Week 27: transferred to Olinda!


Irmas that have fed me for the past 6 months
Last Sunday
Cutest baby in the branch


Packages and cards


Thank you Ali!

So I was transferred! Yikes!! the first transfer is super sad, I received more hugs on Sunday from the members than I have in my whole life put together. lll always love Goiana!! My new area is Olinda. Its a famous touristic city in Brasil and super beautiful! Hence the name, (linda). My new comp is Sister Saad, don’t know much about her yet because ive only been with her like 3 hours. We live in a super old janky 2 sister house, so thatll be fun hahah…but i can see the beach and smell the ocean so thats something happy! The area is HUGE. All of Olinda is just 2 sisters, idk why. So everyday well probably work in a different area. There’re tons of huge hills here, so all the sisters here lose weight. Maybe this was an answer to my prayers hahah.

I had a sheet of paper where I wrote things that happened in the week, but it’s in my suitcase somewhere.

Ive been having horrible headaches almost everyday, so i did a free eye exam from irmao Erik in the branch in Goiana and he said my eyes are tired from the sun and how much we read and study as missionaries makes it worse. So i now have glasses to use inside when i read and at night haha. Mom you can take money out of my account if you want or you can just remember how much you love me :)) hahah

Super sad to leave when Marcelo was almost to the point of being baptized. He’ll have an interview with pres bigelow now to determine when he can be baptized. We taught him this week and he said “If i die tomorrow, i want you guys to be baptized for me in the temple”, me sis moreira and our ward mission leader were all crying but then I said, “umm i hope you’re not planning on dying tomorow?” hahah i was a little worried about this statement. But he was at church on sunday so i was able to say bye to him. I told him i was transferred and his eyes got watery and he left! But I hope i can see pics of his baptism!!!

Packing suitcases for me is super stressful, where is my mom when i need her? Also all of Goiana had a power outage one night this week, where is my dad when i need him ?hahah dad i used the headlamp you sent me with!

Angela bought me super nice silver earrings, shes so sweet!!! Ill miss her and basically all the people in Goiana.

Im excited to be here in Olinda! I remember seeing pics on the Internet before my mission of this area and i was like Wow i wanna serve there! So its cool that i get to serve here! Mom and Dad, are you still planning on picking me up? because theres actually cool things to do here haha

I cant remember anything else I wanted to say; im scatter brained right now. Mom i love the clothes you sent me!! thank you!!!
I miss Sister Moreira already 😦 We cried saying bye to each other hahah everything in the mission is so dramatic.

Ill have more details and be organized next week!!
I love you guys!



No more headaches!



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