Week 63: another week in the hood

Hi guys!!!
So it feels like this week was like 5 weeks because a lot happened. On Sunday, I went to Recife and Monday I was able to spend the day with sister mello!! ❤ We went to a sushi restaurant for lunch then got our hair cut…the lady kinda cut a lot, but she cut off all the dead ends and it looks a lot healthier!

On Tuesday, we got our new comps, unfortunatley the temple was closed for maintenance so we didnt get to go but thats okay! We’ll go together mom and dad 🙂 And, my comp is soooo cute. 4 Brazilians arrived, 1 American, and 1 hispanic. Everyone thought, okay sis Hoffman will for sure get a brasilian and it turned out that I got the one hispanic!! Sister Marín from Costa Rica!! Sooo cool. Her aunt is the kickboxing lady in Meet the Mormons for those of you who have seen it! She is super positive.

Soooo something HORRIBLE happened on Tuesday when we were going back to Garanhuns from Recife. The worst experience of the mission yet. We were in a group of 6 sisters and we had to take the metro to a station to catch the bus. The metro is that train that goes fast and the doors open and shut super fast. We were all there and had all the suitcases of the new sisters and we were going to have to get off at our stop. I had a feeling that it wasnt going to give us enough time for all of us to leave with our suitcases. I asked sister mello how long the doors stay open, but she said itd be fine. Sooooo, our stop came, and we all tried to get off really fast with all the suitcases along with a million other people trying to get off. My new companion never had been on the metro and didn’t know that its super fast, so she was going slow. I got off and all of us got off and i wasl ike “vamos sister!!” lets go lets go!! and as she was almost off, the doors shut in her face and she got separated!!! We all screamed and banged on the doors but the train just left and I was literally so scared and shaking and didnt know what to do. Also discovered later that she was crying a lot and everyone was trying to help her, but she barely speaks Portuguese. Luckily, I had given her President Bigelow’s number, so she used someones phone to call him. He called me, and told me what to do to get her. It was suuuuuch a mess. it was horrible. Some guards escorted her back to the station where we were and I hugged her so tight and she was crying. Poor thing. First day on the mission and this happens!! President was like “Its okay sister, someday you guys will laugh about this, maybe not today, but…” haha but in the end everything was okay. When we arrived at home and we layed down to sleep, I had dozed off and then I heard “sister” in a whisper and i said “yeah?” and she said “eu amo voce! Obrigada por hoje” like i love you , thank you for today. Shes so cute!! It melted my heart. She was thanking me for me losing her and tramatizing her haha.

We had lots of people at church yesterday which was good. Samara and Bruna from a family we’re teaching finally came which was great!! We need to mark their baptism! Adriana is an elect that we’re teaching, she is SO sweet. She’s the fiance of a less active who’s returning to chucrh. they’re going to get married this month so she can be baptized!! Everytime we teach her, she always makes us something to eat. She’s is super cute and generous. Not good for my diet, but she does it with so much love. i love her!!! Her almost husband is super cool too. We also found this lady Michelle this week who lives with her 2 litle kids who are sooo cute and we marked her baptism also. She didnt go to church, idk why yet, but she is suuper interested!! She is really funny and kinda crazy.

Im trying to think of what else happened this week but its kinda a blur. I have to go back to Recife tomorrow with sister bettio for mission counsel so my comp will stay with sister sousa.

everyday, even if the day is hard, my comp says today was awesome!! and every mroning she says “today is going to be awesome!!” oh also, she speaks enligsh!! She has family in the USA and shes been to Utah and Idaho. So that helps when idk what the heck she’s saying in spanish.

Love you guys! Love being a missionary. So excited to squeeze you all!! 2 more months. we got this..
xoxox image.jpeg


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