Week 44: transferzz

Okay soo this week was SO CRAZY. One of the secretaries called on tuesday when we were in divisions and asked if another bed fits in our bedroom. I was like “You mean 2 more beds, is there gonna be another dupla here in Olinda?” And hes like “No, just one more bed sister…” I was like oh no. “Is it gonna be a trio?!” And yeah so the maintenance guy brought bunk beds on friday, but me and sister mello were somewhat happy bc we thought that this would mean that wed stay together and get one new sister. Friday night, the LZs called and said one of us would be transferred! We thought it was me, obviously, so i packed ALL MY SUITCASES and was all ready to go. We went to the lanhouse in the mroning and PLOT TWIST, sister mello was transferred and im staying and i recieved 2 new comps, Sister Medeiros and Sister Feltran. Theyre both from Sao Paulo. 22 and 20. Youll meet them on Christmas…

Siste Mello cried so much. It broke my heart. It was so hard to drop her off at the station this morning 😦 We both cried a lot and it felt like my baby was growing up haha. I saw Sister Moreira today which was fun! Shes finallly leaving Goiana!

Our missionwide christmas conference will be on the 22nd. Im super exicted! Itll be in Recife. All the sisters have to wear a black skirt and white or red shirt., I have ntohing and its stressing me out hahah but back to more important things…

OH we are moving apartments! We have to be out by Jan 1st just to add to my stress. theyre wanting me to find an apartment, in all my spare time?!!! kjinda annoying. I hope well find somewhere to move….

So Moises didnt end up getting baptized which was a bummer but it looks like hell be baptized this saturday, along with Felipe!!! Felipe turned out to be SO different. Hes so spiritual and smart and wants more committment with god. Hes so precious .. he  does gives me weird presents. A few days ago, he gave me a bobby pin that he found on the floor LOL and last night, he gave me massage gel that looked used. So interesting. He said it was the first present of many. I told him to please not give me presents, not necessary. Someday I will tell you guys all the weird stuff that happens sometimes in the mission. I try to write it all in my journal hahaha

Carols daughter has been in the hosptial with pneumonia this week. so sad! We visited her at the hosptial and brought 2 irmaos to give her a priesthood blessing. So carols baptism obviously is postponed for now bc shes at the hopstial every day. Maybe well try for next weekend or the 31st. Pray for Carol, Moises and Felipe please! And Gleice! Pray that they all can be baptized this transfer.

I was at a members house yesteday, and they had music on of girls singing a hymn and i realized it was my comp fromthe CTM, sister miller! She is like all over youtube apparently and has a super pretty voice. It made me miss her. Everything is so intense on the mission, I really love all the missionaries Ive met here! Especially my comps. Theyre all so cute! Sister Costa has been emailing me hahah shes a funny one…

Im trying to think of what the heck happened this week, it was so stressful! Ive been having nightmares lately which isnt fun, but im sure thatll páss. Had one last night that brandon saved people from a burning building and he got all burnt hahah it was so sad. I woke up feeling so sick lol sorry brandon glad ur alive!

I will mis Sister Mello so oooooo much! Shes my BFF. I love her and it was so sad to see her go today!!! Shell be one of my bridesmaids for sure and youll all meet her someday. Mom, if you wanna email her, its laura.mello@myldsmail.net

Mom, i put up the christmas decorations for the new girls and the house looks super cute! Ill send pics. I reorganized my desk and all my stuff and it feels so great.

Hope you are all well! Dads bday card got sent back, idk why 😦 Ill resend it. Sorry dad!!! imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

Were going to the temple on January 11th. Im excited!!! Love the temple. Always something to look forward to!

I hope Ill have good news to send you guys next week. Love you all so much! Thanks for the support and kind words.



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