Week 45: aye aye aye


soooooo i was emergency transferred this morning. Pretty crazy. Right after i hung up skype with you guys, i talked to president and he told me he felt it was safer for me to be transferred but he didnt tell me where i was going to go because he doesnt want anyone in Olinda to know haha. So i packed my bags quickly and this morning, sister Bigelow picked me up and took me to my new area. It was nice just talking with sister Bigelow in the car. I love her so much! My new area . Dont know anything about it, I finally left the north zone and I think Im in Recife. hahaha literally have no idea. Its a ward here, I’m in a trio with 2 hispanics!! so that’ll be funny. One is Sister Tuiran (from Colombia) which i know super well, lived with her 3 transfers in Goiana! And the other is Sister Diaz (from Argentina) who is finishing up being trained right now, so she’s new in the mission! Maybe ill learn some Spanish Brandon!!!

So i was super sad that i didn’t get to say bye to the members yesterday, because I love them so much! But i wrote them little notes. Also, Vladimir will be so sad when he finds out ahahh i couldn’t tell anyone!!! Eveyrone”s gonna be like “What the heck happened to Sister Hoffman?” Que vergonha gente….

Im going to be in the district of Elder Hoffmann. Super funny. He’s so cool! I met him at Christmas. Hes a huge tall stout guy, we don’t look alike unfortunately. He’s dark skinned and stuff. But its still funny we have the same name. and he’s Brazilian BTW!

The Christmas conference was super cool. President Bigelow talked about the atonement. I need to study the notes I took. We sang Christmas hymns, and watched videos and ate lunch, etc. It was fun! I didn’t take very many pics unfortunately! But its okay
So I told you guys a little about Hiderval. He was a reference of a member that’s from a different ward and we went to teach him this week. It was a really cool experience and strengthened my testimony a lot. He said he had been praying this whole year that god would bring people in his path that could help him. He said we were the answer to his prayers;. A year ago he reieived a BOM from someone and he kept it all this time. We taught him the plan of salvation, and stressed the fact that God loves him a lot. He really opened up to us and told us all about the hard things in his life. He had a really hard childhood , and says he doesn’t know what it feels like to be loved.He said he doesn’t know what love is, but he wants to know. He lives alone with 3 dogs. He left his house at 11 years old and lived in the street, got involved with drugs and stuff. He has 2 kids but they don’t talk to him. Basically, his life has been tough and he thinks nothing works out for him. But I know that this gospel is gonna change his life. We told him that January 1st, he can start a new life, turn a new page by being baptized. and he accepted! The second day we went there, he showed us a little paper that said (in port) “If you know me based on what i was a year ago, you don’t know me anymore. my evolution is constant. let me introduce myself again. Hiderval Tavares in Christ”; So cute!!!! Im bummed i wont be there for his baptism but its okay!

Also, Uiraja´s daughters are gonna be baptized on the 8th, Talita and Adriele. Sad I wont be there. Theyre so cute!!! I love them!!!!

Okay so thats basically all i have to report for now. This house I’m at now is where i slept the first night in the mission field. I remember I felt so scared and sad, and I didn’t speak a word in Portuguese. Its crazy how much has changed. Almost a year ago, I was there, thinking “Wow. i dont’ think i can do this”. When we think we cant possibly accomplish something hard, HF just asks for our best, and he carries us through the rest. He has carried me through my mission. I feel SO blessed and so loved by Him. He has never left me comfortless, he always gives me feelings of peace in hard times. I know he hears our prayers and loves us, and he only wants what’s best for us. So if we always accept his will, we will automatically get what’s best for us, learn what he wants us to learn, and be who he wants us to be!

The mission is such a special experience. Its hard to explain. I hope the difference in me is noticable… i feel like a new person. I still have so many things I need to change. But my testimony has grown so much more than i thought it could. I can honestly say that i KNOW this church is true, and its not just something Im saying because everyone says it over and over again; I feel it, I literally KNOW it. I have seen it on my mission. HeavenlyFather has proved it to me again and again. Seriously. If you guys don’t KNOW it, do something to know. You have to seek it. Pray and ask! I thought i could just do nothing before my mission and be able to know that these things are true, but it doesn’t work like that. We need to ACT. Im soooooo thankful for everything I’m learning here!! I wish everyone could have this experience.

Eu amo vocês! Shoutout to Poppa, who speaks Portuguese like a pro!!!! I loved it! thank you for talking with me in Portuguese! You are so special to me. I love my family so much! You guys are everything to me and I know we can be together forever. Have a good week! Happy New Year! Im excited to make some new goals! Make them with me!

xoxo Sister Hoffman “Rrroffman”


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