Week 11: still in Goiana!

Hi guys!
So none of us girls got transferred, which is great because our house is really fun and I dont want any of us to ever leave!!! I also love Goiana, a super chill little town with colorful houses and super awesome people. It’s great!
Hopefully I can teach lots of people this transfer and continue to get better with the language. Its really coming along though! I really believe in the gifts of tongues! Im never confounded in lessons; I can always think of something to say and I know the spirit helps me a lot!
OK so we had training in Paulista with Pres Bigelow Tues & Thurs so that was good! I liked it a lot, learned a lot, I have the best mission pres ever! After training on Tues, Sister Costa and I drove to Recife with Pres Bigelow in his car because I had a Dr. appt bc Tevas ruined my life!!! hahah but seriously, im so anti Teva sandals right now; I want to write a letter. Not really, but I had an allergic reaction to my tevas and my feet have had hives for the past 2 weeks so thats been super fun and painful and itchy. Dont buy them Chandler! But i got meds and its getting better so thats good! It was a rough week in that regard!
When do Chan and Dylan graduate?? Congrats!!!! Proud of you guys!!!!! Woooooo no more schoool. JEALOUS.
So it rained SO MUCH this week, and thunder and lighting! It was the first time with thunder and lightning since ive been here! Its  way stronger than it is in the US!! Shakes the whole house!! ahhh I was a little scared, not gonna lie but is all good now. Its currently not raining, but will prob start again soon!

So we finally found Pedro again and we marked a new baptismal date with him! He was at the Dr in Recife all week because he almost lost his eyeball this week!! How did that happen?! It’s not funny, but it’s not something you hear everyday! He sleeps with his Book of Momron under his pillow!! He thinks itll help him have good thoughts. Sis Costa was like ” Are you serious?” I thought it was precious.

Also, We have been teaching this cute old couple, Severino and Cleonice, since my 1st day here. After a lot of lessons and work, they finally marked a baptismal date with us and they came to all 3 hrs of church yesterday which was awesome!!!! They are cute. They Remind me of Grandma and Grandpa Hoffman. She always tries to feed us this bannana dessert thats suuuuper good. But Severino is so much like Grandma Brian, super tranquilo and cool!

So the other Pedro, who has problems with drinking, we stopped visitng bc his wife was super straight up with us this week and basically said she doesn’t want us visitng anymore. This week was kind of a week of rejection! But I love when people are straight up with us, its so much better!

I got letters this week and a package from my fam!!! So blessed, I love you guys. I got a letter from B&P, Jill Baylon, my fam and a bunch from Brandon! Woohoo it was a good day on Thursday. I love cards. I write so many, my comp makes fun of me. Mom THANK YOU for sending me those cards I wanted from Targent!!! You know me too well. I love them!!

Happy Birthday Alicia this week!!! I hope you have an awesome day!!! You are the bomb. Ray Richmond, what part of Sao Paulo did you serve?

My comp wants to know, shes from Sao Paulo!
Also idk if Hannah Higgs gets my emails but someone tell her congrats!!! Cutest engagement.

Everyone and their dog is engaged hahaha. But super happy for you guys!!!

Not much more to say, mom we’re going to get our dresses made by that lady hopefully today! My companion wants to wear them whe we skype on mothers day!

I love you all! Everything is good here in Brazzzzil. I miss you guys, but I know that Im growing and learning a lot more here than I would anywhere else. I trust in Heavenly Father and his plan for me, and know that evreything always works out when you have the Lord on your side. Have a good week! XO

Proud of you Carson for giving your first talk in sacrament, woooo!! You are so cute!! i love you!!

Love all of you,
Sis Hoffman


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