Week 68: searching!



this week was busy. I had 2 divisions with some sisters here in our área. its funny that i know people from basically every part of brasil now! I was with sister carvalho from rio de janeiro and then sister gomes from santa katarina in the South. Theyre super cool! Its funny hearing how all the accents are different.

I think i forgot to mention that our recent convert Maria is now 1st counsler in the RS. So cute!! She is so awesome, She went to the temple yesterday for the second time. Ill really miss Ana Maria and Thacyla. And adriana!! Ahhhh i love them.

We have our last zone conference this thursday with the bigelows! Its going to be so sad. Ill also have my last interview with presidente bigelow of my mission. Gonna need some waterproof mascara haha. Its a super emotional time!!! I cant believe the Bigelows are almost going home. I love them so much! They are seriously amazing- all of them. They have given so much, they love us so much and have sacrificed 3 years!! im so grateful for everything theyve taught me.

Irany (hopefully) will be baptized this saturday. Thatd be cool if me and brandon had a baptism the same day!! he also has one marked. But gosh this sweet elderly woman is a lil bit difficult. First of all, she doenst have the best memory so everytime we go to her house, we basically reteach everything, poor thing. and on sunday, we arrived and she wasnt there. We waited 30 mins and she still hadnt arrived and i got worried! So i was like, Sister lets go! we left and walked allllll the way to her house, and she wasnt there. Her son said that she had gone to the feira (like an outdoor Market they have every sunday) to buy meat (clearly forgot the part about not buying stuff on sunday haha). So i was like okay sister, were going to the feira!! So we walked to the feira, soooo many people everyone! we walked around everyone searching for her to bring her to church. (bc if she didnt go to church, she wouldnt be able to be baptized on saturday). We walked through the raw meat and i was gagging and sister marin was so tired because i walk really fast (poor thing, her legs are short) and she said “sister! im gonna throw up!” and i said “you can do it! just think of Irany!” and kept walking haha. We didnt find her the in the feira, so we walked all the way back to her house and she had arrived. She was there all innocent and asked what time it was because she doesn’t have a watch and we told her it was already 10!! she showered and then we took her to church. gosh, itll be nice when I get home and sunday can be a more relaxing day because these past 18 months it has been a stressful day haha. you guys should ask the sisters if u can pick up their investigators for church!!

Anderson kinda gave up this week which was super sad. he said he hasnt found a new job and wont be able to go to church. So basically until he finds a new job, he wont be able to be baptized. that was a bummer. we got suuuper sad! But he still wants us to teach him and hes still Reading the BOM. I think in the future hell be baptized.

I cant believe jack is turning 2 this week! that trips me out!! i remember the day he was born and it seems like a few months ago!! Hes soooooo cute!!!

its so weird that the mission is almost ending. I cant believe brandon has 2 more weeks and I have 3. Kinda cool how it all worked out though 😉

I love you all! Im super excited to see you!!!

Love, Sheridan


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