Week 16: Hey guys!

Hey guys!!
So first off, I wasnt transferred and neither was my comp! Super weird, we thought for sure one of us would go, but well be together for another transfer! Im the first comp she’s had more than 2 transfers with. It’ll be interesting! Hopefully we can have more success this transfer. Its a hard area, there havent been baptisms in our ward for a while,but the members are starting to help more and give more references so were grateful for that!
Sis Da luz was transferred 😦 Super sad, I love her! But sis Tuiran is staying and her new comp is sister Dunn. Shes super sweet, shes from Colorado Springs! Another American in Goiana, woo!! Im happy about it. Shes really cute, itll be fun!

So I had to give a 20 min lesson in port (obvi) at our district meeting this Thursday. It was about the atonement and repentance, I think it went well! It really wasnt that bad! We got cards, thanks for everyone who sent me cards!! One card I had tried to send Chandler in the CTM got sent back to me! Idk why. Sad. So I’ll resend that next week! But thanks for everyone who is so great and sends me cards 🙂 I love you all!

Divisions ended up being a little different bc sis Da Luz had to go to the Dr so her and Sis Tuuiran didnt do divisions, so it was me with Sis M Lima again and Sis Costa was with sis Rammell (americana), It was good!I like Sis M Lima a lot, shes from Fortaleza, she’s almost done with her mission! I always learn a lot from her, shes super cool.

Something exciting is that I finished a whole journal this week! haha Never in my life have I finished a whole jounral. Started a new one! Im writing everyday like Dad always tells me to do! Its kinda nice reflecting on the day every night and writing stuff down. Lots of funny things happen here and I never wanna forget!!

OK so we might go to the temple this Saturday with the adults in our ward (like switch our Pday) but its not 100 percent for sure, but I think were gonna do it. So write me friday night! Or I’ll have nothing to read on pday. Then Monday will be like a normal day.

Our D.L was emergency transferred the week before transfers bc he had a snake ( like when a woman in the area likes him a lot) dont know exactly what happened!!!! but kinda interesting. So idk who will be our new one!

So funny that sis missionaries now can wear pants and stuff!! I probably wont because its super flipping hot here but its nice to have the option! I might start using my sunglasses though bc the sun here is ridiculous! Kinda cool that we can do that now.

So a funny story, we were in Nova Goiana (this one part of our area, most poor i think) and this drunk guy starts yelling for us to come over, so were like okay, well see what he wants. Then hes like what are you guys doing here? And I explained that we’re missionaries and blah blah blah, then he looked at me and was like “Ive been watching you the past 3 days..” it was creepy. He wanted us to pray with him and his mom so we entered into the house and his poor old mom was so annoyed with him and saying how he’s always drunk and not going to remember any of this ..then he got creepier and said “I do remember Mom. I remember this young lady (me) was wearing a black dress 3 days ago” It was like super creepy. He thought I didnt speak Portuguese  too, so he just kept talking to me in English like the only 3 words he knows. everything I said he replied “Yes baby” it was disturbing. I was like, “can you please speak in Portuguese?”And he asked his mom “Mom do you think shes the one?” Sis Costa was laughing so hard!! Almost crying and I was trying to ignore him and read a scripture. It was so awkward. I was like we have to go bye! And just left because I was so weirded out by him. But it was soo funny.

So also hilarious, turns out Pedro has a woman and a 4 month old baby he didnt tell us about!! Lol, found that out this week. He was like “Can l still be baptized on satuday?” Clearly doesnt quite yet understand the law of chastity even tho weve taught it 4 times now. Yikes. We love him!

I wathced the “On the Lord’s Errand” movie about Pres Monson and its spectacular! I love him! You guys should watch it.

This Sunday was ward conf and there were so many people! it was awesome. We had 4 pesquisadores in church too so that was good! Blessings!

We have an investigator, super elect, Marcelo, but he just got out of jail 2 months ago and he probably cant be baptized:( but he comes to church every Sunday and is reading the Book of Mormon and says he thinks its the true church. Its so frustrating when you find someone so elect, but then there’s always a little problem, in this case hes a convict lol. We’re not exactly sure what he did to end up in jail, its a little sketchy. hes super cool though! Keep you posted on him!!

Also this week we started teaching this 17 yr old boy, Welison. Hes super cool , always has a shirt of either Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, or the Beatles on!!  He’s got good taste;)

Sister selfie!! I know, we are weird;)


I’ll miss Sister De Luz
Love these girls!
Still stretching to do the splits!
Slumber party!


He doesnt believe in God, but has been visiting the church for years bc of friends so he knows a lot! Hes super funny though, has a black curly afro, but he’s whiter than me hah.

Anyway, nothing too insane happened this week! I hope itll be a good transfer! I hope all you guys are good at home! I miss you so much! I’ll hit 4 months on Friday but who’s counting? haha

Love you all!! Carson, congrats on winning the championships!!! You are so cool and still the cutest basketball player ever! I love you and am so proud of you! My siblings are all so sick!!!! (B and P. And Grma and Grpa: that means so cool and awesome!!!;)

Love, Sis Hoffman


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