Week 56: tchao Sister Notice:(

So this is gonna be the last week of the transfer, sister notice is headin home to africa!!! I really like her, shes just super calm and funny and weve got along super well. I dont have any idea who could be my new comp. Ill find out on saturday morning!

Happy late bday Ray Richmond!!!! your cake looked so delicious!
Bday shoutouts also to Amber & Ali this week!!! I LOVE YOU!!

This week we did divisions in arco verde which is 2 hrs from garanhuns. I am so tired haha, its tiring being out of your area a lot! on the van ride back there was a drunk old man sititng next to me and every curve we went around he basically fell on me. it was so annoying!! im so sick of drunk people! They just sit in the street all day and drink and yell things at us like “United states!!!” and they try to speak english.
This week well be out of the area again bc we have mission counsel on wednesday, then me and sister notice are gonna go to the temple (yay!)because itll be her last time. They dont have a temple in mozambique. then on thursday we have to go to the airport in recife to renew her visa which she still hasnt done, shes been ilegal here for like 9 months ahhaha.

Mateus is doing well and hell be baptized on saturday! woohoo!
Also, we are praying that Alex will be baptized, that little blesing in our lives :))) he tests my patience. But we really saw a lot of changes in him this week which was so cool. Hes been to church like 4 weeks in a row now, and he said he is working hard to stop drinking coffee, stop doing other bad stuff, and now he stopped playing soccer on sundays. he LOVES soccer. all the boys here are just obsessedwith soccer. And he said hes repenting and evertime he gets frustrated with somene (which is a lot. hes super on edge all the time) he says a prayer and repents. so cute!
Alisson worked a lot this week, and didnt go to church on sunday, so he said he doesnt feel ready to be baptized on the 11th. but we will remark with him.

Theres a girl we found on Alexs street named Ingrid! Shes 25 and super cute and she came to church on sunday! We sent alex to bring her and he did even though he said he didnt want to haha. But she really liked the church and her baptism is marked for the 25th!

I liked a scripture this morning from my personal study in Mosiah 5:13. Its impossible to really know christ if we dont serve him. Pres bigelow said that something that all the missinoaries always say to him is that they dont want to go home from the mission unchanged. and then he said that mission presidents also have that fear. But he said “We have served the Lord for 3 years. Its impossible to not have changed. I know Ive changed.” And i feel like that too. These last 14 months I have really come to know the savior as ive tried to be more like him and I hope i can continue to always know him better through my service to him.
13 For how knoweth a man the master whom he has not served, and who is a stranger unto him, and is far from the thoughts and intents of his heart?

do you guys receive the liahona magazine? on the front cover from this month is a lady we always visited in olinda!! She has parkinsons disease, her name is Gizette. Shes a member but cant leave the house so me and Sister Saad and Sister Mello always visited her and sung hymns with her. Shes so cute.

Thats all for this week!! Carnival is over which is soooo great. Love you guys! xoxoimageimageimageimageimageimageimage


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