Week 25: Hi again!


I emailed wednesday so i feel like i dont have much to say! also mom im with the broken keyboard so plz fix my typos!!!

So jealous about mexico, it looks so fun!! gosh i can go the whole week not getting sad about you guys but seeing a pic of the whole family together without me is the saddest thing! hahah but im glad you guys had fun! ( this is Jill… this kills me! She asks for pictures then is sad about them:( Missionary mom problems:))

We had interviews with PresBigelow on Thursday! It was great, I love him!! Mom, my date hasn’t changed. On the paper they gave me its July 25th (a year from today!!) but itll be sooner than that from what ive heard, like prob July 12 or sometime around there. I think ill go home the same week as Pres and Sister Bigelow!!! But ill receive my official date inJanuary i think! When i have 6 months left.

So in my whole 6 months in Brasil, no one ever told me you cant flush toilet paper down the toilet!!! No one! So ive been doing that for 6 months and just found out this week you cant because our toilets exploded (there was poop on the ground) and the guy came and was like “are you guys using toilet paper?” and i was the only one who didn’t know hahahah gosh thanks guys for telling me! Innocent american here. So yeah, i think its super unsanitary and disgusting how these people wipe then leave the toilet paper in the trashcan. I don’t approve but i will have to adjust!! You’re welcome for those details!

So weve been teaching Samara and her baptism is marked for this Friday 6 PM! Her mom said she can, but im worried her moms gonna change her mind or something (Samaras only 15 so her mom has to sign the paper) and im nervous, but excited for her!!

Wednesday in the church the youth are putting on a talent show and theyre all singing in only English and im so excited but none of them want me to come bc theyre embarrassed haha. So cute!!!

Carol cant be baptized anymore šŸ˜¦ Her mom talked with her dad (theyre separated) and he said she has to wait til shes 18. so sad! We went to her house and she was in her room crying and said she doesnt want to go to church anymore or anything because shes super upset. So well keep working with her! Shes so cute!

Were still planning Anas wedding! Shes super cool, i love talking to her! Shes like really normal!

Other than that, i dont have anything super exciting to say! We taught principios do evangelho like always and yesterday it was about service and Marcelo made a comment that he had really wanted a D&C and i promised him id buy him one, and i did at the temple. When we walked into the class on Sunday i gave it to him. He said he was thinkng that morning “Do you think SIster Hoffman remembered about me, that i wanted a D&C? She’s super busy and has lots of things to worry about” but he said he was so happy and felt so special when i gave it to him!! awww he is so cute. He is progressing so much, a totally different person. I saw him filling out a tithing slip yesterday again and it melts my heart every time. This gospel changes people!! It is so amazing to see a transformation in someone who was on such a different path a few months ago. I admire these people so much!

HAPPY 1 year in the mission to Brandon this week!!!! Cant believe it. Slowest year ever šŸ˜‰ ahahah downhill now!

Thanks for your support! I love you guys and love hearing abot how youre all doing. Hope everyones having a good summer!! Ill be home next summer woohoo!!

– xoxox Sherimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage


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