Week 13: A semana de vergonha!

Hi guys!!
This week was pretty good! Had its ups and downs like usual, but was solid overall! First of all, I got 13 cards at our district meeting and everyone was like “do you like never email these people or something?!” hahah it was funny, I was stoked doe!!! My DL was like “Sister Hoffman vai ficar muito trunky esta semana” meaning ill be trunky, like I’ll be homesick and stuff, but really the letters make me feel better because I realize you guys havent forgotten about me yet hahah I got a bunch from Brandon, 3 from mom, 2 from kenn, and 1 from chan. thanks so much!!! love you all! I got sick this week, because all the babies here are sick right now and they climb all over me and slobber:) I think thats why I got sick. I had a sore throat and a head cold type thing, its not completely gone. I’ve been having a lot of headaches, I’m kinda worried about it, but kinda dont have time to worry about it hahah. idk! Ill see if it improves this week, if not I’ll call sis bigelow!

Dont know if you guys saw anything about the police in all of recife going on strike on Friday, bc dad has that Brazil app thing, but dont worry it was nothing! the DL called us and told us to go home if our area was crazy, but everything was tranquilo.

Also last night I saw a cat get run over by a car and almost cried!!! It was so sad, it was like sleeping under the car I think. It was so sad!!!!! even though I hate cats haha how is gunnar?! love him.

Also last night was INSANE because two soccer teams from Pernambuco played against each other and there were fireworks and everyone was running in the street screaming. Everyone was drinking and it was so funny. There were men kissing the jerseys on the ground… so weird! Women too! They are so into soccer here!!!!

Also forgot to meniton, we went running last week (well, I ran and they all walked hahah) but we just did laps around this park thing and i loved it!! I think I’m better at running now somehow, maybe I have more endurance bc we walk a lot everyday, but it was great. But now the other girls dont want to do it again, so I just do my exercises alone still haha.

One day this week sis costa and I took a little VW bus thing (they have a bunch of white VW buses here that take people to diff cities) to Condado, bc we had references there to teach. There were literally 15 or 16 ppl PILED IN one little van. A lady was practically on my lap and we were all dripping sweat. It was a sweaty adventure of the mission. Then we got there and all of the people weren’t home so that was great hah!! So instead, I drank my first coconut! it was weird, idk if i really liked it. they just drill a hole in it and give you a straw. It’s super cheap. I didn’t have my camera though, so that was sad!!

OH! Monday after pday I went to help out at the English class of a brother in our ward and it was hilarious!! Everyone was taking pictures of me!! I kept seeing flashes of their cellphones go off. Then at the end, they all one by one asked to take pics of me lol it was so funny. I just answered questions they had in English, but most of them were too shy to even ask. It was actually hard to speak English and not Portuguese. So weird! It’ll be weird talking in English on Sunday!! ahh!!

So this week was interesting bc E, an investigator, ran away from home and moved in with her BF. So that was sad and D , who really really wants to be baptized, can’t be bc his Grandpa wont let him. He’s 17 and ELECT! He has such a desire to be baptized. It’s so frustrating that his Grandpa won’t let him, but he turns 18 this month so we will see…. 😉

An Irma in the ward this week made PIZZA for lunch one day!!! it was so good, eu tenho saudade de pizza!!!! fav food.

This week we worked so hard so that we wouldn’t have another Sunday without ppl in church, and then Sunday came and no one showed up and I wanted to cry bc I was so frustrated bc we literally call ppl Sunday morning and they say yeah im coming right now! And flat out lie haha. Then after the first hour, I was standing by the door and heard a motorcyle pull up and I looked and it was Pedro!! I was so happy! So he has a baptism marked for this Saturday again! But idk, i dont want to get my hopes up! But possibly could have a baptism this weekend!

Also I finished the Book of Mormon this morning woo! I started reading it my first week in Goiana, so 8 weeks. In the CTM, I just read randomly all over the place. But it was great! I’m super happy. I think I’ll start reading D&C now. Also starting in Portuguese, but it’ll be a lot slower haha. I love the Book of Mormon! There’s no way that someone could just write it and make it up, so that’s a testimony in itself. It’s so true though, its the most perfect book on earth, read it!

Also i love what Brandon said in his letter last week, how the gospel speaks for itself and even if we’re not confident in how we teach, if we have the spirit then the people will feel that it’s true. It just needs someone to present it! We are only instruments in the Lord’s hands in this work. Also S/O to Brandon for being so cool and such a good misisonary!! woo!

OK now to end with a funny story and why it was a week of vergohna (shame/embarrassment). I slipped and fell on my bum in front of a bar AND in front of so many people! My dress went up and for sure ppl saw my gs. Then 10 mins later we were waling and my dress got caught on a motorcyle and my gs were out in the open again lol as a bunch of motorcycles passed by, so that was cool. Sis Costa was laughing so hard hahah its funny now but in the moment it wasn’t so funny.

I think that’s all for this week! Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday to all the moms, especially my mom!!!! I love you mom! Everything we are we owe to our moms! Cant wait to talk to you guys on Sunday!!! It’ll be so great to hear your voices and don’t make fun of me if I cant speak English hahah. Love you all! Have a good week!!

Love, Sherimageimageimageimage


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