Week 33: sis Mello and I = Bffs

HI!!!! So i am so happy because Tuesday, I got my new comp and shes the cutest thing EVER. I got the Brasilian! I had a feeling Id get put with her. So her name is Sister Mello and shes super mellow hahah shes 19 and shes from the interior of Sao Paulo, but she lived a year in Utahh with her aunt and uncle so she totally speaks english!!! We switch off speaking english and Portuguese haha. Shes literally the brasilian version of me, but with brown hair and shorter haha. but lots of people say we look alike! I think its cuz she has bluish eyes also! But i seriously love her so much. I feel like a big sister to her and im so happy to be able to help her. HF blessed me a lot this week to really feel christlike love for her. Shes been a little homesick which is understandbale and i just hug her and tell her everythings gonna be okay and then we go to work! She is so cute. I feel like Ive known her for a long time! Its the craziest thing.

I read something in a talk that I shared with her that says “The day missionaries start to care more about others than themselves, they become happy. Our lives will always be happier if we care for and love others” and its so true!!! I told her that when i think about myself and my family, sometimes I get super sad too! Its inevitable, but then I think about my investigators and how I can help them, I forget about myself, and I feel joy.

We watched conference live! The same time as you guys. But in Portuguese. It was super good!! I liked it a lot. I loved David Bednars talk. Do we really know Christ or do we just know a few facts about him and what he did? I am reflecting on this a lot. I also loved Rasbands talk and Elder Nattress’ talk also. Super good!

SHOUTOUT to jordan patchell who i saw singing in the choir at conerence and i almost yelled out loud OMG I KNOW HER!!!! and everyone was like seriously? Hhaha so cooL!!!

Whats Carson gonna do for his bday friday? he needs a haircut haha. HAPPY BDAY CARSIES I love you!!!!!! You are so cute, even if youre 13 now and youll hate that I typed this. You are the cutest thing in the whole world!!! I miss you!!!!

So the teaching pool is great, we have 2 baptisms marked for Saturday, but well see. One investigator, S has some difficulties with chastity, but were praying for him. The other is J, hes the child of 2 less actives that are returning to the church. Weve been teaching him and his little sis, M for a while, but M is the respobsiblilty of the ward because she is 8 but J is 10 so hes ours! He doesnt talk tho. Like SO shy. So im a little worried about his bapt. interview haha well see.

Gleice is so awesome and so sweet. I love her!!! She bought me earrings this week. So cute. The people here live in the most hunble conditions but they just want to give you everything!! She is so strong and wants to be baptized but her husband still wont let her. Were doing a fast this week with her so that he can open up his heart and let her get baptized.

other investigator, V, is progressing. Were helping her quit smoking. She has 5 kids and her husbands going to leave her. Its a horrible situation. Her 11 yr old son is smoking weed, which left me almost sick. We taught the word of wisodm to their family and she said “He has a problem with this.” And then he got all embarrassed and I thought “Okay, maybe its coffee or tea or something, bc hes 11” and i was like “is it coffeee? “no” “tea?” “no” and then i thought noooooo nooooooo i will cry, “alcohol?” “no” “cigarettes?” “no” NOOOO “illegal drugs?” “yes” 😦 So sad. We told him he needs to stop and he said he would but the next day he was doing it again and V wsa super sad.

I got a little sad this week when I realize how accustomed I am now to these situations. My comp was a little sad seeing things like that this week, and i just told her bascially that its normal. But then i was like gosh this is not normal! Its sad that I think this is normal. We are so blessed to have the lives we have! You guys have no idea!

Im so thankful to be here on the mission. Everyday isnt perfect, but we can still have joy even during our hardships. Its really a choice. Thats something Ive learned on my mission. The sad things wont go away, the hard rules to follow wont change (waking up at 6:30 lol) so we just have to choose that well continue doing whats right and that we’ll do it happily. Obedience is everything! And it will be after this life too, so its good that we learn to obey while were here on earth!

I love you guys!!! Special shoutout to all my grandparents. You guys are so cute! Hang in there. I love you and pray for you everyday!!!


Sister Hoffman imageimageimageimageimage


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