Week 22: Sister Moreiiiiuurrraaa!

Hi guys!!!

So today starts the new transfer and….drumrollll….I’m still in Goiana. hahah. but I got a new comp!! Another Brazilian, Sister Moreira. Shes super cute, I dont know much about her but shes from a city close to Sao Paulo, cant remember the name right now haha. All I know about her is that shes engaged, 19, and super super skinny yet somehow has gained 30 lbs on the mission. hahah random facts, i know! But I’m so happy for a change and super excited for a fresh start!

So we had zone conference on Wednesday again and i got so many cards and stuff, thank you all so much!! It seriously gets me so pumped up and much happier knowing I have support from you guys and that you still love and care about me all the way from America haha. Thank you!!!! I feel soooo blessed. always!

We had a ward party (branch, bc were not a ward) and it was great!! We brought 2 invest. C**ol, and T**ia. Theres a guy Alisson, who was less active and we got him reactivated these past 2 weeks and now were teaching his mom, tan**a, and his 12 yr old sis Ca**l. Theyre so cool! They came to the party and loved it, but couldn’t come to church on Sunday 😦 they have lots of potential though so I’m excited!

Marcelo is still hanging in there, he’s been to church 8 Sundays in a row now, just 8 or so more then he can have a special interview with presidente and we’ll see what happens! He’s one of the people I really have love for. His wife came back!!! but he moved out and isn’t living with her bc they’re not married and we taught him chastity and he doesn’t wanna break any commandments of God. He’s so cool!

We’re teaching this other  girl, Taliane, and shes really cool. We taught the restoration and she said she felt that everything we were saying was true, but she cant ever be baptized in the church bc her husband won’t  accept it and all of her family are members of the Assembleia (ugh). So thats rough. She has a super cute baby!!! But well work on her. She’s super sincere!

I hope you all have a happy and safe 4th of July! Send me pics!!

I was thinking this week about a quote I love! Cathy had it written on this little whiteboard in her kitchen when Ali and I were younger and it has stuck with me until today. It says “live your life in such a way that those who know you, but dont know Christ, will want to know Christ because they know you.” I always loved this quote, and have been thinking about it a lot here on the mission, because we missionaries are literally representatives of Jesus Christ. Even if people dont wanna hear the gospel, its still so important we treat them how Christ would and try to always do everything he would do ! I was bad at this before the mission, but Ive been praying and working hard to develop more Christlike attritbutes. Preach My Gospel Ch. 6 talks about attributes of Christ and I love studying them!

Im really excited for this transfer, Idk why, but I have a good feeling! Talk to you guys next week! I love you all so much! Ill be home in a year more or less, wooohoooo!! hahah #not trunky.

xoxo Sister Sher


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