Week 34: still loving Olinda and loving my companion!

Hi guys! How are you doing? I miss you all!!

BDAY SHOUTOUT TO KENNEDY!!!! tomorrow. I LOVE YOU!! I remember the day you were born and you were so precious and then you were the cutest little blonde , curly haired baby and now you have grown into an amazing woman! I am so proud of who you are. You are so special to me! I hope you have a great birthday!! Next year I will be there to celebrate your 18th woohoo!

What’re Carson & Ken gonna be for Halloween? I dont think they realy do halloween here.

The closest I’ll get to Halloween is the fact that I wake up everyday with blood on my pillow because of the bugs. Its true what uncle Blake said!!! I ALWAYS wake up with blood on my pillow. A couple weeks ago it was a lot of blood and 3 days in a row. I thought my head was bleeding and got super scared, but sis saad checked and there was no blood on me, so its just my head rolling over bugs haha. So nasty!!! I always wash my sheets but then it just happens again. Looks so nasty. Happy Halloween to me;)

I love the Book of Mormon!! Thats something Im super happy about because I never really took advantage of it a lot in my life, and im so happy that HF is blessing me to really study it and love it. I was studying 1 Nephi 11 this week bc Elder Holland said its the most important chapter in the BOM. Everyone thinks the tree represents the love of God like Nephi says, but then if you go to John 3:16 it says God so loved the world that he gave his son…so the love of god = Jesus Christ and the fruit of the tree is the Atonement, that is the most delicious of all other fruits and most precious. Anyway, Ive been expounding my studies with other missinaries and we all learn together and its super cool! Super stoked on this book!!

Our elect, V, almost came to church…..but he called us at 6:30 am and said he was sick with a stomach virus or something so he didnt come:( Soooooo his baptism fell through and now has to be remarked for 2 weeks later 😦

We were supposed to have 2 baptisms this weekend but they fell through. Even though I’m used to this by now, its still super sad! The mom of the kids that were supposed to be baptized just said “they wont be baptized anymore, you can cancel everything” and she said shell explain later what happened, ugh so sad.

We did a fast with Gleice this week that her husband will let her get baptized. It was super cool. We havent talked to her since the fast so well see what happens! I have faith.

Were teaching a family that was a reference of a member, Israel, who literallly is so great!! The members help a lot, principally 2 irmaos who were baptized 3-4 years ago. They talk with everyone and get the address for us to visit. Israel is a fisherman that everyone knows in this area and he leaves with us and visits lots of people with us and helps us so much!!! Hes so cool. But anyway this family, theyre super cool and liking our visits a lot. The family consists of parents and 2 sons who are older. They are so respectful and everytime we come they pay attention perfectly. Now they just need to go to church!

My companion is so cute. Im loving every minute with her! Surprisingly, Im not even feeling overwhelmed or stressed about training. She is super great. We worked super hard this week, had almost 30 lessons which is a lot! The district leader said he wants us to talk to the district about dilligence bc we have the most lessons hahah…not to brag, but just to show that my comp is working super hard and rarely complains about blisters, the heat, etc.

IT IS SO hOT. I cant believe it. Its super miserable sometimes during the day but around 4 or 5 o clock the suns goes away and its great haha. But yeah summer has begun and im missing “winter”.

I love you guys a lot! This week on thurs we have training of new missionaries in Recife, so ill send pics of that and today were going to go to that tourist area again so we’ll take lots of pics!

Até Segunda! Amo vocês MUITO. Tchau!!!


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