Week 43: oi gente

Oi gente!
This week wasnt super exciting, I missed you guys a lot because of thanksgiving, even though thanksgiving doesnt exist here!!! But me and Sister Mello treated ourselves to our own thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant on the beach. We ate filet mignon and it was dank!! Glad shes at least a little american and she understands me 🙂 Shes so cute. I love her so much and I REALLLLLLLLYYYYY dont wanna be transferred on the 12th. Im dreading it so much. I love Olinda and i love my comp and I get so nervous about transfers. But its all part of the mission huh? It will be okay.

We have a super cool investigator, Carol, and she came to church yesterday and really liked it! She is progressing a lot, were gonna try to mark her baptism this week. Shes living the word of wisdom and law of chastity, so basically shes ready!!! those are the big 2. shes quitting coffee right now, we gave her cevada , idk if they have it in USA but its like something that tastes like cofffee that all the members drink here. its actually kinda good, i sometimes drink it. But carol loved it so that was a blessing!!

Something super funny is that theres this fmaous singer in brasil, Marilha Mendonça and I raeally like her, and the music plays EVERYWHERE so all my comps always laugh when i sing and stuff, and esp. with sister costa bc in goiana the people were crazy for her. So a few weeks ago, I got a little package thing from sis costa and it was a CD of Marilha Mendonça ahahaha everyone in my district was laughing so hard. So funny. You guys should look her up and get a taste of the music here. Im super excited to listen to it in the car when i get back, prepare yourself brandon

Uirajás wife listened to us for the first time this week, sucha belssing. she like used to hate us and flat out ignore us, but wejust loved her and  were super nice and she opened up a little and we taught her the plan of salvation. She said someone was talking bad about the church the other day and she defended it. How cute. We invited her to be baptized and she said she wants more time! aye aye aye

Wladimir is doing well, our mission these days is finding him a wife hha. were trying to get him to go to institute but hes super busy bc he goes to college and stuff. We want a cute mormon lady for him but theyre hard to find her…the girls in the street are so vulgar. Idk if ive mentined, i dont wanna talk bad about this place, but this week sis mello and i saw a bunch of like 14 yr old girls twerking in the middle of the street. i had forgotten that twerking existed lol whats the deal with miley cyrus these days?

Today were gonna go to Alta da SĂ©! Mom and dad, if you come to pick me up well for sure go here. its super prettyyyyyyy.

I cant believe how grown up/handsome carson is. Watch out, mom and dad. Im serious!! Hes SO CUTE!

Anyway, I miss you all but I know the time will fly so fast. Excited to talk to you guys in a few weeks on christmas 🙂 woohoo!

xoxoxo Sheridan


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