Week 52/3? Garanhuns is cold!

Okay so this area is COLD in the morning and at night. do you know how nice it is after I havent felt cold in a year?!!! Its so nice. I sleep with socks and sweatpants and a down comforter!!! Can u believe it? I’ve been sleeping so well. During the day is hot, but not the hot like in Recife. it doesnt even compare!

The ward here is super special! I already love the people. Its been super great. There’s a family here with a son serving in Brandon’s mission! Super funny! His dad is our ward mission leader, his brother is our bishop, and his mom is pres of the relief society. Such a cool family!
The youth here are so cool and strong!! There are so many recent converts of youth. On Saturday Mayke was baptized, a young man the sisters had been taeaching. We taught him all the lessons this week and he is so cute and pure. We taught him all the commandments and he was like “Ive been living these my whole life!” And he wants to serve a mission!!!! He was like “I was taking with my mom about how ill have to take a break from college when i go on my mission…!” So cute. I sent pics!!

We found another young man, Mateus, this weekend and he’s elect. Hes already read the BOM, already been to church, etc. hes so precious also. Hes 18 and accepted to be baptized on the 18th. So lets pray that will happen!!!

Sister Notice and I won’t be in our area much this week. Today we are already going back to Recife!! 5 hours on the bus…..bc tomorrow I have training for new leaders and Wednesday is the counsel of the mission. So we’ll get back late Wednesday night. Im kinda nervous and I get stressed about traveling because something always goes wrong it seems like, but its okay.

The interior is so interesting. The people dont really want commitment and so its hard to get them to church. But there are elects here too! our area is HUGE. super super big

This place reminds me of Goiana sometimes, the fact that nobody wants anything hahaah. They’ll listen to your message, but then they say every church is true, God is good, “the church doesnt save nobody” hahah they don’t have the best grammar. Love them:)

Friday night i was chased by a drunk shirtless man holding his fingers as a gun yelling at me to stop! My lil African comp went running in one direction and left me hahahahaha. i stopped for a second bc i thought it was a gun, but when i saw it was his finger, i crossed the street and ran so fast and met back up with Sister Notice. It was so scary but now a few days later, its funny.

Anyways, all is well here! I think ill prob stay here a while.

CONGRATS CHRISTIE AND DANIEL!! your baby is so beautiful!!! So precious.

Anyway, I love you guys a lot!! Have a great week! xoxoimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage


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