Week 18: Inverno aqui em Brasil!

Oi oi!

So technically winter is starting up here in Brasil, but its a joke because I still feel like I’m going to melt during the day. It’s super funny because the locals here will be inside with a blanket and wearing socks and I’m like seriously? How are you cold? And they think its so funny haha.
We had some rain this week, but not too bad! I like the rain sometimes because in the evening its a little less hot!

Most importantly, HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY TODAY CHANDLER AND DYLAN!! woohoo!! We did it šŸ˜‰ (ali… legally blonde ref.) hahah but woooooow i cant believe it was a year ago. Can you guys believe it? Brandon, how was that a year ago!?? Feels like last month haha. But so happy for you guys! Hope youre enjoying the last day of the sickest trip ever! Safe travels šŸ™‚

We were at lunch with a member this week, Ivna, Shes so legit. Shes the wife of the bishop. We were talking about families and she told us about how in a stake conference , the president was talking and he said “Why do you think satan targets the family so much? It is because he will never have the opportunities we have. He will NEVER come home to a wife smiling at him, he will NEVER come home to kids running up to hug him, or babies to play with. He is so miserable and sad because of this and he is jealous of our families. He knows that its through families that we can be the most happy” (something like that anyway) I had never thought of it that way!! What a blessing it is to have a family!! I realize here ,week after week, how awesome my family is, what a blessing! Families really are what Heavenly Father created for us here on earth to be happy. I love my faimly so much and cant wait to have my own family one day and teach them gospel prinicples. We have everything we need to be happy in the gospel- lasting happiness! Its sad that everyone in the world doesnt realize this. Families will always be most important!

So I gave my first English class on Saturday night. I was super nervous and secretly praying no one would show up hahahah but like 15 people came, and most of them werent members! It was great!! I actually really enjoyed it and thought it was fun šŸ™‚ I taught super basic stuff then practiced with each person and they all were so excited. So that’ll be every Saturday at 7 now! Im glad we finally got it started up. Great service opportunity and good for me to see if I like teaching! Gotta figure out what I’ll do after the mission when I return to real life;) haha.

I finished D&C, i love it! So good. I learned a lot!

We have divisions tomorrow- we’re going to Recife, Casa Forte (where the temple is). Ill let you guys know how it goes. Sometimes its fun to leave and do something new! Woo!

So we found out why our investigator. M, was in jail. It was for drug trafficking/use,so it’s a relief that it wasnt something more serious! His baptism is technically marked for this Saturday, but he’s still waiting for a clear answer. He’s super cool! He’s come to church 5 weeks in a row. Its been a super long time since we’ve had any investigators in church, so that’s a huge blessing! He is really progressing though. It’s cool to see people chanigng and learning.

Also, we’re teaching someone super cool, Edwilia. Shes 22 and has 2 little girls, but she isn’t legally married so thatll be interesting. But i love her! I told her if she comes to USA we’ll go to a Beyonce concert together bc she loves Beyonce!! hahaha she was laughing so hard. But she came to church last week, but she didnt this week bc she was sleeping:(((( But shes progressing too and praying for an answer!!

Rosemarie has a baptism set for 6/25 and she already received an answer, she just needs to come to church! We were having a slow day one day this week and a little discouraged. We taught her that day and i invited her to be baptized and she said, yes i will!!! Its the best feeling when people accept!!. She was so certain too. So we’ll see what happens. She’s super cute, she has 4 little kids, and a boyfriend but theyre not living together (yet) so im hopeful! šŸ™‚
The months of June and July here are a big holiday called Sao Joao in all of Brasil! So in this center (kinda like the YMCA, called the CESC) there have been parties every night. They have fireworks and everyone’s in cool costumes and its kinda fun!! Lots of people coming here from other places and its cool!! My companion says this holiday is bigger here in the Northeast than it is more South.

Anyway, all is well here. Sometimes its hard to feel like a successful missionary when youre not seeing a whole lot of evident success, but I feel satisfied in the fact that I really feel Im trying my best and learning and growing a lot. I can speak Portuguese super comfortably now. Obviously there are words i don’t know if someone talks about a subject I’ve never talked about, but I feel so much more confident now in lessons!
Something really frustrating about the mission is that people have agency hahah jk but really I want to drag people out of their beds and take them to church bc we had 5 investigators who were supposed to come to church but they were all sleeping!! Because they were all at the party the night before super late! Aagghh!

Today sister Dunn and I are gonna make choc chip american cookies so thats super exciting (its the little things lol)

I love you all so much! I miss you but when it comes down to it, I know HF is doing a lot more with my life here than I could do at home. And in 14 months we’ll all be together seeing a movie or walking around at Irvine Spectrum or at Baja Fish Tacos or the beach and I’ll be missing Brasil haha. I have to remind myself that multiple times during the week.

Have a wonderful week!! XO

– Sister Hoffman <3333333333

So green
Every missionary has a pic sharing the Book of Mormon with a donkey, right??!
Sister costa
Lunch with the nicest members


Stuck in the rain waiting for the bus

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