Week 28: week 2 in Olinda!


First and most important: Happy birthday to Brandon this week!!!! I love you!!!!!!! cutest elder ever.

Hi guys!!! Im feeling better this week, more accustomed to the area. Lots of hills and summer is starting so as you can imagine IM MELTING. But theres a nice ocean breeze which is great!

the first day here we almost got robbed im pretty sure, wont go into details lol but some teen was following us super close behind so we turned around and invited him to church and then he basically followed us home, SO this is why i have barely any pics. Ive been scared to bring my camera out. Bc i think this area is a little more dangerous than Goiana. its more city with lots of people and movement. But Ill try to take some pics on the beach next Pday!!

If you guys wanna send me letters or packages, the address for letters changed a little, its now the same as the packages with 50070-055. just an FYI!!

One night this week we walked on the boardwalk and it was so nice. The water was all lit up from the moon!! I love being close to the ocean!!!! Its so pretty!!!! Except there are  sharks here!!!

So we were at a members house when Brazil won the soccer gold medal. So i got to watch some bc they had it on, so cute. It was super exciting!!! I heard US did really well! woohooo. But thanks to that stupid Ryan lochte guy, people here are hating on me. One man was like “Oh Shes from the land of the liars”.. 😦 Very sad.

There are so many good investigators here!!!  people with real potential!!! We have a solid baptism set for sept 3, Severina. Ironic that shes from Goiana! Shes super cute, like 50 something. Shes really progressing and shes super sweet. Were excited for her baptism!

Then theres Gleice, whos progressing also and wants to be baptized but her husband wont let her for the time being. So im praying that he’ll soften his heart.

The members here are AMAZING. Like so nice and are so loving towards me and welcoming!!  the area is HUGE!! So sometimes they drive us, bc more of them have cars here.

We took lots of taxis this week haha its so different. And one night we were SUPER far from home teaching a lesson and it was already 9 and i was freaking out bc i always feel like if i break rules ill get assassinated or robbed lol so we called an UBER! they have Uber here!!! then i was like, gosh sister idk if this is trustworthy, who knows who this guy is. Then he arrived and said “Hi sisters, Im the bishop of ___ ward” hahah i felt so much better and we made it home by 9:30 which is the maximum we can be out. So yeah i take taxis now. NBD.

The area is super pretty!! Its really historic and has lots of cool stuff. Ill try to have more courage to take pics this week. Please save all my pics mom, bc i dont have them saved and if i get robbed, my photos will be lost.

Today were going to the temple with our district, I have to give the 20 min lesson tomorow at our district meeting and a 10 min talk in sacrament on sunday! A little stressed but im hoping I’ll get used to things like this and when i get back giving talks witll be no big deal!

sorry for the typos mom, going so fast, only have 5 mins left, we have to catch the bus to Recife!!

Ill include more deets next wek. The Chapel here is so big and nice!! And clean haha. Our house is janky but we are always SO tired that we get home, shower and sleep so its fine.
At least it doesnt have mold like brandons 😦

Love you guys!! Have a great week

Sis Hoffman


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