Week 20: Saving lives… Literally!!

Okay so to start off with the highlight of the week but it wasnt a good highlight. Saturday night, sis costa and i were doing our nightly planning and she STARTED CHOKING!! like LEGIT!! I heard her coughing and looked up. Her eyes were so red and watery and she was waving her arms so I screamed HELP HELP!! to the other sisters and starting doing the heimlich maneuver on her!!! It was literally the scariest thing of my life. I had no idea where the cellphone was, so i was like great my comp is about to die. But i kept doing the heimlich (idk how to spell that word) and whatever was stuck in her throat got out and she was fine. But wow. I was waiting for this moment all my life, Mom & Dad junior lifeguards really payed off hahaa. Gosh so scary, I hope I never have to do that again in my life haha.

So M is still progressing, he shaved his head so now he looks even more like a convict lol. He already has like 20 tattoos. He is so cool though!! Im so sad he cant be baptized. We taught him about temples this week and showed a pic of the temple in Salt Lake and he was like “Wow, just looking at this picture it is so clear that this church must be true.” Then on Sunday he came to church and wanted to pay tithing!! Which is a big step, ¬†totally shows he has a testimony of our church bc he had been paying his tithing before in a different church (Assemblia). So he filled out the little paper and waited after church to give it to the bishop and I thought it was the most precious thing.

Another scary thing that happened this week, I almost got attacked by a dog!!! The first time a dog was aggressive towards me here. We were just walking in the street and the ugliest, dirtiest, rabies-filled looking dog came running towards me and was growling. i practically jumped on Sister Costas back and she was like “Calma, calma…” and then he just walked away. I was waiting to feel a bite on my leg but luckily he left! So weird! Now Im freaked out by the dogs here. They have lost my trust.

So we started teaching an investigator! super elect. He asked for a Book of Mormon from the church site!! He lives far (we have parts of our area that are 30 min by van) so on Thursday we went there and taught him the Restoration and he accpeted the invitation to be baptized july 2nd (but then of course wasnt in church on Sunday, nothing new :(…so well have to move that date) but he is suuuuper smart. He knows 5 languages, including English. He has over 250 books in his house that hes read. He also has a blog that he showed us lol. But anyway, we were teaching him and at the end he goes, “I have a secret, my parents already know…” And i was like oh great, just what we need, what this time!? . Then he was like “Ive always had a dream of being a missionary!” haahah so we told him he could be a missionary if he gets baptized haha. We taught him again the next day in the library here and it went super well. Dont know why he wasnt in church on Sunday, and we cant call him bc our phone doesnt have any more credits… Darn low tech phones!. So we will find out later in the week!

We have zone meeting in Paulista on Wednesday with Pres and Sister Bigelow so thatll be great! Ill let you guys know how it goes.

I hope everyones having a good summer! Wish I was there with you guys!! Love you all! Read the Book of Mormon & pray!!

Sis Hoffman


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