Week 19: still alive in Goiana:)))

So this week was overall good, but had some sad parts!

First of all, I had the best lesson of my mission, where I felt the spirit so strongly speaking through me. I’ll never forget it! We were teaching Marcelo Thurs night, and talking about his baptism Saturday. He was still saying he didnt feel super ready but I dont know what came over me, I just started saying all this stuff to him and I was hearing my words, but it wasnt my words and my Portuguese sounded so correct and it was the most bizarre thing!!!! My whole body had the chills and I was feeling the spirit so strong. I told him that its not us as missionaries inviting him to be baptized, its God. I said a bunch of other stuff too!! And my companion was just standing there silent like whoah hahaha. So we got him ready to be baptized and he he said okay ill do it, we can do my baptismal interview tomorrow and everything was all set!!! Then at night something so sad happened. the District Leader said he talked with Presidente and pres said Marcelo cant be baptized :(. Because hes still in condicional because of the drugs thing…idk what it is in English? He’s going to have to check in for the next 6 months to 2 years. So until then he cant be baptized. It looks like I wont see him get baptized :(. So then after all that, we had to go to his house the next morning and say.. actually… you cant be baptized. It was so sad!!! He took it super well and understood, but then didnt come to church on Sunday!! for the first time in 6 weeks. Ugh, i feel so bad. So we visited him last night and he said soemthing came up, I hope hes not super offended.

ALso R., her baptism was set but she didnt come to church yesterday so well have to push it back another week. We also discovered this week she has a boyfriend of 4 years who is MARRIED with kids…and she tried to break up with him and it did not go well at all. He threatened her and was violent!  What is this life people!? so sad! We were teaching her and she was telling us all this then he showed up and like opened the door super abruptly and we were just sitting there and I was like “Oi… :)” plz dont hurt me. So idk where she is, hoping shes still is ok…..we couldnt find her last night. Idk, so sad that people do sketchy stuff like that. She was like “Do people in your land do this too? Date people who are married?” I was like yeah….pretty sure theres people who do that everywhere! But its not good! You shouldnt be doing that! It was kinda awkward.

We had divisions in Recife on Tuesday, i was with Sister Rammell. Shes from Idaho and so nice and cute. it was fun!!! I really like her.

Our house flooded this week bc our washer is broken so now we have to wash by hand. yay 🙂 Sister Costa woke me up at 1 am to show me that even our bedroom was full of water. Ugh. So frustrating. It took forever to get all the water out because our house is on a slant so it all just kept coming back in!!! yikes.

We had a ward activity on Friday and it was super fun!!! We watched mormon messages then had a testimony meeting and then hungout. It was spiritaul but also really fun!

We had English class again this Saturday, also Saturday morning I went to a different school to help out in some English classes bc some guy asked me to. And now I keep seeing the students in the street and its so funny, they all talk to me in English. But the classes were good. Its fun to speak English!

Mom, you asked me my reasons for going on a mission. I think when I left on my mission, I didnt really know my reasons completely. I knew I wanted to help other people be happier and that it was really sad for me to think of all the people who dont know about the gospel, who dont even know we have a savior, Jesus Christ, that we can be clean from our sins and be happier. So I think the thought of that is one of the things that got me out here. Also I knew if I didn’t go Id regret it! Now ill never look back in life and think, Why didnt I serve a mission?! Im learning so much. A mission is so hard sometimes, but then sometimes its so awesome. When I take a step back and think of what Im doing (and all my friends on missions) i am so humbled, its super cool!! A time in my life to only focus on serving other people, not thinking about myself. I’m trying to be more like Christ and develop better attributes thatll help me my whole life! This year of 2016 is a full year for me of service, and I know its a year I’ll never forget and always cherish! I love teaching people about the gospel and seeing them gain a little bit more hope when we talk about Jesus Christ, or the fact that families can be together forever!

Dad, Happy Fathers day on Sunday!!! I love you so much! Thank you for your support in everything my whole life! Youve always given me everything Ive needed and wanted and you are the best dad for me!! I love you and miss you so much!! So cool that we now have this thing in common, both missionaries! I love hearing about your mission experiences even more now!!

And the rest of my family and friends, I love you guys too!! So crazy next month ill be 1/3 done with my mission. Im starting to see how it flies. The days are so long, but then a month passes! It doesnt make sense.

Have a great week!! Talk to you next week.

Love, Sher


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