Week 54:ok hello everyone!

So a funny story I forgot to tell you guys! There’s a food here called a coxinha (co-sheen-ya) and its a fried thing with chicken and cheese or stuff inside (you can google it) 5 years ago here in Garanhuns, there was a crazy couple who were killing people and making coxinha with human meat!!! What the heck???!! So many people ate them and thought “hmm, its tasty but has a flavor a little different?” so the police found out one day, it went viral and everyone who had eaten the coxinhas were freaking out haahah and the couple is now in prison. Soooo crazy. We walked by their hosue the other day and it already has other people living in it. Ahhh!!! I guess it’s not really funny, but wow!!

We were in Recife untli Wednesday night for meetings and stuff. I am so tired! I will sleep so much today. I dont like 4 hr bus rides!!! Another super funny thing this week was that my comp doesnt have very much hair and so these braids she has are fake hair, and she wanted to buy new hair. we went to a store in Recife and bought it. When we went outside into the sun, we saw that the hair was PURPLE!!! hahaha i was drinking water and she was like “Gente!!! Que é esse cabelo?! é roxo!!!” like what is this hair?! Its purple!! And i looked and spit my water in her face from laughing so hard haha. We went back to the store and switched it. All is well with my little african. I really like her. She finishes the mission in 3 weeks!! So ill get a new comp obviously. Im super stressed trying to know the area and how to figure out everything. But itll come!

HAPPY BDAY to my cute grandpa Brian, I know im late but I hope you had a great day! And happy almost bday to uncle blake also!! é pique, é pique, é pique pique pique!! hahaah. Do you miss your days here in brasil?!

Did my first division on thursday. I went with sister Gary to her area. It was good! Sister Gary is from Seattle and shes a convert of less than 2 years. She’s super awesome!

I think thats basically all I have to report.

I miss you guys! Less than 5 months…im not trunky or anything…. haha but really I’m trying not to think about it. Real life is gonna be so weird.

Love, Sheridan


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