Week 42: dads bday

Okay im currently stressing out because were gonna find out on friday if i was transferred or not, and if im transferred im gonna cry. ah! i love olinda so much, I love the people here and its so beautiful here and I never wanna leave ever!!! But obviously Ill have to leave someday…infelizmente!

DAD!! HAPPY BDAY (yesterday)!!! I hope you had a great day relaxing in Palm Springs, I am so jealous. Did you get my card?!?!

Okay so lets see, my mind is super unorganized today
OH! I got stung by a bee today for the first time in my life!!! We had like just left the house and a bee entered into my TEVA and stung the side of my foot! It hurt so bad! I looked like a little kid, i was like “ow! ow! oW!” nd sister mello was like calm down! And she pulled the stinger out of my foot. It was just such a strange experience and hurt a lot more than i ever expected.

Carol didnt go to church on sunday because she had a migraine 😦 So now she cant be baptized til Sunday after church, if she goes. Were gonna visit her tonight! Hopefully she is still wanting to be baptized, now that i think of it, i dont even remember if ive told you guys about Carol? But shes super elect. We found her knocking doors and then never really went back because we thought she didnt have much potential or interest, then we kept running into her EVERYWHERE it was like Heavenly Father was like “Dont forget about her!!!” So we visited her and shes progressing so much. Reading the BOM, praying, living the word of wisdom and chastity, etc. She will be baptized soon, i just hope im here to see it 😦

A miracle happened last night. Theres this 38 yr old guy, Moises, who we met in the street a few months ago and we invited him to church. Hes super funny ( like maybe is not 100% there ya know) and when we found him he was eating a mango in the street and had mango all over his face and it was funny. But anyway, we thought Oh yeah right, this guy prob will never come to church, well hes come the past 3 weeks!! And we finally were able to start teafhing him this week, and last night we taught him at a memebrs house and commmitted him to be baptized THIS SATURDAY! Hahah it was so cool. So now we are gonna have to really rush to teach him all the lessons, but he used to be part of a different church so he hasa gospel background at least. But yeah pray that everything will go well with that, im a little stressed but itll be okay. Hes SUPER funny, like his quirks and stuff, we just try not to laught the whole lesson.

Other thing is this homeless (i think) guy from portugal that came up to me ans sis mello in the market this week and starting talking in a language that wasnt portgues and wasnt englih, and we wre like what!? And he asked whta church we were from and if he could go and we were like yeah of course! But didnt think he would show up, then on sunday, he showed up! Like what the heck!!! And im honestly a little scared of him, especially because he just showed up at the Lanhouse right now and sat down next to me and tried to show me all his facebook pics of him in paris and portugal. So strange. Some poeple here, i dont even have words hahaha. but anyway he asked us to visit him and his family this week, so were gonna go there wednesday with a member,and hwho knows, maybe hell be baptized too! He really liked the church. Poor thing. He tries to talk with me in nglish and i cant understand anything and i say “Can you please speak in portugues? Im dont understand” and he refuses and keeps trying in english. Anyway, kinda funny. These things happen all the time and i know one day i will look back and laugh a lot about all the experiences here ahha.

Its so crazy that im almost gonna be at my year mark, one full year of service devoted to the Lord! It feels good, but I could do so much better. Its hard on the missoin because there are So many things you cant control. You just have to accept the will of the Lord 24/7 or youll get super bummed. So Im glad im learning to go with the flow more, i know thatll help me alwayas in my life.

I love this gospel! Everyday I see a little more how perfect this church is, the people are imperfect (everywhere in the world) but the gospel has no flaws. Its so clear to me that its the only way to really truly be happy. I wish people could understand that! Another cool thing ive learned is that we dont know who the lord is preparing, so talk to everyone about the gospel. Everyone needs it, even if they dont think they do! I love being a missionary. Ive never been so tired in my life, or so stressed, or sweaty,. but ive also never been so happy, or blessed, or close to my Savior.

Happy week for all of you!
Love, Sher


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