Week 39: The Kite Runner

So mom, remember that movie and book that we liked, the Kite Runner? It literally looks like that here. EVERYONE flies kites in the street all day this time of year! Mostly little boys but even full grown men. Its cool when you look in the sky and see them all flying but i get scared because theyre the kind with the broken up glass to try to cut other peoples kites so i feel like its gonna wrap around my neck and kill me or something haha. but we were in the favela the other day and it looked like pakistan and reminded me so much of that movie haha super random.

So yes, i heard that donald trump won. everyone here tries to talk to me about it, they all hate him and they act like its my fault or something bc im american. They dont realize that this wont affect them in any way and i just wanna say “Youre not even american!! dont worry!” theyre all like, “Hes horrible, he said this and that ” And im just like ” I dont know anything about anything. I dont even watch TV” haha

Uirajá got confirmed yesterday and after we takled with him and we were like congrats!!! And he looked so happy and he said during the blessing he heard a voice saying “Eu te amo” (I love you). So precious!! He always has spiritual experiences like that, he must be super in tune or somethin but its super cool!

V is gonna be baptized on Saturday!! Hallelujah. Months and months of trying to mark a date!!! were super excited. I hope he wont back out or something because he still has difficulty believing in the ressurrection instead of reincarnation. But hes slowly changing his mind. We tried to set him up with a single lady in the ward this week hshahaa we brought her to his house and it didnt go so well. super funny

Its beginning to look like christms!! which makes my heart hurt a little. I wanna be with you guys! I love christmas so much!!! Itll be so different this year. 😦 But im excited to skype with you guys!

I was thinking about things Ive learned on my mission yesterday (there are so many things) but one of them is gratitude. The people here with nothing, they are so grateful! It amazes me. One little girl in the ward always says the cutest prayers, and her fam is super poor, but she always says “Please help the people in the street who dont have a family, or food, or a home, and please forgive us for complaining about what we dont have when other people have so much less than us” And shes 11!! I was like wow i wanna be more like her. I thought of this qute thats something like “If we woke up tomorrow, with only the things we thanked god for today, what would we have?” Ive been reflecting that recently. Ill admit sometimes its hard to see people home going on trips or doing cool things while im here sweating and dirty, getting rejected all day hahah but then I think no! I wouldnt trade my missino for the world. Im so grateful for this experience!

I love you guys! Read the Book of Mormon everyday! Itll make all the difference, i promise!

Love, Sister Hoffmanimageimageimageimageimage


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