Week 36: 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 humpdayyyyyyy!

Im so happy! Really, if you wanna be truly happy, go on a mission and forget about yourself. Its such a good feeling. Ill for sure miss it. Also on thursday im gonna hit 9 months!!! Already over halfway done I think, but just kinda exciting. Kinda weird because I feel like i’m gonna finish so fast!

So this week was amazing! Really stressful, but in the end, Jiuseppe and Mariane were baptized so all is well :))))

The baptism was a little sad bc I think it was the first time for them going under water (a little odd, I know) and so they both started crying and hyperventilating after they were baptized and I didn’t know whether to be happy or sad for them hahah. But afterwards there was cake and they were happy. I gave them the cute litttle CTR rubber rings that Suzie Terry gave me, they loved them!!

Severina, our recent convert, and cutest lady ever, taught us how to make tapioca this week with chicken and meat and cheese and shes just the cutest thing. I love her

Sister Mello and I tried to make cookies this week for the bday of someone in our district and it was the biggest fail ever. Our oven doesnt have the racks, so we just put the pan basically right on the fire, and we were talking, listening to music la-di-daaa and I smelled something burning, yep the cookies were black. THEN I had an idea to take the rack things from the stovetop and put them in the oven, so we tried that, then they burnt again and by this time it was super late and gosh it was so frustrating, but also so funny. Sis Mello and I just literally laugh about everything, its better than crying. Sometimes we just have laugh attacks, including in the lessons soetimes when someone says something ridiculous. We are like best friends, I love her SO much. Shes like the type of person I’d hangout with in realy life ya know, so im so stoked and i know we’ll be friends forever <3333

Theres an elder in my district from guatamala and he made guacamole this week for our district and it was so good!

Our elect, V has quit coffee completely!! So proud of him. He is now just waiting to have more conviction that the church is true. But i have faith thta he’ll be baptized.

Other elect, Uirajá is sooooooooo elect. He was part of the assembleia for 15 yrs and has visited the church 3 times now, and he told us the other day when we were at his house that we can tell the bishop that he wants to be baptized. I admire him so much, bc everyone from that other church is being so mean to him for visiting the church of Jesus Christ and calling him antichrist and saying that he worships Joseph Smith and a bunch of ridiculous stuff like that!!! but he is staying so strong!! he has 6 kids and so we want to teach them too, but they dont seem too interested! and his wife doesnt like us very much so thats sad but all in all he is great!!

i love this mission!! Brazil is so cool and so special. The people here are so amazing!! the members have been helping us a lot. They give us rides to places and they always check to see if we need anything. one of them has a son on a mssion and she said “My son told me to take really good care of the sisters” And I was thinking how mom, you always take such good care of the missionaries and now youre being blessed because of this because the people here take such good care of me!!

I miss you guys a lot! Exciting about the Dodgers, Dad. keep me updated!! Love you guys!!


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