes up! But possibly could have a baptism this weekend!

Also I finished the Book of Mormon this morning woo! I started reading it my first week in Goiana, so 8 weeks. In the CTM, I just read randomly all over the place. But it was great! I’m super happy. I think I’ll start reading D&C now. Also starting in Portuguese, but it’ll be a lot slower haha. I love the Book of Mormon! There’s no way that someone could just write it and make it up, so that’s a testimony in itself. It’s so true though, its the most perfect book on earth, read it!

Also i love what Brandon said in his letter last week, how the gospel speaks for itself and even if we’re not confident in how we teach, if we have the spirit then the people will feel that it’s true. It just needs someone to present it! We are only instruments in the Lord’s hands in this work. Also S/O to Brandon for being so cool and such a good misisonary!! woo!

OK now to end with a funny story and why it was a week of vergohna (shame/embarrassment). I slipped and fell on my bum in front of a bar AND in front of so many people! My dress went up and for sure ppl saw my gs. Then 10 mins later we were waling and my dress got caught on a motorcyle and my gs were out in the open again lol as a bunch of motorcycles passed by, so that was cool. Sis Costa was laughing so hard hahah its funny now but in the moment it wasn’t so funny.

I think that’s all for this week! Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday to all the moms, especially my mom!!!! I love you mom! Everything we are we owe to our moms! Cant wait to talk to you guys on Sunday!!! It’ll be so great to hear your voices and don’t make fun of me if I cant speak English hahah. Love you all! Have a good week!!

Love, Sherimageimageimageimage