Week 29: week 3 in Olinda!

Hi family!

First just wanna say I love you guys So much!!! The family dynamic here is so sad. Its something thats made me super sad on my mission, seeing how broken the families here are. So many people dont have a dad, or have a dad thats using drugs and is never there, and theres 13 yr old girls with babies, gosh its so sad! I think my skin is a lot thicker from the things I see here everyday. I usually try not to mention them in my emails or try to forget them but wow! Its super heartbreaking sometimes!
But it just makes me that much more grateful for the life I have and the family I have! I dont know what I did to deserve everything I have, sometimes I feel bad about it , seeing all the situations here.

But at the same time, Im trying to not feel shameful for being American. The first week my comp told me shes scared to walk with me because Im American and we will get robbed easier bc people think i have money. She told me not to tell people Im American haha im like “Sorry, but i think its a little obvious that Im American”…so sometimes when they ask where were from she says Sao Paulo and I just nod my head as if im from there too haha. Yikes

So there are so many people here with probs with addictions! If anyone has suggestions how to quit smoking or coffee.. let me know haha. I have absotlutely no experience with this and I want to help these people! They have so much potential, but people with these probs cant be baptized.

Also, just like Goiana, no one is married here UGH its so frustrating. Lots of young couples were teaching with potential, but they gotta get hitched.
Theres a subway in my area, and dominos! (Sorry Brandon, but i think were gonna eat pizza from there today) So we ate at subway like 3 times this week when we got money for lunch.

We went to the temple on Wednedsay and it was great! I love the temple. Seriously LOVE! I could just hang out in there all day. We went with our district, a bunch of elders bc we’re the only sisters, and we ate at burger king before haha bc theres one right by the temple. Super funny seeing the elders so excited about nasty burger king!

\We started teaching a man from Italy this week, hes super interesting. He said “Give me 10 days, and Ill read the book of mormon.” Were like umm okay… good luck finishing in 10 days! hahah

Severina is getting baptized this Saturday, 9 am. Shes so cute! She remembered that I love tapioca so we arrived to teach her on tues and she said she bought tapioca for me bc she remembered that i love it. So she made me tapioca. The people in Brasil show their love by giving you food! Its a sweet gesture, but sometimes I just dont ever wanna eat brazilian food ever again hha.

Im liking this area a lot, I am worried if my comp will get transferred in 3 weeks, bc i dont know the area at all. Its GINORMOUS. ALL of Olinda is just us 2 girls. Idk why theres not more missionaries here. My feet are sore and the hills are killing me but its probably good for me haha. But i think well prob have another transfer together.

My comp was super sick this week, we still worked but it was slow. I woke up today sick so I hope I wont have what she has! Well see :((((
I always thought id wanna stay at home sometimes in the missions bc im so tired, but its the worst thing ever! I hate it! I sit there staring at the wall feeling so bad and guilty hahah . We were home only an hour this week for my comp to sleep and it felt like 5 hours.

I wont lie and say that a mission is easy, because this is definitely the hardest thing Ive ever done. Being away from my family and friends has been super sad for me, but I know I will never regret the decision I made to serve a mission. This experience is so unique. I truly LOVE the people here. I want so bad that theyll accept the gospel because I know they can be so much happier. I just want to help them have the same comfort that I have, knowing that whatever happensin this life, my family will be together forever! What comfort thisd gospel brings. I will forever be indebted to my Heavenly Father for the life he gave me and I hope that by faithfully serving a mssion, I can repay at least a tiny bit of what hes given me.

This church is SO true and Im so proud to be a member. I will never take it for granted.

I love you guys so much! I pray for all of you everyday and hope that you are all happy and safe. Dont forget to pray! It does miracles.

Love, Sherimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage


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