Week17: Saturday pday!

Oi everyone!

Pday was today so this week is a little different, and I don’t have very much time to write so this will be short. I get 30 minutes!! I’ll type fast:)

The temple today was great! There were so many people, so we missed the first 2 sessions!! We had to wait til 12:30, but it was worth it. The Recife temple is so big and pretty!! This cute elderly lady sat next to me in the session and I had to help her with everythng bc she kept doing everything not quite right lol it was so funny, she was commenting a lot to me. She just kept saying the funnienst things so that was entertaining! The temple is always a good idea, even if you have a chatty grandma next to you!:)
Also, the Bigelows happened to be there, so that was fun to see them! Love them! It was also my
first session in Portuguese and I understood almost everything I think!!

We went running yesterday for exercises Wooooo and I’m sore today!!! I like running a lot more than i used to, idk why!

My official english class starts next Saturday, 7 o clock at night. The ward mission leader made flyers and stuff. I’m little excited and I’m a little scared, but the other American sister is going to teach with me!! I think thatll be much much better! Less scary hahah but ill let you guys know how it goes next Monday.

So our investigator,Marcelo, is marked to be baptized on the 4th, but he wants more time, so we’ll see. He’s going to need to maybe have a special interview with President  because of his past. He’s super cool and nice!! I hope he can get baptized. Hes probably the investigator progressing the most right now. Hes reading the Book of Mormon and comes to church every week without us even reminding him or worrying about him! He just shows up right on time and stays all 3 hours. Whoo hoo!

We marked another baptism for Rosemarie and shes just plain cool, but we’ll see what happens because she needs to come to church! Always the tricky part;)

I was looking out the window on the way back from the temple today just thinking how beautiful Brasil is! I love Brasil. Its so green and the sky is always soooo pretty!

I dont have much else to say, I forgot my list of things that happened this week so I’m trying to remember stuff but nothing’s coming to me. I’m dripping sweat and feeling frustrtared bc this keyboard is broken hahah. A day in the life!

OH i used sunglasses one day this week bc we can now and I felt so ridiculous lol I’ll

New American sister next to me:)


Recife Temple!! Look at that blue sky!

send some pics. Really a weird feeling!!
Still havent tried out the slacks yet 😉

Happy almost summer ken and cars! Woohooo how fun!!! I love you guys!

I hope you all have a good week! Pray & read the scriptures everyday; youll see changes in your life! And pray for my investigators please!!! 🙂
thank you!

Tchau! Sher


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