Week 21: last week on transfer!!

Hey my people!!

So next Monday is the transfer, and also 4th of July woohoo! So sad I wont be there with you guys. Remember last 4th of July my Wisdom teeth and health issues? So fun. Oh how time flies! hahaha I think my comp will go and I’ll stay. I’m always nervous about getting a new companion. Shoutout to Brandon because hes a trainer now!!!! Of course he didn’t say it directly in his email, so humble….

Anyway, this week was pretty good. and super fast! I like when the weeks are fast. To answer your question mom, yes the time is going pretty fast. Im almost a 1/3 done; i hit 5 months today! And once I hit a year I think itll be really really fast! In 4 months Ill be half way done! Super locoooooo.

Zone conf was great! I love Pres and Sis Bigelow. They are so great!!! We bought the new mission bags this week!!!! I’Ll send pics. We all 4 bought them and are using them. They have the strap that goes around your waist so its better for my shoulders. less pain. Super ugly, but what else is new??hahaah I’ve gotten over caring about my clothes and shoes and everything. Yikessssss

You guys should go on Iwasastranger.lds.org and look for service opportunities in the community and do one as a family!!! I read all the conference talks in English this week because we received the Liahona magazine and that website was in one of the talks. it sounds super cool!!!

I LOVED the talk by Uchtdorf “He will place you on his shoulders and carry you home” One of my favs if not my overall fav. Soooo good. He talks about after Dresden was destroyed from the bombings, they reconstructed it and now its a beautiful touristic city. And if man can reconstruct a whole city, imagine how much God and Jesus Christ can reconstruct us spiritually. Ah I loved it!!! You guys should read it again.

So theres this legit Japanese woman, A, in my english class and we randomly knocked at her house this week so we started teaching her. And shes so nice! Its her and her husband and her parents who were born in Japan. They’re very old so she takes care of them. And we showed up last night to teach her and she MADE US YAKISOBA!!! legit real Japanese food. and also those cheese bread balls we ate at the Brasilian restaurant before I left! Then she was like “You said you like acaii right?” And i was like yes i love it!! And she said “I bought 4 little pots of acaii for you 4 sisters” So cute!!! Shes so awesome. She just is very intelligent and history based. So she needs facts and historical evidence. I think I might email my BOM professor and ask him if he has any good stuff I can show her

More amazing braids
Found yummy tortillas!
Corn everything!
Sao Jaoa


Hahaha!! Calling an investigator?


Cute new mission bags!!

. Oh then it was raining last night so they dropped us off at our house by car!! They’re so super fancy for around here and have a car and a nice house. I felt like a celebrity! It’s been a long time not being in a car!

Yesterday something hilarious happened! We were teaching a lady and at the end she asked us where we we’re from, and we told her and then she pointed to me and asked sis costa “Then why can I understand her better than you? Some things you say I cant understand” hahahahahah Obviously my Portuguese is a joke compared to sis costas, but she has a super strong São Paulo accent so I think people have trouble understanding her sometimes lolllll. Ive decided I want a Northeast accent, so im trying to make little changes.

Marcelo is golden, as usual. Pres Bigelow said after 4 months of attending church (he already has 2 months) Pres can have an interview with him and then deteremine how long he has to wait to be baptized. We’ll see what happens. He watched the video of the prophet yesterday and said “wow i know everyday more that this church is true”. I almost cried. hahah so cute!! And in sunday school, he was like “When I get baptized in this church….” Key word: When. Not if! Woohoo. Sis Costa and I looked at each other like woooo!

Im trying to think of other things that happened but nothing too exciting…..
OH! it was Sao Joao this week. So people made lots of bonfires in the street in front of their houses, so random! The air was so smokey and so many kids with fireworks this whole week!!! A family in the other sister’s ward invited us for dinner that night to have a traditional Sao Joao dinner, its all corn! Corn cake, corn on the cob, cous cous, and other things. Ill send a photo!!! It was fun.

Have a fun 4th of July! Love you all!!



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