Week 58: Hi everyone!

Hi everyone
So something cool is that our recent converts are all doing super well. Mayke and Mateus are blessing and passing the sacrament and teaching lessons with us and stuff, and every saturday they go to a mission prep class. Makes me happy!

Mateus is already into like deep doctrine and has been studying about a bunch of stuff. He’s super intelligent.

I finally threw up on the mission 😦 With just 4 months left, i thought id make it, but i thought wrong! On Tuesday we ate lunch, and i felt sick after, super nauseas all day tuesday and wednesday until I couldnt sleep at night. I got up and threw up when everyone was sleeping. It was super sad. If you know me, you know i have a real fear of throwing up, its horrible!!! i felt so alone ahaha i slept on the bathroom floor for a while. but im feeling better now!

We saw a lot of miracles this week. My new comp is awesome, shes a great missionary! We are working super hard and seeing lots of progress in a our area. The Lord helped us find lots of new people this week, which was a huge blessing. We even found 2 families suuuuper elect. One of them, is Ana and her daughter Maria and her granddaughter Thacila. Theyre so awesome!! Totally intelligent and understand our messages and have already prayed and received answers. Maria is obsessed with the BOM. We gave it to her one day, and when we came back the next day, she was already in 1 nephi 12! She loves it. And they came to church on Sunday! They loved it and will totally be baptized. The only problem is Ana isnt married and she lives with a man, so shell have to get married first! But itll all work out.

The other family is a grandma and her 5 grandchildren. They didnt go to church but their baptisms are marked for April 8th! We will follow up with them a lot this week.

I was reading something by Ezra Taft Benson this week that I liked a lot!
He said something like, the Lord operates from the inside to the outside, the world operates from the outside in. The world tries to take people out of the misery of the favelas, Christ takes the misery out of the people and they take themselves out of the favelas. The world tries to change human behavior, Christ changes human nature. Christ changes man, and changed men can change the world.

This week we were teaching in a favela, a single woman who has no education, cant read, has 2 little kids, doesnt work, basically has literally nothing. The favela has been without water for 25 days. I see little kids running around, naked and so dirty like they havent been bathed in months. It breaks my heart. Its so hard to see and act like its normal. Sometimes I wish I could help them more. But something Ive learned on my mission is that we have to help them help themselves. Christ can change them, and they can change their lives. These people dont see the potential that they have! They are all children of God too, so why do they have to suffer so much? I used to think, “Well, they probably made super bad choices, they brought this upon themselves” but now that I have seen these past 14 months the lack of family structure and support here, its clear to see that people really dont know better. They dont have parents or anyone to tell them to stay in school, they dont have anything. They need the gospel sooo much!!

Just someting Ive been reflecting a lot this week. Its from a talk “Born of God” from 1989 if someone wants to read it!

Thats basically it. Alex is gonna be baptized on Saturday! Im excited, the gospel has changed him so much and its been such a special experience to see.

Sister Hoffman


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