Week 32: Transfers!

Hi guys!

This week was a little crazy. I totally thought Id stay with Sister Saad for at least one more transfer but I was wrong!! Friday night Presidente Bigelow called and said there are 2 new sisters arriving and he called me to be a trainer! Super crazy. I dont feel prepared and I dont know my way around Olinda yet, because I ony had 6 weeks here learning! Me and my new comp are gonna get SO lost this transfer. Poor thing hahaha. Theres a brazilian arriving and hispanic, idk which one ill get. Presidente will assign it tomorrow when we go to Recife. Lots of elders arriving too! Im excited but a little nervous, so Id love the extra prayers haha. Sisteer Saad was super sad to leave! She cried a lot. She doesn’t like change, but she got transfeerred to an area right on the beach so itll be great! It was sad dropping her off this morning at the metro station.

This week we found someone super ELECT! Its a cool story. We walked SOOO far on friday to visit a recent convert that lives really far, and we didnt even take the bus. we walked. and we arrived there and he wasnt home! And we were like WOW i cant believe it. But were like okay, were already here lets knock some doors or something. So we walked just a few steps in front and a man opened his door, so we walked over to him to talk to him. He invited us in, and basically said he had been praying and crying and asking god to show him the right path, and then we arrived! I love when this happens. He loved our lesson, was freaking out about all our beliefs, and we gave him a book of mormon and he was so happy! He was like “Its so incredible that i, holding this book in my hands”. Hes a theologist kinda, like hes studdied a lot of religions so he already knew stuff abot joseph smith, etc. We invited him to be baptized oct. 15th and he said if he receives an answer that its all true, hell be baptized “without a shadow of a doubt”. It was super cool. He couldnt make it to church on sunday but were hoping hell go to conference. His name is V. Super cool experience! Reminded me that we are totally guided by the spirit. Its a super cool feeling.

Its super funny because I told presidente bigelow last week in my weekly letter to him that i wanna develop more christlike attributes, and he called me to train hahah so i think this is gonna be a huge learning experience. Ill learn some patience for sure! Pray for my new comp. The first few weeks/months in the field are so hard 😦 I already just wanna hug her. because i remember feeling so sad and helpless haha.

I love you all a lot. I think about you guys all the time, and cant wait to be back with you! 10 more months 😉 Sorry i cant remember more that happened this week, but ive got some pics to send so ill send those.

Sis Hoffman



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