Week 59: hi!!

Conference was so good. I shouldve actually payed more attention before the mission. Its funny how much we missionaries love it, its like the best day ever. And this year I got to watch IN ENGLISH which was a million times better. Hearing a voiceover of the prophet is super sad haha. I loved all the talks but some of my favorites were:
Dale Renlund! i loved it. I loved how he said that God doesnt leave us because we sin. And Christ is like the good shepard that watches over his “sick” sheep until they get better. I never thought of it like that. Sometimes we think just because we arent perfect, Christ wont be so close to us, but hes always there.
Robert D Hales: we cant be part time disciples. I loved that! Just like we cant be selectively obedient. I have learned on the mission that obedience is sooo important and its what will give us peace and happiness in this life. I wish I would’ve always realized that!
S Mark Palmer- loved it! He talked a lot about love and how love should never be withdrawn when someone fails to live up to our expectations. I need to work on this!
and Joaquin Costa: his talk was sooo good for all the investigators listening! I loved his story!

Maria and thacyla were baptized yesteday in the intermission of the conference. A miracle happened this week. Ana (the gma) decided she wants to be baptized too, so shes going to get married. BUT she said “Maria and thacyla should wait for me to get baptized bc it would be so cool to be baptized all three of us togheter!” My companion and I were like nooooo!!! We could tell that Maria wanted to be baptized sooner, bc marriage takes a month or so here.. We prayed so hard that theyd change their minds. The next morning we went there and maria said she had a surprise for us and that she was gonna be baptized this weekend! Ah. Miracles! It was the most emotional baptism. I was standing in the wing in the bathroom with maria as thacyla was baptized and she was crying so much. After the 2 were baptized, they both said they felt so light and so much better. There’s no better feeling than someone looking at you with tears in their eyes saying you were an angel that God sent to change their lives. I love this family so much! And Duda (the little one with 6 yrs) is sooo cute and she follows me around and is always hugging me. I think im gonna take her home with me!! I know HF was guiding us when we knocked on their door a few weeks ago! Crazy how this all happens. It amazes me!

Theres another 13 yr old, David-that should be baptized this coming Saturday. HF is really blesisng our area!!! Its insane. I know im not even that great and i prob dont teach that well, i have so many things to work on, but im trying super hard and HF is really blessing us for our efforts. We knock so many doors, walk so far, in rain or shine, and the blessings are pouring out! That doesnt mean that when we work hard that we will always be blessed though. I remember in my first area, we worked SO hard and had hardly any success . It was super hard but it taught me patience and dilligence. that even if you dont get blessings immediately, that doesnt mean you can give up and stop working. After the rain comes the sunshine! After the hardship, comes the miracles! Like with Joseph Smith when he was praying and overcome by satan, before he saw God and Jesus Christ, and the story of moses also, before he talked with God face to face. i try to remember that every day.

I received lots of cards this week! Everyone makes fun of me for how many cards i get. They give me a separate envelope wth my name, then one for the rest of my district hahah but i love it so much. thanks so much for the support! I love you guys!

Have a good week! xoxo Sheridan


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