Week 31: Eu sou do Sul!

Oi Oi!

So something funny this week, is that i finally gathered up the courage to tell someone im from the south of brasil, and they believed me!!!! WoohoooOOOooo. Because theres lots of blondes there, ya know.
Anyway, that was exciting.

Tuesday we had divisions and i was with Sister Notice, shes african!! from Mozambique (spelling?) and shes super cool. It was good!!

This drugged woman asked me for dollars in the street this week when we were in a favela, honestly thought she was gonna rob me hahah she was like “Give me dollar!!” And i was like “I honestly dont have any!” And she kept asking and i was like “I dont even have reals, let a lone dollars. sorry!” gotta love the favelas.

but this week i was a little sad because when we work in these super poor ares it sometimes leaves me super sad. Seeing 12 yr olds smoking weed and all tattooed and people talking about how their kids died from drugs, its SO SAD!!! Sometiems i just wanna cry. Sometiems I wonder why i didnt get sent to a more fancy mission, but I am really so grateful for everything i have. Especially for this gospel!!! I love this gospel! Its everything to me. Im so grateful for this time in the mission to really better myself and become the woman heavenly father wants me to be. I have so many good examples in my life of amazing women! Thank you!

Today we had pday de exercsisios with pres and sis Bigelow!!! Most stressful thing, bc the bus passed us this morning and we got there a little late which leaves me SO FRUSTRATED but it turned out okay. We learned how to do exercises to lose weight and our body fat % and all that jazz. It was so cool. It was our whole zone

We had lots of people at church on sunday which is always so happy!! lots of our pesqusadores need to get married !!! what else is new. brasil!!!!

S is a little unsure about his baptism for this saturday, still trying to work on chastity! but he cut his man bun and is changing little by little hahah. hes always received answers, now he just needs to follow them!!

Transfers are next monday, i think we will stay here together one more! Well see. Ill let you guys know asap obvi.

Kennedy you are so pretty!!!!!

And cason, MVP in basketball!!! Congrats!! I love you.

Thanks mom and ken and carson for the cards 🙂 and jessica and brandon!!! I love you all !! got them today and was soooo happy.

Im a little flustereted right now and dont remember what happened this week, but ill try to be more detailed next week. Dont have too much time.

Everyone read the talk “The Character of Christ” by David A Bednar. Oh my gosh its so good!!! Ive been studying it. There wouldve been no atonement if it werent for the character of christ. He is our perfect example in all things and I will be working hard for my entire life to be more like Him. I love my Savior and thank my Heavenly father everyday for this experience to have this life here on the earth! Its really amazing when we think about it, we followed the Saviors plan and we are here on earth with a body, and one day we can be with HF and JC again! Dont waste your lives! Do something productive, be instruments in the Lords hands! He will make good use of you all. I love this work, I love this church, I love this life!

I love the mission. Even on the hard days, I am so thankful for this experience.

Love you all! – Sher


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