Week 60: hi guys!

hi guys!
This week went by soooo fast. we had interviews with president, mission counsel, divisions (we do them every week but i always forget to mention it) so it flew by. I cant believe theres only 3 months left. stoked to see you all!!!

David was baptized on Saturday, but didnt come to church on Sunday to be confirmed. He is a little slow at understanding and thought we meant NEXT Sunday would be his confirmation and not this Sunday. hmm.. we went to his house after and expressed our frustration haha. But something super cute was that we had asked Alex to pass by David’s house before church to go with him, but then Alex arrived at church without David !! I was like what the heck Alex! You didnt bring David?! And i walked away kinda frustrated. so then Alex, all alone without us asking, walked all the way back to David’s house which is far to see if he was there. but he wasnt 😦 but we were so happy that Alex wanted to help. And it was super cool seeing Mayke baptize David! He made a mistake and mixed up the words a few times bc he was nervous, but he did great!.

Maria and thacyla were confirmed yesterday! They also bore their testimonies in sacrament meeting which was precious. They are sooo cute. Maria threw out all her immodest clothes, shes so focused and righteous haha. She already signed up to go to the temple with the ward next month and is super excited!

Elaine from Setubal was also baptized this weekend!! i wish i couldve been there!! remember her? the blackish woman who is super cute and had to get married?!! i was so happy! I hope someone will send me pics

We had interviews with pres on Tuesday then drove with him in his car 4 hours into Recife which was so much better than the bus. it was so fun to talk to him in the car! He is so smart and spiritual and cool!!!

Well thats basically all i have to report. When is mother’s day? itll be fun to skype for the last time!!
love you all!


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