Week 15:Oi Oi!!

So it turns out this transfer is only 5 weeks, literally no one knew haha. We had interviews with Pres and Sis Bigelow on Tues and they told us! Interviews were great, I love Pres and Sis Bigelow and they always make me feel better! They talked to me in English which was great, but I sound soo weird when I talk in english now, i think. It sounds super unnatural! Im embarrassed!!haha. So this coming week will be the last week of the transfer and then probably some of us will go and some of us will stay. I doubt the 4 of us will stay all together for a 3rd transfer but who knows! its possible!

We’ll have divisions this week on Thursday, the sister training leaders will come to our house and we’ll be in trios again like last time. The new STL is American from Idoho so thatll be fun to be with her!

So our elect invest. E, literally disappeared! We went to his house Monday night and his mom said he found work and left town and she doesnt know where he is or when hes coming back. So that was sad because he was literaly on board to be baptized and was progressing so much! That was hard for me. But I know seeds were planted, so I feel good about that!

It rained a lot this week, as usual! Nothing new there. Its getting into winter here, the people say its about to get cold, but i really doubt that itll actually be cold cold. I still sweat 24/7 hahah:)

We entered into the cemetery one day this week randomly and it was creepy! I still think its weird that we live right next to a giant cemetery. I dont like thinking of all the hundreds of dead people oustide my window. I sent pictures awhile back. Our view out our window is the cemetery! Not many people can say that!

I started the Kayla Itsines gnarly workouts that I had printed and brought and its great! Ive been so sore every day!! I try to get the other girls to do them with me but they dont like exercising. But its really good! I like feeling sore. I think Ive gotten so accustomed to walking so much that it doenst really do anything for me, so Im gonna start doing more intense workouts. Lets face it, all sister missionaries return fatter. It’s like the sad truth, but im hoping to change that. I dont wanna come back with more fat lol sorry this is so irrelevant and not important;)

ALSO the ppl here are so brutally honest. We were at an Irma’s house and she offered me sweets and I was like No irma! Im trying to lose weight! And she was like ‘Sister! if you lose weight youll be super ugly!!” LOL i was like wow thanks! They think skinny here is ugly. We have one pesq. who’s super skinny and pretty and she’s currently taking injections to gain weight. So different from the american beauty standard yikes!! Again, not important missionary wise, just my observations:)

So a miracle happened, our invest. D, who wanted to be baptized, but his gpa wouldnt let him, his gpa randomly disappeared this week too! Where do these people go?? Its super super sad obviously, they dont know where he is, he just took his stuff and left. 😦 But now D doesn’t have anyone stopping him from being baptized! So we’ll see. Hes currently praying for an answer. Pray for him please:)

I had a cool realization this week, I was talking to Pres about it. When I first arrived here in the mission, my prayers were so selfish, like Heavenly Father, please bless ME with health, help ME learn the language, etc. And the other day I was finishing my prayer and realized that I never ask for anything for myself anymore. It was cool! It just naturally occured, because Im really getting into the work. It was really cool. I am situated here now enough that I dont need anything specific, Heavenly Father knows what I need! I always pray for my family, friends, pesquisadores, etc. and it feels much better not focusing on myself! Im really glad Im changing on the mission; I really needed to make these changes, and I feel like Im learning so much thatll help me in my life! Im so grateful for this experience! Its seriously a privilege to be a missionary, I need to remember that more.

Thats all I have to say! Well find out Fri night who’s getting transferred and stuff! Im pretty sure I’ll still email Monday! Love you guys! Chan & Dyl have fun on your trip and be safe! Send pics!!!



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