Week 57: so fast!

ok this is gonna be so fast.

were using the computer waiting for our new comps to get here,. mine is sis Bettio from rio grande do sul. Ive talked with her a few times but dont know her super well, just know she was also trained by sis costa!! it was so sad saying bye to sis notice, she cried a lot!! which was shokcing bc she doesnt show emotion usually … So sad

We went to the temple this week which was amazing!! i saw members from Olinda!! Mom please correct my typos!!! sorry im going so fast!!!

Mateus was almost not baptixed bc his mom didnt want him to be, but he showed lots of courage and was baptized! it was so great!!!

I’ll write more next week, im sorry!!! I sent some pics so hopefully you guys can get a better idea from the pics.

love you all!! xoxoxo imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage


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