Week 51: Garanhuns!

imageimageimageimageimageimageHi guys! this email will be short n sweet.
Im super stressed and flustered right now in this Lanhouse with a million teenage boys gaming and its soooooo hot. But I arrived 2 hrs ago here in my new area, lots of traveling, 5 hrs on a bus!! but all is well. Our house is supppper nice! Its an apt on the 3rd floor, has granite counters in the kitchen, 2 nice bathrooms, etc. We live with an american sister from seattle, Sister Gary and Sister Moreira who was my comp. So fun to see her! Im super excited. Ive heard such good things about the members here and I think the area is gonna be good too. Maybe not as many baptisms as the city but thats okay!

I cant really think of anything that happened this week except that I ran into Hiderval in recife which was so fun!!! and on sunday i got to see all the members from olinda bc it was stake conference. they all cried so much and i cried too!! I love them so much!!!!! I didnt realized they liked me so much ahahah they were all like running towards me crying. it was so emotional lol

But anyway, all is well. Im a little stressed and my hands are like shaking. But next week Ill write more. Love you guys!



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