Week 55: CARNAVAL!

Hi guys!

You should google and look how recife is right now for carnaval. its INSANE. Recife and rio de janeiro are the two places where its the biggest here in brasil. we are all returning home at 6 pm every night and studying instead of being in the streeet. where i am its pretty calm, but our area is pretty dangerous in general. the other sisters we live with were assalted this week on the street we live in, and i think president bigelow is gonna change the hours of us 4 to go back home at 7 pm instead of 9 pm because its really sketchy. i think thatll be a lot better! we always sprint home hahahah

my bday was good. Kinda calm and didnt really feel like my birthday but thats okay hahaa. I got cards from you guys and packages from my fam!! thanks so much!
We had zone conference and i saw sister mello <333333 it was great! ill try to send pics. im in a sketchy lan house right now with teenage boys screaming.

for the carnaval study, we have a talk to read every day from the last conference. on friday it started and it was the one by david a bednar. I thought a lot about if I know christ personally or more generally. I decided that i could improve on this, and try to know him more personally, but i didnt know exactly how i could do that. the next day, my answer came in the next talk that was about the book of mormon. it said that the biggest impact of the book of mormon is that it brings us closer to our savior. I seriously have learned to loveimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage the book of mormon soooo much. i love reading it, i love learning new things! I know that it really testifies of christ and that we can get closer to him by reading it than by any other book! i hope you guys are reading it!!!

mateus is gonna be baptized the 11th and we have 2 other young men alex and alisson that are also marked for the 11th. they are such punks though. Mateus is great!! super smart, super well mannered. but these other two..yikes!! they are so obnoxious and immature. its sad, i treat them like theyre 10 during the lessons. We taught chastity this week and they just laughed so hard and it was so awkard with them hahaha. but they seem to want to be baptized so well see what happenns!

im so happy we were able to find a lanhouse to do email today, EVERYTHING is closed because of carnaval! literally everything.

trying to think of what else happened this week….not too much!

cant believe u guys saw the michael jackson show in vegas without me!!! 😉

Miss you guys so much!! itll be so great to hug you all!!!

Love, Sheridan


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