Week 66: heloooooo


I forgot to mention last week that i finished reading the BOM in portuguese! That promise of Gordon b hinckley is so real, he said that if you read the BOM in a diff language, youll be ableto learn that language (with study obviously), but i really feel like ever since i started reading the BOM in port, my port got better. maybe it didnt and maybe its just me thinking it did, haha idk

We were teaching a lesson to these 2 sisters this week, and they only had 2 chairs in the house so of course they let us sit, and we were like no!! sit! and they insisted, so we started teaching the lesson, and towards the end when sistedr marin was inviting them to pray about it, one of them fainted!!! she just like fell straight back onto the floor and layed there looking dead, we were like omg!! is this normal?! And the sister ran over to her and started like slapping her face to wake her up, it was so scary! Then she woke up all confused! And the sister said its because she cant stay standing for too long. gosh it was so bizarre! i think i had never seen anyone faint right in front of me before

Chandler and DYlan, happy 2 years on the 6th! woohoo! i didnt forget. yay!

Adrianas wedding was great, i mean, it was in the city hall with lots of other couples, but i just love her so much! She cried SOOOO much at her baptism, like she felt the spirit so strong and after she just stood there bawling crying. She is so cute, I will miss her so much!!! So happy for their family!

Anderson is doing well, his date got moved to the 17th thought because he had to work on sunday đŸ˜¦ but he already said hes gonna look for a new job so he doesnt have to work on sundays! Hes soooooo great. Realllly elect

It didnt rain AS MUCH this week, but its currently raining. the new LTS in the house with me is Sister Blanco from mexico, shes so cute!!! She arrived with sis mello. So shes like my comp also kinda halfway. Today were leaving to recife for training and mission counsel and well get back on wednesday night, so sister sousa and sister marin will stay together these next 3 days.

mom, i sent one last letter to our hosue, watch out for it!

One thing im suuuper happy Ive learned on the mission is the importance of obedience. Gosh, its sooo important. Selective obedience results in selective blessings. SOmetimes we wonder why HF isnt blessing us wit what we think he should, but we should first ask ourselves, am i being perfectly obedient in ALL the commandments? because lots of times, we arent. But all of our blessing depend on our obedience, like it says in D&C. I know the HF is literally anxious to bless us so much more than we are blessed, but he is just and fair and he can only bless us if we do our part! Obedience really brings miracles and disobedience kills the miracles in our life.

0 There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated—

21 And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated.

I love you all!!! I love Jesus Christ!! Read Luke 5!! Christ invites us to leave everything behind, and follow him. He can make us fishers of men, he can transform us into better people, he can teach us how to be a better woman, mother, man, father, child, teacher, missionary, anything! We just need to follow the perfect example that he left.


Tchau!!!!! sher


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