Week 24: Opa!

I love this word, opa, its like hey! People say it all day in the street ahha.

Hi everyone:) This week was good, however lots of things happened with our marked baptisms. We have a lot of baptisms thatll happen next transfer. Pray I can stay in Goiana one more!!!! #MissionBrasilGoiana

So Carol doesnt want to be baptized without her bff Vitoria (cute 12 yr olds) and Vitoria has to wait 3 months bc she doesnt have any family in the church. So their baptisms will be in September! That was sad, but I understand that its something they wanna do together!

So Ana isnt married!!! We had it all planned to have her wedding and baptism on the last SAturday of the transfer, but her husband wants to do it September 17th because its their 5 yr anniversary of being together. She’s really excited so I’m happy for her!! When I told her that I might not be here anymore she was super sad! But we are going to make the wedding invites for her, because sis moreira and i know how to write all fancy 😉 and were helping plan everything!! So her wedding will be at the church then shell be baptized right after. Best day ever!!

Theres a 15 yr old girl, Samara, whos been going to church since last year. Her bff is Daisy, a young woman in the ward. Sis Costa and i had tried to teach Samara but she wasnt too interested. Then this Sunday at church, Daisy and Samara came up to us and were like “Samara wants to get baptized!! When can you guys start teaching her the lessons?!” So that was super exciting. We’re meeting with her tomorrow and will prob mark her baptism for the 30th so if that happens Ill be super happy! Shes a super cute girl.

So something funny…our ward mission leader is 25 and super cool. We have an investigator, M, that didnt know how to get to the church so our WML said hed pick her up and walk with her there. So turns out she has a crush on him , and on the way back from church she told him she wanted to kiss him!!!! Ahahahahah i died. Leandro was scared! She stopped him in the middle of the street and asked for a “memory” of going to church AKA a kiss. I love Brazilians;)!

Its been raining a lot because its “winter” here…still sweating though!! Always sweating:)
When it wasn’t raining, we went running this week and I ate it haha. This is why I cant do physical activity, the sidewalks here are all uneven and I

Brandon’s brownies!
Making brownies
My poor knees after my fall

literally ate it. I landed on my chest and shoulder and knees. My fav leggings ripped in the knees 😦 So sad. I had a headache all day after and thought I had a concussion hahaha false alarm..

Oh!! we made brownies with Brandon’s recipe!!! All the girls say thx Brandon:)

Sister Moreira and I are going to the temple today in Recife. Theres a rule in the mission that every 6 months, missionaries have to go to the temple! Who knew???? Not me. Hahah but im excited. I love the temple. And Im going to go to the temple store and buy Marcelo a D&C because he loves D&C but only has a Book of Mormon!! Hes precious. He always quotes scriptures from D&C that he hears in church, hes really good at memorizing things.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great week!!! Pray for me that I can stay in Goiana one more transfer! Im loving my companion and everythings good!!

Be safe in Mexico– craving las golandrinas more than ever, if somehow you can get it delivered to me here in brasil 😉

Love you guys!!! xoxo
Sister Hoffman


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