Week 62: staying in Garanhuns!

image.pngHi guys!!!! So this weekend was transfers and….drumroll… im gonna finish my mission here in Garanhuns!! yay im excited. I didnt want to have to move again haha.
President called on Friday and I thought I was being released as STL (not gonna lie i was a lil excited) but… he told me that Im gonan train again, still being stl. So pray for me plz haha. But im excited! Ill find out who it is tomorrow. Im here in Recife, I got here last night and will go back to Garanhuns on Wednesday.
The best part of this all is that my daughter (missionaries talk like that, daughter, mom grandma, etc.) Sister Mello, who I trained, is also training!!! Its like a father of the bride type situation haha. mother and daughter pregnant  together waiting for their new baby missionaries .

this week was pretty good! We have a lot of people with potential to be baptized, just some of them need to get married!! Were teaching a super cool family that hasnt been to church yet but she PROMISED us she would go next week (We made her sign our planner to promise haha). Theres a less active coming back to church and were teaching his girlfriend, Adriana. Shes soooo cute and super elect. She wants to be baptized but it just depends on how fast they can get married. Marias mom, Ana, is still traveling but when she gets back, shell get married then be baptized!! Maria went out teaching with us this week and she is so cute bearing her testimony. She also got her temple recommend and now is attending institute! So cute!! Im so proud of her.

I dont remember much of what else happened this week. I cant believe its almost May! Ill have 45 mins to talk to you guys.. someone send me a video of brandon when he skypes with you richmonds please!!! Estou morrendo de saudades!!!!

something funny is that now ill meet brandons friend wesley whos coming home from his misison at the end of may! im at his house like almost every day! haha.

Anyways, I love you all! I love this gospel. I know its true because Ive seen it transform lives here in the mission! I wish i could tell all the experiences ive had over email but its just impossible. Someday ill share everything with you guys!

xoxox Sheridan


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