Week 12: Eu Amo Brasil!

Sister Hoffman and Sister Costa
typical street
Stretching and studying scriptures
More amazing braids
Sister Hoffman and Sister De Luz

Oi! Tudo bem?

I hope you all had a good week! Congrats to all the people that graduated this week! Such a big accomplishment! Yay! No more school, I know Chandler is happy haha. Wish I couldve been there. 😦

Ive been having panic attacks about Mothers Day, someone mail me some Xanax quick, Aunt Robyn? Hahah just kidding, but kinda serious. Yikes. Mom please try not to cry when we skype because itll make me more sad! I love you guys and am so happy to talk to you, but Im nervous Ill be super sad and homesick after. So pray for me haha.

The weeks here have been so fast! Ill hit 3 months in the mission this week, 1/6 done! But Im super thankful the time is starting to pick up! We are always doing stuff so before I know its 9 o clock and time to go home!

Something exciting!! I think Im dreaming in Portuguese now because the girls said I talked in port in my sleep the other night!! I was so excited when they told me that hahaha.

Oh one of my investigators has a bunch of health problems and doesnt have a leg. She has a Youtube video called “ela precisa da sua ajuda” so if you guys want you can go watch it, and I think if she gets a lot of views, she can get money for a new leg or something! Not sure how it works! Shes not really an investigator anymore because she said she’ll never change religions but she’s super sweet!

So I talked to Pres Bigelow and he said I can do the english class thing. So Im going to an ingles class tonight to help answer questions and stuff, and then this week I’ll maybe figure out how I can have a class once a week in the chapel or something!

We have a new district now, so every Thursday we have to take the bus to Abrao Lima (not sure on the spelling of that) It’s an hour away which is a bummer. The buses are super crazy and crowded and they sound like theyre about to break down any sec so thats fun haha. But our district is cool! Its 6 elders and us 4 girls and 3 of the elders are American! So thats fun too, I’m not the only whitey anymore haha.

The other sisters had a baptism this week and we sang the baptism song. I sang one verse in enlglish, Sister Tuiran sang one in spanish, then we all sang in Portuguese. Their bishop really liked it so then we got to sing again the next day in sacrament haha. yikes!

Idk if I’ve mentioned lots of details about Goiana, but something that is interesting, there are mainly motorcylces here. Not very many cars. And everyone does pop wheelies!!! I hate it! It makes me so nervous like theyre going to fall on their backs and get hurt! But they all do it, and they race each other and drive so fast. It is super dangerous, I do not approve!

Also there are millions of stray dogs and cats here, but theyre so calm and never come near us which is a blessing!

My dress was made so we’re going to the lady’s house after this to pick it up! Woooo! I hope its somewhat cute hahah idk.

So Severino and Cleonice were really progressing but then didnt come to church on Sunday! We invited so many people to church and no one showed up! It’s always so sad. They all say “Eu vou!” I will. And we call the night before and morning of to confirm, and then they just dont come. And then their baptism has to get pushed back bc they have to come to church at least twice before being baptized! But about Sev and Cleo- So funny. They are literally our grandparents here, I love them. Last night we taught them, and after Clenoice said. have you guys eaten dinner? and we were like no we dont eat dinner! And she had made this giant meal earlier and so she started tupper wearing all this food for us- fish, meat, rice, beans, and doce de banana. We were like no no! We dont need it!! And they like insisted, then Severino gave us little water bottles and a little bag to put all our food in. It was so funny. They were so excited to give us food. Also we taught earlier in the week about the Word of Wisdom, and Sev goes “I know why you guys dont drink coffee. Its because of the cocaine!” Hahahaha I laughed so hard. he meant to say caffeine. I think he was embarrassed after that and I felt bad:( Then he kept talking about it and kept accidentally saying cocaine hahah i was biting my lip so hard trying not to laugh. They are so cute!

We met a boy last week< Davison, and taught him this week and he goes “Ive been thinking how I really wanna be a member of this church” and were like woooo so we taught the restoration and marked a baptism for the 14th. But then he didnt go to church on Sunday, but he said hes going to seminary this week. Hes 17 i think. So we’ll see what happens with that!

Its super discouraging when none of the baptisms we mark end up happening, and as a misisonary you always assume youre doing something wrong. My comp was a little stressed this week why we’re not having baptisms but I told her, Heavenly Father understands that people have their agency, and if we know we’re doing our part, he will be proud of us even if we never have any baptisms. I personally feel like Im trying my best, and I work super hard, so I dont feel too bad. My Portuguese is improving quickly, Im so thankful! I am able to teach just as much, sometimes I even talk more than my comp, its so much better. I dont feel annoying anymore like she always has to do the talking.

I was reading this morning about the attributes of Christ, and which ones I need to develop still, basically all of them! hahah but Im so grateful for this time I have now to help other people follow Christ, but also to better myself. In just 3 months I can already feel such a change in myself, a change that was so necessary! Before my mission i thought, “oh if people dont want to accept the gospel, tudo bem. im not gonna force people to listen to me” But now I realize that for faithful members, the gospel is the biggest part of our lives, its not casual or small in the slightlest. Its the only way to find lasting happiness while we’re here on earth. Faith, repentence, baptism, the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end are all necessary for ALL people to have eternal life. I feel such a responsibily to make sure people here realize this. Ive been talking more directly with people here haha sometimes its scary to be like “No your baptism was invalid, only the church of Jesus Christ has the authority to baptize, because we have the priesthood” (I say it nicer than that, dont worry) but its the only way people understand how real this is! Im so grateful for Jesus Christ, his example and his sacrifice. Im also so grateful for the Plan of Salvation, its seriously perfect and makes so much sense in my head! Alsoooooo I love the Book of Mormon! Before my mission, I wasn’t as stoked on it, but now I choose to read it in my free time and really try to learn from every part. Its so true. Elder Holland has a quote that says something like “No bad man could write such a book as this, and no good man would write it, unless he was commanded by God to do so” (dont remember exactly) but I know ancient inhabitants of the Americas, prophets of old, wrote these words. The stories are real, the people are real. So glad I’m gaining a strong testimony of these things now!

A mission is not easy, but its also not some impossible, scary thing, because the Lord is with missionaries every step of the way. We are only instruments in his hands. Without Him, it would be impossible and scary haha. Im learning to love the mission! I love Brasil, and every day I meet new people who I think are so awesome!

Sorry if I sound preachy, I don’t want to be that annoying missionary, but these are just my feelings for the week:)

Love you guys! Pray & read the Book of Mormon, even if you dont want to! HF wants to hear from you!

Have a good week! Stay safe and helathy and happy!

Peace out !! – Sher


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