Week 14: Skype and other happy things

Wow yesterday was so great skyping you guys! I love you all so much! Happy Mothers day again Mom! 🙂 You are the best mom in history! I thought I was going to fall into a deep depression after we hung up, but I totally am fine and still happy. Heavenly father really hooks it up when I ask for help.
I hope you guys are still happy!!! hahha

Anyway this week was good! First of all Alma 26: 35-36 is super good, dont remember what it is right now but i wrote it down haha so read it!

Happy birthday to my big sis Chandler tomorrow!!! 22! woohoo dont cry, youre still so young. I hope you have a great day!! And also Happy bday to Casey this week!! Woohoo!! Love you guys!

So we teach this recent convert and shes 21 and super obsessed with everything american! This week she asked me if cats meow in English, I thought that was funny. and she said “the cats are probably so much more beautiful there huh?” And im like nooo..they look the same hah.

So Pedro didnt end up getting baptized:( We tried to hunt him down but we ended up canceling his interview and everytring bc we didnt want the DL to come all the way here for him to not even to show up. So we didnt talk to him at all this week and were so over it, then all of a sudden on Sunday he shows up at church! (wearing white crocs, thought that was funny) and he said “I wasnt gonna come to church then I had a dream of you two girls praying on your knees by your bed that I would come to church, so I got up and had to come!” haha it was funny but good! He wants to get baptized still, so we’ll probably remark a baptism for the 3rd time! aye aye aye.

This week im super thankful to Heavenly Father for giving our pesquisadores answers to their prayers. Or like the dream Pedro had for example that got him to church. We missionaries can only do so much but I know that Heavenly Father does the most in this work. Another investigator, C, also prayed about Joseph Smith and he had a dream and received an answer so that was cool !!

AND we found an ELECT this week! E. He is sooo intelligent an curious about the gospel. He’s 24 I think and super cool! We only taught one lesson then he said he’d like to read the BOM, he’s super curious. So saturday night we brought him a BOM and invited him to church. He lives on our street so we said “We’ll pass by your house and pick you up at 8:30!” Then in the morning he wasnt there and we were so annoyed. Then we show up at church and he was sitting on the sidewalk in front waiting for us! So precious! I was so happy! And he had already read up to 1 nephi ch 10! And circled things and marked up verses! I was like what the heck, this is so cool! And he stayed all 3 hrs at church and I think he liked it. Im excited to teach him more this week but always nervous bc he asks such gnarly questions that I’ve never wondered in my whole life, so i get scared that I wont know how to answer them but I think the Holy Ghost will help me!! I know!!

I dont have much else to say, and my family already heard most of what I just wrote yesterday, but I hope you all have a great week! I love you guys. I’m having a good time being a missionary and my mom informed me I’ve made it more than 100 days hahah who know id make it this far 😉

Tchau!! Eu amo vocês!!
Sister Sher

Severino and Cleonice
New dress!
Our cute little grandparents


Sister Costa
More Goiana!
She gets tired:)
Morher’s Day!!
“Galega” Bar. Means white or blonde .. They call her this all the time
Harry Potter cute ELDER
Another Bday
The seamstress

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