Week 38: HBD Poppa!

Hi guys!

First off, special shoutout to Poppa 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the 10th! I love you so much!!!! É pique, É pique, é pique pique pique (now I know what uncle blake and his family have been singing all these years ahhaah)
So this week was super great. Uirajá was baptized on Sunday! It was super special.
So we were at his house Saturday night and the family all said they were gonna come to the baptism (he has 6 kids, and 4 grandkids) and we were like yay! Because they hadnt been to the church yet. Then Sunday we were sitting in sacrament and no one had showed up and we were so stressed!! Like sweating and super nervous, then Uirajá showed up, but only with his oldest son Samuel. And we thought nooO!!!! We asked 2 irmas to make cakes and now only one kid came! But then 10 minutes later, we heard the doors open, and in walked his wife, and some of the kids and grandkids. Still not all of them came, but wow I felt so much JOY! I was like freaking out happy and smiling so big. And Uirajá looked so happy to have his family there with him! Now were gonna work on getting his entire family baptized!!! Theyre so cute. The little girls always run up and hug us and they like to play with my hair hahah its so precious.

Our other investigator, V, is doing well. He told us on the phone last night that were his best friends haha. So cute. He was sick so didnt go to church on Sunday and he won’t let us mark a date for his baptism!! but he said its coming soon. Patience!!

Something super cool about this city and the northeast in general is that the people take such good care of us. Its almost funny. I ask one person if they know where a street is, and before I know it there are 5 people surrounding us all trying to help us hahha. Last night, I asked one lady and she said “idk, let me ask this man over here” so she goes over to the man and he says “idk, lets ask this guy” so there was a guy running by and they stopped him and asked him and he took out his cellphone and looked at the GPS and found the street for us haha I just thought it was so funny becasue its sis mello and I in the street surrounded by a bunch of people. Theyre so nice. And they like take initiative. They don’t sat “Oh, idk, go ask someone else” they say “ILL go ask someone else for you!” Its so sweet. We havent gotten lost too much because eveyrone helps us!

so our district had 18 baptisms this month, our goal was 10 and we had 18! So we get to have a pday as a district
And celebrate! Everyone’s coming to the chapel here in Olinda and we’re going to make tacos and guacamole and play volleyball! Kinda fun huh? Im just excited for the mexican food!!

Oh, on Wednesday it was day of the dead. So all the missionaries went to cemetaries and our district went to one here in Olinda (i love this area because we never have to leave, everyone comes to us bc everything is here haha) and we sang hymns, and walked around and taught people about the plan of salvation. It was super cool! But also super sad because it was just a bunch of people crying. But we recieved SO MANY references!! Because everyone there lives in our area, so all the missionaries basically just gave references to sister Mello and I. We got 25 or more and so this week we worked hard to find them all! it was hard and we still have so many more! But it was a blessing.

On Friday i have to go to the airport to renew my visa, because I have almost a year in Brasil. So weird!! The secretary called me right now to tell me that.

Every morning and night we listen to music in our house (efy, hymns, etc. super exciting i know) and theres this one song we always sing called Mountains to Climb and its literally about Olinda because theres so many hills!!!! It says “Give me mountains to climb, give me rivers to cross, give me something thats gonna make me better than I was” and we sing it as a joke when we’re walking up hills during the day. But i was thinking, if a mission wasnt hard, there would be no point! I want something that’s going to make me a better person, thats going to challenge me, and help me change. Im grateful for hard things, for the first time in my life! I know HF gives us challenges to stretch us and grow us into what he wants us to become. And also, he’ll never give us something we cant handle…1 Nephi 3:7. So my outlook is a lot diffferent now!!!

I gotta go. Love you guys!!!! Boa semana!!! Beijo


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